How To Point Your Domain Name DNS Zone File GoDaddy – Spencer Coffman

Hey guys in this video I’m going to show you
how you can point your IP of the domain name within GoDaddy to go towards your hosting
account this is important to do if you have an external hosting account so that means
if you host your domain somewhere other than on GoDaddy which is where you own your domain
you need to point your domain to the IP address of your other hosting account so to do that
you will need to go to your domain manager and click on the domain that you would like
to host elsewhere then go to the DNS zone file as that loads you’ll see here it has
a GoDaddy default just hit edit record then make sure that if in case you don’t have anything
there that there needs to be an @ sign here and then this is where you’ll put your IP
address for your hosting account and you can get this within the control panel of your
hosting or somewhere in your hosting provider login otherwise you may have to contact them
to get it then you will want this ttyl set to custom and change it to 600 seconds they
have all kinds of different things you can choose hours days weeks the best is custom
600 seconds because that way your changes will take effect really soon now once you
hit save you’ll see another thing here that you need to save again do not forget this
it makes it pretty hard it puts a big bar here so you can see it save the changes and
you’ll see it could take 48 hours usually it’s about 15 minutes you can see here minority
has reflected the change however it may not be fully compatible with the change connected
to my hosting however that is it that is how you point your domain to your hosting account
by redirecting it or changing the IP address

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