How To Publish A Website In EverWeb – Publish to EverWeb, FTP, Local Folder
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How To Publish A Website In EverWeb – Publish to EverWeb, FTP, Local Folder

In order to publish your website in EverWeb,
you must have purchased the standalone license, or have a hosting account with RAGE Web Hosting.
This may also be known as an EverWeb hosting account. You will be required to login in order to
publish your site. There are three ways to do this. The first way is to open up EverWeb’s
preferences window, and login with your email address and password. This is the same email
address and password used when purchasing EverWeb. The second way of logging in is to click on
the publish button in the toolbar. A popup window will appear and you will be able to
click on the Sign In button to enter your email address and password. The third way
of logging in is to click on your website name to be taken to the Site Publishing Settings
window, where you can click on the Sign In button and sign in with your email address
and password. Once you are signed in to your EverWeb account,
you will be signed in until you sign yourself out. Under the Publishing heading, you can choose
to publish to your EverWeb hosting account, to a local folder, or to FTP. If you own the
standalone license, you will only be able to publish to a local folder and to FTP. To
publish to a local folder, you can choose the location of the local folder by clicking
on the Choose button and then selecting the location. You can now click on the Publish
button in the toolbar to publish your site. If you are publishing to your EverWeb hosting
account, you will see the EverWeb Location settings. Under Accounts, you can choose which
EverWeb hosting account you wish to publish to. Most of you will only have one account
so you can leave this as is. If you have more than one domain on the account, you will see
a Domains drop down, which will allow you to choose which domain to publish to. If you
only have one domain, you will not see this menu. The Subdirectory field allows you to publish
your website to a different location on your server. This is mostly used for testing purposes.
So for example, let’s say I wanted to publish my website to test out, but I did not want
to overwrite my existing website, I can enter some text into the Subdirectory field. For
this example, I will enter the word ‘temporary’. What this now does is allows me to access
my website at, rather than just at
The current website published at has not been overwritten and nothing has changed
since the last time I published my site. Remember, this field is optional, so if you want your
site to be accessed at the root of your domain, then do not enter anything in this field. You can publish your website directly to your
FTP server if you host your website with a third-party web host. You will need to enter
your server address, username, password and Directory Path if applicable. You will also
need to change the protocol and the port if that is what your web host has instructed
you to do. You can also enter your website URL. The information that gets keyed into these
fields will differ for every user. This information is personal and private, and we do not have
access to it. If you do not know what to enter into these fields, you must contact your web
host to find out. If you are having difficulty publishing your website using the publish
to FTP Server method, you will need to contact your web host to find out if you are entering
your FTP information correctly. Whenever you are ready, click on the Publish
button in the toolbar, and EverWeb will publish your website. If you ever want to publish your entire website
and not just the changes, you can go to File in the menu bar, and select Publish Entire


  • Ade Brown

    Correction… Unless you are Ade Brown you will only have to log in once and will have to log out… So far, it has logged me out and won’t log back in

  • twwwy83

    For some reason, I can't publish through ftp server. I typed everything in and I think they are correct (I can login in filezilla with the some information). After i click "publish", it says it will publish in the background and will notify me when done. But it never notify me and the website remains the same.

    what did i do wrong?

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