How to Set Up a Domain Email with Yahoo (Do it in Less Than 10 Easy & Quick Steps)
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How to Set Up a Domain Email with Yahoo (Do it in Less Than 10 Easy & Quick Steps)

watch this video now you’re looking how
to set up the domain email with Yahoo because you to want to
talk with your time by logging into several email accounts
right okay then keep watching this video until the end
because the solution is coming up my name is working but at this and I want to start by assuming that you
already have a Yahoo email address in my case and I use Yahoo I mean work about this at yet with a
calm and you also need to have eighty domain name email atriz in my case is demo at working but it is that come so what you want to do is to be able to
send and receive emails using your Yahoo account right so what
you need to the first used to go to that your icon then click
on Settings next click on accounts and as you can see I already have
another email address here which is use a domain name I also use
today and when at the one that ends in working pilots that
come which is my domain name so I’m gonna go ahead and click at unit
to the same and it just hope people are going to see
your name who you sending the email they are
receiving in my case I only want to show my name someone to
erase at Yahoo email address well like a previously scheduled you its
demo and work in Butler your book can prescription wanna put my email actress from my humane name he its okay their reply to address I wanted to be
the same one the same email address and could be doing right now so I selected lead it then actually this one copy ed and then piece that here can because they want to be able to same and
also receive e-mails in my yahoo email account I’m gonna
shake up these option we should which is set up to
receive emails expect up Chicago then my username is
correct gonna have to with the password I want to receive other incoming emails in my inbox my
yahoo inbox okay so much leave the stuff it is
the thirty options year and the Inbox and the pups server
is for the incoming emails and you you can you can see observer you need to put here in his box by going to your to worry almost your domain name and also your email
address right so I’m gonna go to both here in my
case the control panel I go all the way down and on his left
hand side column I see the name servers occurs
when it’s always the one used to for receiving or for incoming
emails some 10 selected cup here to go back to
Yahoo and peace your the other one is for sending emails but you need to would hear in Yahoo you need to put it
in Gmail and up mail but not on Yahoo so use it
for Korea right I like to leave the first option and the second
one strict of not get one you would only
indian chick up because if you want to use a secure server right annuals when I leave a copy of the the incoming emails because you wanna be
able to check your emails from your desktop your tablet your smart on Center so next click on the Save button now what you
need to do is go back to that domain name email address and check for an email that yet we’ll
send you UK you’re ready is can you see this it’s a new you may like just got please
verify your alternate email address Yahoo sender
like I told you a few seconds ago you click on it you know opens up and you just need to click on this link to complete verification process so I’m I go ahead and do it and it says
thanks your email address is no her by so now if I refresh these the well I’m click Save hers any by
repression you’ll see that it’s already verified
going you go to the your icon and settings then two accounts and as you can see it’s already verified
and it’s right there well that said it’s very easy huh you can now send and
receive emails from your Yahoo you male actors and also
from your domain name email address the best
way I can get back to you for watching this video if the show you
up you choose I used to make money online part-time and from home you’re
interested creepy permission i cant doubts about me now because this is where I revealed again
thanks for watching this video all the way to the end toxin


  • Abdul Samad

    Hi there. i need your help .my boos fix my person yahoo with company email id link now both account are opening with one password .now i want to delete my company account which i can,t able to do. please help me only to delete my company email id .

  • H T

    hello! great video but just one question – how do i create a domain address? i know you use hostgator but does this cost money and theres no sign up option on their site??

  • Vitality Organics

    HI there – thanks for the video – has this changed now as it doesn't seem the same set up in my Yahoo Mail admin area? And I can't seem to add my domain name … only allows AOL, Google or Yahoo account?

  • Cher Bartlett

    Nice video.  Yahoo has already changed, and is not working according to your instructions.  would you be willing to make a new video for us techno challenged peeps like me?

  • Scott Carey

    Just what I was looking for BUT it looks like the 'accounts' settings has changed for worse as you're now presented with a fixed list of a few, popular email providers (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) and whenever you click on 'Other' [e-mail provider] you get a message saying

     'Additional providers coming soon. Your email provider is not supported yet. We will email you when it becomes available.'
    Can anyone shed some light on this, please?

  • Gary

    I'm confused because my Yahoo Mail Settings page does not look like yours. I'm using the latest version of Yahoo Mail (not the Basic version), but when I click on Settings/Accounts, my page does not have all of the options that yours does. When I click on ADD ANOTHER MAILBOX, it only allows me to choose Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo and AOL as providers. There is no option to connect my own domain name. Why are my screens different from yours?

  • Nat Ouellet

    The Yahoo interface has changed for Rogers Customers. It gives you the following options: Yahoo, Google, Outlook, AOL and Other — but under Other accounts, it says as of May 2017: ''Additional providers coming soon''.

  • Silent Lessons

    If you wish to receive as your domain then go to your server and set mail forwarding to your yahoo address. To receive go to yahoo, settings, writing email, then under the section "add send only address" enter your domain email, verify and follow subsequent instructions and you are done.

  • technical support number 1-888-507-2003

    thanks for making this if anyone dont understant How to Set Up a Domain Email with Yahoo then contact us

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