How to Point a Domain to a Server
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How to Point a Domain to a Server

Hello Youtube! this is Raad here and today i am gonna show how to point your Domain
or website to your Server alright! let’s begin we just go to our server and we need to put the password here at first let’s see our IP address and as you can see here’s the IP address for our Server and if you go to this IP address after Installing Apache server is gonna tell you It works! but if you go to our public IP Address which is number in my case you are gonna see nothing basically because the request is gonna go to your router and your router is going to drop it because there’s no setting to forward this request to your server so what we are gonna do we are just gonna go to the router’s setting and we add new rule to forward any request comes thought your public IP address to your server Alright! just login
then go to forwarding then Add New and the service port is gonna be 80 which is the port for HTTP for websites and the IP address is gonna be your Server IP address and the protocol is gonna be TCP
and click Save Alright!
now if we go to our Public IP Address it’s gonna tell you It Works! now if you want to point your domain to … the Server we just go to your Domain provider and DNS setting just go to “A” setting then Add new one and just put your IP address here your public IP address and click Submit but i am not gonna do that right now because i already did as you can see here now if we go to our domain here it’s gonna tell you “it works” Alright!
Thanks for Watching I am gonna see you next time.


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