How to Select Only the Visible Cells in Excel (SHORTCUT)
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How to Select Only the Visible Cells in Excel (SHORTCUT)

Hello and welcome to this Excel Tips video.
I am Sumit Bansal, and in this video I’m going to show you how to select only the visible
cells in Excel. Now, before I tell you how to do that, let me first show you why you
may even need to do that. So here, I have this dataset and let’s say I hide a few rows
in this data. In this case, let me select a few rows and hide this. Now I have this
data, so in this case I have six rows that are visible, so six rows, and there are three
columns. Now, if I select this data, copy this data and go somewhere else and paste
this data, see what happens. It does not just copy these six records, it copies the entire
data set, so I have all those hidden rows as well that have been selected and copied. I do not want this. I only want to select
those cells that are visible and copy paste it, so let me clear this data. In this case,
if you only want to select the visible cells, you first select this dataset, then you hit
the F5 key. When you do that, it opens the ‘Go To’ dialog box. Here, you click on ‘Special’
and in ‘Go To Special’ dialog box, you have this option, ‘Visible’ cells only. When you click on visible cells only and click
okay, it is going to only select visible cells. See what happens when I click okay? You may
see these faded lines in between those rows where some rows are hidden. Now I can copy
this. I can come here and I can paste it, and you can see it only pastes these visible
records and not the ones that are hidden. Now, let me show you even shorter way of doing
this. Let me first clear this data. Instead of using the ‘Go To Special’ dialog box, I’m
going to give you the keyboard shortcut to do this. So you first select this data set,
you hold the ALT key and then press the semicolon (;) key. When you do that, it would only select the
visible cells. Now, you can copy this data, go to the cell where you want to paste it,
and then paste this. Then you can see it only copy pastes those records that are visible. That’s it in this video. I hope you found
this useful. Also, if you’re liking these videos, please subscribe to this YouTube channel
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in the future. Thank you and have a nice day.


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