How to Register Freenom | .ga .tk .ml. gq .cf Domains for FREE !

hi this is Farhaan from RAWtech well this is
a series video about registering freenom domain and transferring into
blogger or wordpress on this part i’ll be showing how to register freenom
domains so for this what we need to do is go to after entering it
on the find new free domain box enter your preferred or a desired domain name
after entering it a click on check availability then click on select then
check out ok it’s selected and click on checkout then set the period to 12-month her well you
can increase it there if you are gonna use your own money but my internet is
slow so sorry for the inconvenience ok so now you have to create an account
after your email enter you email on the interview email box so I’m entering my
email ok click on verify my email address ok now we have to verify the email or confirm the email
click on a particular email from your email address before entering to email ok it’s loading about the other option if you
don’t want to use this method you can go for the social sign method we just click
on and confirm the email it’s loading guys okay now the most
important part time for entering your detail so I’m entering the details of mine
just enter your info’s you want enter your password now click on i have
read the Terms and Conditions click on complete order ok the domain is now
registered check on my domains yes see it simple so for the second part
i will upload the method about setup options for bloggers and what place on
the next video to learn goodbye see you later yeah

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