How to Schedule a Recurring or Delayed Email in Zoho Webmail [Tutorial] | HomeDax Real Estate
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How to Schedule a Recurring or Delayed Email in Zoho Webmail [Tutorial] | HomeDax Real Estate

In today’s video, we are going to show you
how to leverage Zoho web mails delayed send email feature as well as their recurring send
email features. The purpose of the both of these tools is
really to give you as an agent much more leverage and efficiency when it comes to working with
your clients, it goes without saying that there are a number of times during the course
of being an agent when it would be more effective for you to send an email at some point in
the future or to send a series of emails to a particular client. There’s a long list of utilizations for this
tool but just as an example let’s say you have a buyer who’s gonna go to an open house
on Sunday today is Tuesday and let’s say you want to remind them that there will be an
open house, you could obviously send a calendar invitation and do all of that but why not
also schedule an email to be sent in the morning on Sunday to remind the buyer of the open
house. Another example let’s say you’re working with
a buyer client buyer client and lo and behold they renew their lease well instead of thinking
about the client for eight months on your to-do list like a hanging Chad you could just
schedule an email to be sent at some point maybe nine months from now when they start
to think about whether or not they’re gonna be buying again. You could also send out reminder emails for
yourself about tasks let’s say you also have an appointment with a buyer client somewhere
or meeting with a seller you can also send them a reminder email maybe even send yourself
a reminder email as well, you can also do recurring emails so if you want to reach out
to a client on her birthday every year you can do that as well using the tool so to cut
to the chase what we’re looking at here is Zoho�s newer webmail interface we’ve opened
up a tab here for a new email and if you’re not already here you can get here by clicking
on the new mail button on the left. Now this is just a test email so we’re really
just gonna be putting tests in the subject and in the body but the real trick here and
the magic is in this button here the scheduled recurring button which is to the right of
the send button so customarily if you want to send an email out immediately you would
hit the blue button. In this case let’s say we would like to schedule
this email for a particular time as you can see here we can choose between a number of
options as to when we want to send it personally our favorite is the custom date and time because
with this one it really gives you the ability to schedule it quite frankly whenever you
want not only the day but also the specific time so you can really get into the granularities
here right if your client works until 7 o’clock every day and they’ve told you they check
emails at 8 o’clock you could literally schedule an email to be sent right when they get out
of work. So a number of options here again for you
to consider and then in terms of recurring now under this option you’re going to be sending
out a series of emails and the emails are all gonna be the same email so to go back
to an earlier example if you want to send out a happy birthday email to a client you
would actually click on recurrence pattern yearly, you can choose you know how many times
you want to do it so let’s say if you want to send out this to a client for five years
you can do it yearly for five times or if you want it to just be yearly forever you
can put yearly with no end date and then you can actually pick the specific date for the
birthday so you know let’s say the birthday is September 15th in this setup here it will
send it out every September 15th and you’ll want to also make sure that the start from
date is before your first instance of the recurring email so in this case the start
from date has to be before September 15th so we could pick September 4th, September
8th anytime in August it doesn’t really matter it has to be after right now after today’s
date and before the first instance and you could also choose the time that you will be
sending out the email. The other thing you can do is you can choose
a particular day so instead of a date which as you know will change calendar day every
year September 15th might be a Thursday one year and a Monday another year in this option
here you can choose it for an email to go out right on the first second third or fourth
day of the week Wednesday let’s say we wanted to go out the first Wednesday of September
so it will be sending out the first Wednesday of September and provided that the start from
date is after today and prior to the first Wednesday of September you would anticipate
that it would be sending this out the first Wednesday of September in the current in the
first available opportunity so whether you’ve done scheduled or recurring once you’ve made
your selection go ahead and click Save and then at that point this icon is going to be
blue which indicates that it’s actually been triggered and then all you would need to do
is hit Send once you do that the message will actually appear in the outbox meaning it hasn’t
actually sent and it will stay in the outbox up until the time that the email is scheduled
to be sent if it’s the late send email the moment you send it, it will leave the outbox
and go in the sent folder but if it’s a recurring email once the first instance of the recurring
is triggered that first email will be sent it will obviously be in the sent folder but
the actual recurring email itself will remain in the outbox so if at any point you want
to edit an email that you scheduled you can actually click on the outbox clicks on the
particular message you can then change the anything you want really the subject the body
you can change the schedule of the recurring you can even cancel it and send it immediately
so it’s up to you. In summary this is a very powerful tool as
an agent we strongly encourage you to leverage it and to try to figure out the way to make
it most efficient for you and your lifestyle If you have any questions feel free to leave
us a comment otherwise good luck with your career and we’d love to do a deal with you
at some point in the future.

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