How to Properly Move from Weebly to WordPress (Step by Step)

Hello and welcome to WPBeginner. In this video we’ll cover how to transfer from a Weebly site to a WordPress site and we’ll cover it step by step so you can get up and running quickly. If you’re like most people you first created your site on Weebly because a friend told you to do it and it was fast to set up but now you want to customize some things and you want to have more control over your site. After doing some research maybe you realize that moving it to WordPress is your best option but now you don’t know how to migrate it. Well don’t worry in this video I’ll walk you through the whole process of migrating your Weebly site to your own WordPress site and we’ll cover it step by step. In fact these are the steps we’ll be covering we’ll set up your hosting account, you’ll get started with a domain name or you”llr move your domain name, you’ll install WordPress then comes the big thing where we’ll move your content from the Weebly to WordPress site we’ll test the migration and see if there are any fixes that we need to worry about and then we’ll choose a new theme for your site. So if you’re ready let’s get started the first two steps we’ll cover are actually going to be together and that’s the setting up the hosting and getting the domain name The hosting account is what every website owner needs to have and it’s basically your house on the web it houses all of your website files all the images that you have your on your site in everything and this is where that’s all kept so you’ll need to have a hosting no matter what you do and along with that you want a domain name that is the web address that somebody types in when they want to go to your website now with Weebly you may have had something like my site dot weebly dot com and if you did then setting up a new domain name will be easy. If you already have a domain name then this part will be a little bit different for you now at WPBeginner we recommend using Bluehost as your hosting provider they have great customer support, they are one of the oldest most established hosting companies out there, they’re officially recommended by the organization and WPBeginner users can get sixty percent off and a free domain by using our discount code. To get that discount just go to www forward slash reefer forward slash bluehost hit enter and it will take you to that page we also have a link below that you can use as well. From here just click on the big green get started button and it will take you to the select your plan page. You can choose your plan here the biggest difference between these two is with this one it’s very basic and you’re only allowed one website whereas with this one if you have web addresses or multiple websites that you want to set up then this might be the best one for you. After you’ve chosen which fed up you want go ahead and sign up with a new domain name that you want since it comes free and click Next. From here you want to go ahead and create your account by filling in all of this information and then down here you want to verify the package information I would say that your domain privacy you don’t need we normally just turn that off, things like backup site in site locker, there are a lot of great plugins and features available within WordPress so you don’t need that either once you fill out all the information you see the amount that’s being discounted now just fill in your payment information and you’ll have your hosting account set up. Now that we’ve signed up we get a congratulations screen and then we can click to the next screen and this is where we’ll want to create our password. This password we’ll use to manage our hosting account once we’ve created our password we’re now logged into our hosting account dashboard so let’s take a look quick look at where we’ve been and where we’re going. So far we successfully set up our hosting and we’ve gotten our domain name the next step we want to do is we want to install WordPress and we’ll do that next. From our hosting account dashboard scroll all the way down we’re looking for this button here and we want to install WordPress. From this screen just click install here you just want to click check domain and then on the next screen make sure you’ve selected I’ve read the terms and conditions and click install. From here it will go through the process of installing WordPress on your website. It’ll be just a little bit of time you’ll see a progress bar up here. Alright, now that it’s been installed you can access your site from this, this is the admin URL you’ll want to keep that in a safe location that’s what you’ll use to log into your website so let’s take a look at it now, and you see this is just a default landing page that has come up with our site and you can login here so enter your username and password and then click login. Alright now we have our website this is the dashboard that you’ll see when you first log into your website and we can just say no thanks. Bluehost has added a few extra items on our website so we’re going to go in and do a little bit of cleanup before we import everything so let’s head over to our plugins area the plugins are extended functionality that you can add to your website to make it do more for you and this is some of the power of having a WordPress installation but I want to clean up some of this stuff so I’m going to click these items and I’m going to click bulk action drop-down let’s go ahead and deactivate these items and once we’ve deactivated them I want to go ahead and delete them as well yeah let’s go ahead and delete these files and all the data as well. Okay, once that’s done now you see that it’s cleaned it up a little bit and now we’re just to our base WordPress dashboard. Taking a look at our checklist we see that in addition to setting up hosting, getting a domain name, we’ve just installed WordPress and our next step will be to import the content from Weebly so we’ll do that next. At WPBeginner we’ve created a Weebly to WordPress export tool to help you with the process of exporting your Weebly site so that you can easily import it into your WordPress site so you’ll want to head over to that is where our tool is at. Fill out this information at the top, make sure you enter your Weebly website, make sure you put in the (http://) HTTP colon forward slash forward slash for this to work go ahead and put in your name and your email address. Down here you want to choose the format if you have no comments and if you have no categories then you can use RSS but if you do have them and if you do want to export them go ahead and use the WXR feature. Same thing with pages if you have say about us pages or feature pages or service pages then make sure you click yes for export that here once you fill all that out go ahead and click the green button to start the exporting process and when it’s finished you’ll see a link here where you can copy it down to your computer and save it in a location that will be easy to find for the next step. Now that we finished that process our next step is to import this into our WordPress site. Alright our next step in the process is to import the information that we just exported so to do that let’s head back over to our WordPress dashboard from the dashboard we’re going to go down to tools import and scroll down until you find the WordPress tool, we want to install that and we want to go ahead and run that importer from here we want to upload that file that we just exported so I’ll click on that, click open upload and import, from here you want to decide which author to assign these to if you had any images in Weebly that have been exported, you want to hit download and import file attachments so that they’ll come over as well. I’m going to click Submit and we get a notification that everything is done so if i go to my posts all posts I see them here. You see over here also all of the comments have been imported and all of our categories have been imported as well. Now we can take a quick look at the front of our site and see what it looks like, to do that you can go hover over my site and I’m going to right click open in new tab to visit my site, now my Weebly site is officially over here so there’s a couple of touchups that we’ll want to do if your site structure is important then we’ll need to set up and fix our permalinks I click on one of the posts up here you see that it just shows the post name and back on my Weebly site this is the structure it automatically does blog in front of all of my post names so if having that same structure is important to you then you can fix that by going into your dashboard go down to your settings area permalinks and this is the one we’re using by default so you just go to the custom structure, head over here to where you have your post name and add how its structured in our case with blog. Make sure you save the settings like I’ll do here and now if I go to my site, click on the blog post, you see I have the same site structure as my Weebly site the next thing we want to do is we want to make sure that when people type in our address that they actually see our new WordPress site instead of the Weebly site for these changes we need to go ahead and go back into our Weebly site into the dashboard area so we can make these changes there there’s two ways to do this if you were using a custom domain like my then you’ll want to go into your domains area edit the name servers if you’re using Bluehost like I showed you then you can add these two as the primary and secondary name servers for your site if you are using a Weebly subdomain like this then go to edit sites under settings click on the SEO tab, scroll down to find your header code and then put this information in there make sure you enter this to your actual website name we’ll have a copy of this down in the description area as well make sure you click Save Changes and make sure you hit publish now if I open up a new web browser tab and try to go to my Weebly site you see that it’s redirected to our actual new website. Alright we’ve successfully imported the content from Weebly we’ve tested the migration and now you have a WordPress site the final step that we want to work on is choosing a new theme and with WordPress you can choose a theme and that handles the look and feel of your website so we’ll do that next and that will be our final step. As I said before a theme in WordPress is what gives your site the look and feel and this is the default theme that comes with WordPress right now for 2017 and in fact it’s called the 2017 theme and for my site I like it looks fine but if this doesn’t work for you then I want to show you how you can install a different theme for your site. So you might already be logged in to your site but just in case you can go to your website to /admin that will take you to your admin dashboard where you can log in we actually want to go over to appearance down here and we’ll go to themes and for my installation these are all of the themes that are currently on my website this is the one that’s active and these are available but if you want to add a new one let’s go up here to the add new button and this is actually pulling in all the themes that are available from the WordPress repository and these are free quality themes that you can choose from you can search by a feature, popular, the latest, you can even have your own favorites and you can feature filter for me I’ll take a look at the popular area and scroll through you can take a look at whichever one you want. You can preview it here and it will try and give you an idea of what it will look like I like to look at that so I’m going to click install and you also need to activate it. We get a note that it’s active so let’s right click on this link and open in a new window so you can see it in action and that actually looks pretty good I like the look of that it’s nice and clean it’s really showcasing my blog you can see our contact us page the About Us page here and you can go back to the home site and see the home page again and now you’ve successfully applied a theme to your site. Going back to your dashboard you can keep looking at different themes to apply and try out as many as you want until you find the perfect one just for your site. Alright now you’ve successfully transferred your Weebly to your WordPress site so let’s quickly look at all of the stuff you just did We set up our hosting and got a domain name, we installed WordPress, then we exported and imported the Weebly content, we tested our migration and made any changes that were needed, and we got a new theme for our site so now your site is ready to go and now you can work with WordPress and customize it however you need. If you like this video click on the like button and go ahead and leave us a comment there we’d love to hear from you and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest videos

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