How to Reset cPanel of LATEST!
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How to Reset cPanel of LATEST!

Hello guys, welcome to the MH4K in this video we’ll be talking about how can you reset the cPanel off your So I’m assuming you guys messed up with your site like me. So how to reset Let’s see because the option for reset process is hidden within and it changes by itself after a specific period of time so as of now it is 2019 and I’m assuming You want to reset? So the button is right just right side of the cPanel admin blue button type over the 3 dot I can click reset account click Next then type reset to confirm the reset process click over reset account and the process will begin and Here make sure you guys backup all the important files like your data structure of images continents it could be anything and SSL certificate extract etc, which is relevant to you and important for you So make sure you backup because after this you won’t be able to free tribe anything It will be fresh and will open with a new wizard to define new propertytype for your cPanel So here you can see the new fresh user interface is now here. So it says if you already has domain from go It will pick by itself. Otherwise enter the domain if you have purchased it from another vendor Then select the data center like North America Europe Asia. It says North America for recommend and Then select if you want to install WordPress or otherwise just go on so you can see it says a provisioning up CPanel it means now it is taking a little bit of time to make it once again, perfect and new so you can begin with all your new ideas to Work on the cPanel. So this is how you can reset if you Think this video was helpful. Make sure you leave your positive comment, like share and subscribe to the channel And as always, thanks for watching. I’ll see you guys in the next one. Bye


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