How to set up a REMOTE RENDER SERVER in DaVinci Resolve (LINUX Remote Render Complete Tutorial)
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How to set up a REMOTE RENDER SERVER in DaVinci Resolve (LINUX Remote Render Complete Tutorial)


  • zocker1600

    i personally would recommend an Arch based Distro for Davinci Resolve, since you can find it in the AUR and it worked for me far better than the makeresolvedeb script.

    and for mounting the storage I would put the mountpoint into /etc/fstab so it mounts the drive at boot

    other question: can you export H264 in the Studio Version if you have an AMD GPU?
    The free version I use sadly doesn't

  • Pretorious

    Thank you for making this — I think it's critically important that content creators use their influence to highlight all available options (even if in this case the Linux option has some significant caveats). It's all part of a journey towards a more competitive and open ecosystem for the end user, and I applaud and thank you for your time and effort to that end.

  • unijabnx2000

    I love computer hardware and such.. but I dont know the difference b/t the resolve / premiere & a render server. Do they all do video/photo editing?

  • Viajando com a Bíblia

    @EposVox about the Threadripper only supporting 2 cards, that might me a Motherboard problem if the power supply should in theory work. Most MoBo's have a crippling issue with their PCIe connectors where using adjacent slots for heavy use might make you lose performance on one of the cards or it not working altogether. The Resolve 15 Configuration Guide pdf has lots of info on this and even lists some of the best reccomended MoBo's and PCIe Extenders. If you got the cash, I suggest you check out Cubix's Resolve Workstations and their Rack Extender for up to 8 cards….


    Since he mentioned Mac Mini running database (running postgresql separately), it would be typically used when there's multiple rendering server, ie running 5 separate rendering servers to render multiple job simultaneously. Also it makes maintenance easier, esp when one needs to replace rendering server, without having to cloning/duplicate database, which is a major pain.

  • Shane's Books in Review

    Here is a feature set I would love.
    Remote rendering, from another local.. not using TeamViewer.

    Logistics I can handle. Files from point a to point b I can cover that. But man would it be nice to have that ability to send it via VPN, etc. Maybe it can be done if I just wrap my head around it.

  • Shane's Books in Review

    BTW, where was this when I tried this on mint? Then moved over to eweboontoo. ;). As always well done, well laid out, great instructions and advice.

  • Carl Colglazier

    This video flows really well and goes nicely in-depth on things. Currently just editing things on my laptop, but it's super helpful to know this kind of system is an option. Thanks!

  • Roger Magnusson

    The "Remote Rendering" context menu option has been restored in the Project Manager in recent versions. You no longer need to open a project, making the manual correct again. 🙂

  • S. Y.

    I'm new here. Wow, the transition animation is just over the top! Looks like I will benefit a lot from this channel. You, sir, just got a new subscriber.

  • Daniel Tufvesson

    Just a quick update. MakeResolveDeb since 15.3.1-2 contains a fix for GPU accelerated BMRAW decoding so there is no longer a need to disable this feature 🙂

  • Yoram Shaked

    Thanks for The video ..
    Any new with regards to AMD GPU's?
    I think an update video would help pushing AMD to work faster as they seem to notice you 😉

  • Matthew Stephens

    Does setting up a remote render server use one of the two licenses you get with Resolve Studio? I can't seem to find anything about this either way.

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