How to move website to new server
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How to move website to new server

Tutorial shows you, how to make a copy of the existing website and move your site to new server For an example I will move this simple website to other server First of all, go in your server root folder, and make a copy of your website Then, go to MySQL server and make a backup of your database Find your database and open it Click Export, to make a backup Save it in your backup folder So, we got backup of website files and database Ok, now let’s, move it to other server Install your new server, where you want to move your website Open root directory folder, and move your website there On this example, error comings up, because I didn’t move a website database Database, is most important thing for your website If you edit something or you make the changes in your website all saved in your database Ok, connect to MySQL and upload your website database Create a new database with the same name, which you have New database has been created. Select it and import your database there Database has been moved, let’s test it Same error, because my old database had a password Ok, let’s change it Go in your website folder and open wp-config.php file Database name is ok Database user is ok Database password is set, but my new database hasn’t a password. So let’s delete it That’s all, I successfully moved website to new server

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