How To Point Namecheap Domain To Hostgator Hosting
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How To Point Namecheap Domain To Hostgator Hosting

how to point Namecheap domain to
hostgator hosting hey guys bryan with WP Cupid blog and in this video i’m gonna be
going over how to point domain name from Namecheap to hostgator hosting
pointing your namecheap domain to Hostgator only takes a few minutes
Namecheap is one of my favorite domain registers today by having your domain
name registered with namecheap and your hosting with Hostgator your
site will be set up for a success before we start the tutorial if you haven’t
already purchased your namecheap domain I provide a link in the description
below with a promo code to get a discount on your name cheap domain name
purchase if you haven’t already purchased your Hostgator hosting I
provided a link in the description along with an exclusive hostgator promo code
that gets you up to 60% off your hosting purchase just use promo code Cupid 60 at
checkout a little disclosure the link is an affiliate link I’ll receive a
commission which helps support this channel and helps us put out WordPress
tutorial videos on a regular basis let’s get started in pointing your name cheap
domain to Hostgator hosting when you purchase a domain name from a separate
provider than you will be using for your hosting you will need to point your name
servers from the domain registered to the hosting provider the domain register
in this case is namecheap is the web hosting provider is Hostgator once
you’ve purchased your web hosting from Hostgator your account will calm a
specific name servers you want to point those to hostgators nameservers to
Namecheap to find your Hostgator name servers you can find it via the welcome
email they sent you right after you purchase your Hostgator hosting another
way you can find your nameservices to log into your Hostgator cPanel once
logged in find the preferences tab over to the left next scroll down a bit and
over on the far right under general information you will find your Hostgator
nameservers listed next login to your namecheap account and update name
namecheap’s nameservers to hostgators name servers from the Namecheap dashboard and
click on domain list found in the left menu name ship will now list out all the
different domain names you have purchased with them find the namecheap
domain you want to point to Hostgator and click on the manage button found on
the far right you will now be directed to the namecheap domain management page
scroll down to see nameservers you will see custom DNS with an arrow next to it
click the arrow and select custom DNS it will now bring up a namecheap nameservers tab where you will put in your custom nameserver
from hostgator here’s an example make sure you don’t add these name
servers as these may not be your Hostgator nameservers once you didn’t
put your Hostgator nameservers you need to click the green check mark this will
point your domain name to hostgator servers once you point your domain name
from Namecheap to hostgator it can take up to 24 hours for the changes to take
effect so be patient and don’t worry if you see your site showing name cheeps
default page temporarily from what I’ve always experienced your site will
usually start showing within 20 minutes to an hour that’s all there is to it
that is how to point namecheap domain to Hostgator hosting alright guys thanks
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