How to Register and Host Your Custom Domain – Website Basics
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How to Register and Host Your Custom Domain – Website Basics

Hi welcome to this Pen Publishing
Interactive Website Basics Video. In this video I’m going to show you how to
register your custom domain and add hosting to it. Let’s get started. So first
thing we’re gonna do, is we’re gonna go to to register our
domain if you don’t know much about Pen Publishing Interactive, we are an online business solutions provider. From anything from hosting to domain
registration to website design, etc. we’re available. So I’m gonna just go here to and today I’m going to try to register
Now this obviously this is a new domain that I’m trying to register,
however if you’re trying to transfer a domain similar process you can go on
here and hit transfer instead. So I’m just gonna hit search now and it’s gonna
go out and see let me know if the domain is available and it’s still checking
right now. I see there’s a promotion going on so I’ll take advantage of that,
promo codes right there. It’s okay it is available I’m gonna register and I want
to register for one year. Once I hit the register is gonna give me the amount for
the year. So I’m going to go to cart because all I need right now. The next
step you’re gonna see the screen it’s gonna ask me hey you don’t have any
hosting you want to add hosting. Yes we do, so I’m going to click on here. For my
purposes we want a Linux package so obviously you can see there’s
WordPress, Linux, and Windows available. I’m just gonna stick with Linux and I
want their business class package so I’m gonna just hit order now. Then it’s gonna
take me to this screen, obviously it’s a domain that’s already in my shopping
cart. Yes I’m gonna use it. Now I get here and it’s
gonna ask me my billing cycle do I want to pay monthly or do I play annually. I
want to take advantage of the savings so I’m gonna select twelve month price and
you can see that they’re reflected there so I’m going to continue.
Now I have my email is gonna be registered for one year and I have
hosting, it’s asking me if I want ID protection I do not at this moment so
I’m gonna hit continue. Once I get here it’s gonna allow me to
punch in the promo code that I saw earlier ICTProud. So I’m gonna validate
the code and my discount has been applied. So in this screen you know
permission accepted I’m also going to review real quick if the order is right.
I want a Linux web hosting which is fine. I want to register which is great and I’ve added my discount at the bottom. So now I want to
check out. Once I check out it’s gonna ask me to
fill out all this information, so what I’m going to do is I’m going to pause
this video and when you come back. I’ll be logged in so that
you can see what the account will look like on the other side. Before
we move forward that you want to point out that once you register a domain you
will get an email just like the one you see on the screen. It’ll list all the
registrants information such as name, address, city, state, etc. You will need to
click the click here to verify your email address link at the bottom. Once
you do that you will be taken to a screen like the one you’re seeing and
it’ll tell you congratulations you have successfully verified the registrant
email address for the following domains. If you registered more than one domain,
you will see those listed there on the screen. I just wanted to point that out
before I move forward with this video and show you the control panel.
Okay and I’ve registered once I registered obviously and paid you’ll see
a similar interface like the one I have on my screen currently. There’s my
one service which is a Linux web hosting package and there’s my domain and which
is, so everything worked. From here there’s a lot more to
do obviously but this is just initial way to set up your your custom domain
with hosting. In future website basic videos will show how to actually build
the website and that can go all kinds of ways. So stay tuned to that. So
thank you for watching, hope you’ve learned something. If you want to get
more information you can obviously visit and browse around.
You can also email us at [email protected] [email protected] If you’re on social
media we’re on Facebook and Twitter, you can follow us and like us there and if
you are watching this on YouTube we’d greatly appreciate if you subscribe to
our channel, get notified when we release new videos with tips and tricks. Thank
you for watching and until next time.

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