How to Move WordPress Hosting With Duplicator Plugin
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How to Move WordPress Hosting With Duplicator Plugin

Hey guys, Harsh here and in this video, I
will be showing you how you can migrate your WordPress site from one server from another.
So instead of doing it manually, this time we are taking help of one very good plugin
and it’s a free plugin called Duplicator and let me show you how this plugin works
and how you can migrate your site. So, in this case I am taking an example of
one site that is hosted on HostGator and I am moving it to Siteground. So the process
should not take more than 10 minutes and let’s go ahead and do the process. So the very first
thing that we will be doing is will be installing the plugin. It’s a free plugin available
on WordPress plugin so you can simply search for the plugin and install and activate it.
So once the plugin is activated, the very first thing that we need to do is to create
a package. So this package file contains the entire required file which you would need
on the new hosting server and your database file. So before we create the package file,
we might like to do a few things. We might like to find tune our WordPress by updating
everything which is not updated, removing all unnecessary plugin and maybe you want
to optimize your database so that the package size is less and it’s easy to migrate. so
I have added a link in the description, you can go through that, that is a good guide
for you to optimize your WordPress data base, so once that is done, click on ‘Create New’
and this is where all the magic will happen. So this should be the name of the file, you
can keep any name that you like, not a problem. the most important thing that you might like
to make changes here is the on the database, in case if you don’t want to take any particular
table from your existing database or want to exclude certain file or directory, you
can enable this filter and exclude it from here. so well we are not doing that, so we
will simply click on next and this will scan your WordPress site and will show you report
like is it ready to be migrated or not? So far everything looks good, my file size is
62mb and my database is 2.84mb so it’s not much. Click on ‘Build’ and that’s it. It
will start building the archive file and the installer file. These are the two files that
we need on the new server to migrate our site and the whole process is quite easy. The best
thing is that you don’t need to install WordPress on your new server, just with the
help of this package file and the installer file, everything will be done. So the next
thing is to download this installer file and the archive file which will take few seconds.
So while its downloading these two files let me also show you need to do on your new hosting.
So, in this case, I am migrating, just changing the web hosting server and keeping the same
domain name. So one and the most important thing that I need to do here is, I need to
add ad-on domain, so my new domain name is let’s say. So here are the few things that
you need to do on your existing new web server. You need to add a new ad-on domain; you need
to add your domain as a new domain or the main domain, whatever applies in your case.
Second, you need to create a database manual, you need to create a database, you need to
create a user and associate that user with all the privilege to that database. Well,
the process is quite easy. I have added a link in the description which shows how to
do that with the Cpanel hosting and most of the web hosting is especially Sharehosting
or cPanel hosting, so it won’t be of any problem. when you are doing that, just keep
in mind that you might like to note down the database username, database name and database
password because that is something which you will needing while doing the transfer. so
now you can see the file has been downloaded, now the next thing I will be doing, I will
be making the changes in my host file so that I can do need to do on my new server and my
existing user won’t be affected. So once I am done migrating the site, I can simply
go and change the new server and the whole world can see the new site. So this is where
I will be making changes, I will be adding my new server ip over here and so there is
different process for Windows and Mac systems, I have added links in the description for
both the operating systems; you might like to make changes according to your wish. so
once that is done, next step is to upload both zip files and installer file on my new
server, so what I will be doing, I will be using FileZilla, so as you can see, the file
is being uploaded, it would take few minutes for file to be uploaded. So once that is done,
we will go ahead and do the rest of the stuff which is again very easy.
Now once your file has been uploaded, the very first thing that you would like to do
on your new web server, you can start browsing the site based on ip. So this is my site on
the ip, now I click on my website on which I want to migrate, I click on installer.php,
this is every magic will happen and from here, everything is quite easy. The most important
thing is that you need to add your new MySQL database username, password and then test
the connection. This is quite easy step. Once that is done, you need to select this and
click on Run Deployment. So click on ‘Next’ and you will see a screen like this. This
may take a few seconds for these changes to take effect and few changes that I would be
making. One of them is; since the changes is not being happening on the live site, so
I might like to change the URL setting to it was using the temporary
address that is one thing and similarly, I will change the site URL here, that’s it
and click on Run Update and this will do all the magic. My new website will be migrated
just after this. So you can see there’s no error and now
my existing WordPress site is migrated to the new web server. So you might like to go
ahead and check if everything is migrated properly or not. Once you are satisfied, go
ahead and change your domain name server. So let me quickly go ahead and check my site.
So pretty much that’s it, my site is migrated, now I just need to go ahead and change the
name server. Well, that was the tutorial for WP Duplicator plugin. You can use the same
plugin to migrate your live site to local server, deploy your local server to the live
server. Overall, as a free plugin, this is an awesome plugin which you would love to
try. Pretty much that’s it, if you have any question
regarding this plugin or have any query, feel free to ask me via comments.


  • Ravinder Bhutani

    Hi Harsh,

    I'm trying to shift host. Shifted my files on new host. But after repeated attempts to link database, I've failed with all online stuff I found. It always give error "Error establishing a database connection"

    Multiple times I have taken backup of database file. uploaded in myphp admin, did mysqldatabase – user name, db name & password. Updated details in wp-config.php file error is always same.

    I have tried back up with plugins & wp export method both. Can you please help me link

  • Sagar Patil

    i would like share two errors and there solution so if any other got same errors they can solve too. errors accrue while migration using duplicator.
    1. Requirements Fail at MySQLi Support "duplicator not pass MySQLi Support"
    2. PHP ZipArchive not found or not installed.

    errors accrue because server does not have MySQLi package and PHP ZipArchive,   to solve ask hosting provides to install both modules.or if you have WHM hosting then follow steps,
    1. Search for EasyApache click on "customize profile" on default profile
    2. Apache Version click next (don't change anything)
    3. PHP Version click next (don't change) then
    4. click on  "Exhaustive Options List"
    5. find MySQL "Improved" extension" and "zip" and tick it
    6. click on "save and build", wait for process complete.
    done you can complete Duplicator's process or migration.
    Thank You Harsh for your support.

  • Max Media Solutions

    Im pretty sure you encountered this same error as you skipped on this video. You should have showed us how to resolve this database error. Anyway, I resolved the issue just by deleting the wp-config.php

  • Michael Bomar

    I get this error when I try duplicator Server Status: 500 -Internal Server Error the host restricted access du to high cpu usage

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