How To Publish Your Website For FREE
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How To Publish Your Website For FREE

In this episode I will tell you how to
publish your website without spending a single penny. You made your website and now you want to publish it online. But you cannot afford a web hosting. Don’t be disappointed host your website for FREE. Many web hosting companies offer free hosting as a startup service If you are learning web designing or you currently
don’t have the budget to host your website, free hosting can be a great option for you! Let me show you how to get one It is really important to choose a reliable hosting that will not go out of business suddenly and you end up losing your website. Also it guarantees that your website will stay online for most of the time also known as the uptime. The most popular free web hosting that I recommend is It has been offering free hosting for a long time. You also get unlimited space and no ads on your website. Another free web hosting is It is also famous for providing free hosting with great features and no ads. Unfortunately, domain names like .com, .net, .org, etc. are not available for free and require an additional annual fee for registration. But there is a cool alternative to that, a domain like sub domain. Yes! Some companies offer a free sub domain whose domain part is very short and makes it resemble to popular domain names. It doesn’t look like a great domain name but still keeps your website’s address short to memorize. If you want to check out more good options
for a free domain check out They also offer a variety of short and attractive domain names to choose from. So you got a free domain and also registered a free hosting account. Now you need to upload your website to the hosting server. This can be done by any of the following methods. Number One is a File Manager. It is an easy method to upload and
update your website from the browser itself. The second way is called the FTP or File Transfer Protocol which requires separate software to upload your website. If you are new to these concepts I would recommend you go with the File Manager since it’s easy to understand and begin with. Once you upload the files successfully, you now have your website on the web. Free hosting is a great way to get started with the web. If you choose a reliable free hosting, your website
will last as long as you want. But bigger and complex websites will need more features to keep running efficiently and hence a free hosting would not be recommended in that case. In later episodes I will talk about interesting topics like web designing, web development, how to make your website popular and much more. If you have any questions regarding this episode,
you can post a comment below or send me an email on [email protected] and
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