How to Remove Background From Product Photo Without Photoshop | eCommerce product image editing
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How to Remove Background From Product Photo Without Photoshop | eCommerce product image editing

Hi friends welcome to our youtube channel ZaaYega seller gyan If you are a ecommerce seller then you know very well your product how white background image are important today i will tell you how you can remove how to make image white background that to without using photoshop or any image editing software Subscribe our channel Zaayega seller gyan for ecommerce related video and friends we will use two tools for image editing for background removal we will need microsoft word and second tool to resize images as per marketplace guidelines we will use Paint tool Paint tool friend in windows you get by default it will already available in your system if its windows OS and two images friend step by step image editing i will show you lets jump on screen to start so lets see how we can remove product image background we well use very simple tool which is microsoft word you can see for example 2 images are here basically one is baby cloths which you can see here image taken on flat white background and second product is jewelry this a bangle which image shoot done on white background but problem here the background is not pure white and according to marketplace guideline you need to upload pure white background images and that also different images size required for different marketplaces like flipkart required 1100px X1100px in amazon 1000px by 1000px so accordingly you can resize your item images now we have open microsoft word here i am using microsoft office 2013 you can use 2010 version also but below 2010 version you can not able use this tool here we will add image first image from any folder you can drag on to open now will remove this image and show you second method to add images first go to insert option then select images forlder and click on image to select now image is here now image is selected so format option is highlighted under Picture tool then on clicking Remove Background option you can remove background if you click anywhere else off images your option will be dis select here you can zoom in zoom out your images here i have again selected images in Remove Background option and pink area in image is background which need to remove you can see on image selection box around product all pink area will be removed as background your have be careful in selection your product also can get remove as you can see few portion of product are already selected from top portion and bottom porstion as well first i will tell you available option in this tool option are Mark area to keep Mark area to remove any product image if over selected or left out of selection we can adjust our selection by using this tools i will adjust selection box according to product zoom in to check all edges are selected properly and smoothly product are not under pick selection here you can see the label of product is selected for removal if we remove background like this selection it will also get remove i need this pink selected in label in my product picture so for that you need to select mark area to keep and just need to draw simple line see that area now dis selected thoroughly we will check more area which are not selected properly we need to remove those unwanted selection as a=well see in side small portion left now see this potion not selected at all now select mark area to remove again we will check all edges are proper or not now we will zoom out to check thoroughly look all selection are perfect now click on keep changes now see your product image background removed now slightly adjust size for fit canvas according to marketplace guidelines 85% image must cover canvas now see on left hand side option Correction now we will do correction of this product image as told you earlier product image quality was not so good In correction tool we can increase sharpness of images we can make soft product image adjust brightness and contrast we can adjust to our desire requirement it look too bright not correct will reduce brightness we need to select exactly brightness and contrast preset option are there like 20% + 0% normal product color near to original now see color correction done now we will save this picture while saving file select PNG format see how difference on original image and edited and corrected images see here in original image this portion was dull stitches was also not properly visible here in enhanced image product stitch are also properly visible and color also got corrected this left side of product was bit blur see that also sharpness got smooth now we need to resize this images will check properties of this images click on details height and width values very high we will reduce it open paint tool in your system you can resize product image in paint will open image in paint here click on resize option adjust pixels as required accouding to flipkart it should 1100px now we will save this image now save in JPEG format now this is final out put after background removal see neat and clean product image now we will see complex image like jewelry image here we have taken bangle in jewelry edges are not even stone are used in edges it causes difficulty in editing images how you will edit those images will show you same process as last time select images click on remove background now image is selected here you can see few areas unselected need to select those select mark area to remove now whole item got selected along with background again select mark area to keep draw a line on product image now it properly selected now zoom in to check edges of product see edges which are left unselected select mark area to remove again those area which we not want in our final product image here lots of edges are there so i we fast forward this process you have notice while select mark area to remove it over selected few portion so we need to re select those portion by mark area to keep option to prevent those area to delete with background first we will select background portion then we will de select product portion now i will fast forward jewelry image background removal is bit time taking process then click on keep changes and now background removed now we will do image correction we have to be careful for images not to get over bright save images now we will resize image in paint tool see this image white portion are not even first will do resize resize done now we will crop background product should be 85% of canvas area after that same as last time will save image in JPEG format always remember while saving removed background image from word save in PNG format and from Paint save in JPEG format now see this image background also removed cleanly see color also correct brightness also perfect this normal digital camera photo so this was all about product background removal so friends i hope now you can edit your product image professionally with this help of this simple tool if you have any question ask us in comment below if you found this video informative like our 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