So once we’ve done all this research and now
we’ve decided on a name, the next step is to actually purchase the name. So if you ever have these questions about
what else do I need to research before I actually decide on a business name and where do I go
to buy one, what are the steps that I take? Then this video is for you. I’m Bloggin Brandi and this is BLABoss where
I teach you how to Brand like a boss so that People will want to blab about your brand. Be sure to stay tuned until the end of this
video because you’re going to want to get all of this amazing stuff in a guide to follow
and I’m going to show you how to put all of this together and essentially create a brand. So the first step is to purchase the domain
name. I do this with go daddy. You can purchase domain names for many places,
but I just use go daddy. Let’s just search something that we want. So we want to name our business boss business
guides or we just want to see if the URL is available for this. So we’re just going to type it in. We’re going to hit search domain and then
we’re going to see what pops up. It says yes, the dot com is available. You also have the option to purchase the dot
net org info and you can see all of these other options are available. You can do just guide instead of guides or
co com boss business or business boss you can see captain guide
dot com is a very expensive domain and they range in price, but since this one is fairly
unpopular, you can purchase boss business guide dot com for $2.99 with a two year registration
and that changes a little bit depending on how many years you register it. But I would just add the Dot com to your cart
and once has been added to your cart, it’ll take you to this page and it says, what do
you want to do with your domain? Now it gives you the option to add privacy
protection. I personally would add this because I did
it one time with my very first URL and didn’t cause I was being cheap and I got spam for
like a year. So it also tells people all of your information
and who you are. So if you don’t want people to know who owns
that domain, then you can pay for this essentially like a proxy and it covers up your information. So you’re paying for your privacy. Now you can also have the option to start
your website for free. We’d go daddy’s website builder. I would just leave that there and then you
can add email addresses to your order as well. If you want to set up some type of email option
to go along with your domain and you can always add these things later on. But we’re just going to continue to cart. So now we are at the final stage of the payment
process and you can choose to make a payment with paypal or add some type of credit card
right here where it says dotcom domain registration. You can choose how long you want. So if you want it for one year or five years,
you do get a discount If you go ahead and purchase it longer. But either way, you should be making money
at that point and be able to afford your domain anyways a year from now. And it’s telling you, oh, they’re going to
give me 33% off. I don’t know about you. You can also look for coupon codes, add domain
name, privacy, godaddy central website builder, free trial. That’s $0. Um, and it’s telling you it is $22 and 16
cents. If we want to complete this purchase, I don’t
want to purchase this. So that’s how you purchase a domain using
GoDaddy. So whenever you build a business, you need
what’s called a branding kit. Tons of businesses have these branding kits
and you want to build one for yourself. So are you hire a designer or whether you’re
just going back yourself to grab these things? You want to have all of these things in one
place. So it’s what I show you in my branding guide
is how to put all this stuff together and have it all in one place. So that it’s a seamless process when you’re
getting ready to create your designs or your next video or blog post it is all right there
for you. You can pick that up and the description below
this video. I’m blogging Brandi. This is the BLABoss aka Brand like a boss. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you in the next episode.

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