How to screen share on a Discord Server
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How to screen share on a Discord Server

Hey guys this is leeson and today I’ll be
showing you how to screen share in Discord on a server. This won’t use any client modifications like
BetterDiscord or anything that breaks the Terms of Service it’s all within the actual
client, no external modifications or messing around in the console side of things. First of you’ll want to go under user settings
with the cog in the bottom left. Then go to the appearence tab at the very
bottom you’ll want to enable developer mode. This will let you get the ID’s for what we
are actually going to need to actually create the link that you will be using to access
the actual voice channel share feature. Well first off I’ll be putting these links
in the description and there’s an empty one so I’ll put that one in as well. So we need to fill in the these slots with
the server ID, and the channel ID. To get the server ID we can copy right click
here on the server title and click copy ID, or we can go to the icon and do the same thing
on the side bar. With that we are going to paste that in then
a / and then we are going to get the channel ID this is the voice channel so you go to
the voice channel right click copy ID, and put that in and you got your link. When you paste that in a Discord channel then
open it up it’ll jump into where you can share screen like in group calls, but you can’t
open this link within browsers, and if your not connected to the voice channel the link
does nothing. So we got to reconnect to the voice channel
click it get beamed it if you got streamer mode enabled that will prevent you from seeing
the stuff at the bottom. We can disable it by clicking this or if you’ve
closed it go to the settings Streamer Mode and theres a toggle to turn it off. Here you will have the options, screens, applications,
sound, quality, framerate. From here we’ve got this where other people
can use it if someone else jumps in you can see there screen just like in a group call
focus double click unfocus double click. Go in fullscreen, go out of that or ESC, and
that’s basically it. Also if you want to get rid of this box here
with the link you cascade it with a left arrow and a right arrow and paste it it wont have
that big box. You can just pin this, put it in it’s own
seperate channel so it doesn’t get lost and you dont have to keep going to pinned messages
and get right beamed it. Hopefully this tutorial helped you out guys.


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