How to Remove Old Plex Media Server from Server List
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How to Remove Old Plex Media Server from Server List

Hi. I’m Max Dalton, and in this video I’m going
to talk through how to remove an old Plex Media Server from the list of servers on a
new Plex Media Server. If you move your content from an old Plex
Media Server to a new one, you’ll give your new server a new name. However, if you ever had both servers running
at once on the same network, the new server will store the old server as a recognized
device. This can cause headaches on the new server,
as it will occasionally get stuck looking for the old server that is no longer operational. Removing the old server from the list of recognized
devices also removes the devices from the server list, ensuring that your new Plex Media
Server will no longer get hung up looking for it. And now, the steps to remove an old Plex Media
Server from the server list. Step 1. Open Plex Media Server on the machine you
want to remove the old server from. Step 2. Click “Settings” beneath Manage on the left
side of the screen. The Settings screen opens. Step 3. Click “Devices” in the Settings screen. Step 4. Click “Server” to narrow the list of devices
down to the list of recognized servers. Find the server you want to remove. Use the serve name and operating system that
server is running as validation points to ensure you’re removing the right server. Step 5. Click “X” in the upper-right corner of the
box associated with the old Plex Media Server you want to remove. A Remove Server dialog box appears, informing
you that all syncs and shares associated with the server you’re getting ready to remove
will be lost. Step 6. Click “Remove.” A smaller message appears in that window asking
if you’re certain you want to remove the selected server. Step 7. Click “Yes, I’m Sure.” The server will be removed from the list of
devices recognized by your new Plex Media Server.


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