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How to Move Domain Names to another Customer | ResellerClub

Today we are going to talk about how to go ahead and
move and bulk move domain names. This is the process where you can move
one or multiple orders along with its related products and services of one
customer control panel to another panel. So let’s go ahead and see how to move
the domain names. So once you’re logged into the Control
Panel, you can click on Products>List all Orders and you’ll be seeing the list of
domain names that are registered under your account. Every time you click on a
domain name you will be seeing the overview page of a domain name which
will also tell you under which customer account is this domain name registered.
So as you see over here this domain name is registered under the account- [email protected] . Now in case if I want to move this domain name to a
different control panel I need to first check the customers that are registered
under me .If I click on Customers and>List, it takes me to a panel where I can
see the list of customers registered under my account.
Right now the domains that we just saw was registered under this account. What
I’m going to do today is I’m going to move the domain names from this control
panel to the one that you see above. So let’s go ahead and see the process of
how to move the domain name by clicking on List all orders and you click on the
domain name. Now on the top you will see an option that says move services. When
you click on this option move services, it takes you to a panel where it’ll ask
you for the new customer ID as well as the user name. This is where you need to add the ID and this is where you enter the user name. So in order to get the
username and the ID you can click on customers>list , get the list of customers,
copy the customer ID, the username, and it gives you an option that says use
the existing contact of the domain name. That means whatever the current contact
registration was done that will be saved. Now you click on move services to
another customer, it should go ahead and ask you for a confirmation. If you click
on confirm and move the domain will be moved to the new customer account and
you’ll see a message that says- Your move service request has been placed and will
be processed shortly. Now if I go back to the domain name and check the overview
panel, I’ll be seeing that the customer account that was there has been changed.
You can see over here the customer account ID has been changed and the
email address is also changed. Now the domain has been successfully moved to a
new customer account. Now let’s go ahead and see the same process when we have to
move the domain names in bulk. Click on products>bulk tools>bulk move
services, you’ll see an option that says how to move the domain name in bulk. So
here you have an option of entering thousand domain names on separate lines,
to move thousand domain names at a go or else you can also add it using the
order ID. So let’s go ahead and try moving a domain name using the domain
names. Right now if you see I have entered a list of three domain names
that are registered under the same customer account. It’ll ask me for an old
customer ID and the old customer username. Now this is going to be the
existing customer ID under which the domain name was registered. What you need to do over here is you
need to add the new customer ID that is basically the one who’s going to receive
the domain name into their control panel. So you copy the new customer ID and it’s
user name and you will see that its showing an option that says use existing
contact for the domain name. Now if I click on bulk move services all the
domain names that I’ve mentioned over here will be moved from the existing
customer account to the new customer account that you see over here. It gives
me an option of bulk move services and it says your bulk action has been
successfully started. This would take some time depending upon the number of
domain names that you have added and later you would be able to check that
all the domain names have been moved to the new customer account. Hope this was helpful. Incase you have any queries you can reach out to us using the details given in the description box below. For more such videos, subscribe to our Youtube channel and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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