How to promote affiliate links
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How to promote affiliate links

what’s up guys would like to show you in
this video some tips how you can promote your
affiliate links for example I would like to
promote this affiliate link from ClickBank here it is…and I can use such websites like
link shorteners like and any others… personaly I’m using at moment but really what I would like to say is better way if you would like to promote
any affiliate links you should buy your own domain name and use it in order to promote your affiliate links because such links shorteners if they will change
their terms and conditions against for example for this website or for any
other website for example for this one so they will simply may block all your traffic to use their link shortener service and all
your work will be lost so my recommendation simply by domain name and it will not cost big money for you it will cost you only
10 bucks per year but be safe anyway if you need any help with hosting
and domain names you’ll find all my contact details below these video
in this video description and I will help you without any problem so guys when you will have your
own domain name you shoul login to your cpanel to your hosting and you should go
to sub domains. Here you can type any subdomain name with you like too create
for example: “social”. Here you should select domain names so it will be and click create as you can see I have already created it and I’m just
showing these for demonstration purposes so type your subdomain, select your domain name and click Create and go back to your dashboard go to domain redirects permanent, select your domain and
here you should put affiliate link so let’s go back to ClickBank and click “promote” “сreate” here is our affiliate link I will copy it now and will close the window go back to cPanel Click “paste” here you should select redirect with or without “www” it’ll create subdomain and when visitors will visit your subdomain they will be redirected to your affiliate link and
as you can see you can create such sub domians many as you like I’m sure
normal hosting companies will allow you ti create up to 500 sub domains As you can see setup is very easy so let’s make a test: I’m going to my subdomain and it should redirect to my affiliate link (affiliate website) okay so it’s redirected and you can
see ClickBank hop link so it’s redirected to my affiliate link so all is working now you
can promote this your new Link in Twitter, Facebook and you can be sure
that you are safe now ok guys if you like to learn about affiliate
marketing you’ll find all links in this video description and as well you
will find my contact details so I hope you like this video please subscribe to
my channel and if any questions please feel free to contact me! have a nice day, bye!


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