How to Set Spawn on a Minecraft Server World
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How to Set Spawn on a Minecraft Server World

hey guys it’s Primescore and today I’m
gonna show you how to change your spawn for your world so instead of your
players dying or logging in to the server for the first time and spawning in
some random forest somewhere that’s completely irrelevant to what you’re
playing and you want you want them instead to spawn at this best server
spawn ever spawn point look diamond blocks this looks a lot
more elegant than just a random forest so in order to do this all you have to
do is type in set world spawn and then every time somebody dies instead of
spawning at that default spawn location they’ll spawn here or anytime somebody
joins a server for the first time they’ll spawn in this location now if
they have a bed set then they’ll spawn at their bed location instead but if you
want to change your bed spawn location all you have to do is set or type in
spawn point and then my spawn point for me is set to here so every time I’ll die
I’ll spawn in this location and in order to reset that just hop in a bed and then
destroy the bed and then it’ll reset to the world spawn so that’s how you change
your servers default spawn to a different location if you have any
questions please leave it in the comments section below otherwise go to and send us a ticket anyways thank you for watching


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