How to Motivate Employees (House Cleaners & Maids)
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How to Motivate Employees (House Cleaners & Maids)

How do you motivate and incentivize your employees
to get out of bed and go clean houses on days where they’re just feeling miserable and down,
and they’re having a bad day, and they don’t want to show up to the customer’s house? As a manager or a boss, it’s your job to motivate
them to get up and go clean houses. How do you do that? We’re going to talk about that today. Hi there. I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House
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motivate and incentivize your employees. On to today’s show, how do you motivate those
employees? What we did is, we turned to a million-dollar
maid owner, Go 2 Girls, CEO, and president, Crystal Hamm. She is from the North Carolina area, and she
has over 35 employees, and every day, it is her job to get up and to inspire everyone,
and make them want to go to work. She’s done a phenomenal job at it. She’s a natural mentor, a natural coach, and
she’s going to share with us today tips and ways on how to motivate and incentivize your
employees. Please help me welcome Crystal Hamm. Crystal Hamm: At this point, we have about
35 employees, and I think the key to our success in our team is really having a positive environment,
a positive culture, and so we really focus on that not only on a weekly basis but a daily
basis. Angela Brown: And so, what does that look
like? Do you have meetings at the top of every day
where everybody gets together, and you read out of a book and give them a motivational
quote, or what is that? Crystal Hamm: We have a Facebook page that’s
dedicated just for our employees, and so there’s always positive inspirational posts on there. The employees can post, as well. We celebrate birthdays, milestones, such as
anniversaries. We are running contests. One of our most recent was “create a bed challenge”,
and so the girls post pictures of setting up children’s beds, just fun things like that. That would be what we do on a daily basis. As far as weekly, we have a weekly call every
Wednesday with our entire team. We do that through not only Facebook live,
but we do that through UberConference, and both of those are recorded, and we celebrate
Above and Beyond, which is our theme for the year, recognitions, things like that. Angela Brown: Is it a group environment where
everybody feels like “oh, this is a motivational moment where I get to participate”, and maybe
they share good stories or best things that happened during the week? Crystal Hamm: Absolutely. They are on their phones. It’s not interactive. We record it on Facebook just so there’s replays,
but we start every single call with what they have done for Above and Beyond, and so that’s
our theme for the entire theme. And so, we ask the girls to participate and
share their best practices, and so we typically have two to three girls every week that share
some things that they’ve done, and I’m so proud of them. Just most recently, they actually started
recognizing each other for the things that they did to go Above and Beyond, so very proud
of them for doing that. Angela Brown: Is this something that starts
out from day one when you’re hired, or is this something that you work your way up to
so that you qualify to be part of the Above and Beyond program? Crystal Hamm: It’s day one. I think for us, it starts from the time that
you read our job posting to the interview process, working one-on-one with your training
manager. From us, the culture starts day one. Angela Brown: I think culture is the keyword. Do you create a culture that you recognize
when you’re hiring somebody, this person would fit into our culture, or this may not be a
good fit? Crystal Hamm: We really get a sense, I think,
during the interview process for if someone truly loves to clean, and it’s more about
their attitude of being a part of something, to truly make a difference. Part of that interview process for us is asking
them, do they want to make a difference? Do they want to clean houses? Because when you join our company, it’s truly
about making a difference, and we explain that, that we clean for the elderly. We clean for women with cancer, and so they
feel as though they’re part of something bigger than themselves. Angela Brown: That’s lovely, but as you know,
many house cleaners have PMS. I wish that wasn’t the case. There are days that we all just feel bad or
we got a migraine headache. Crystal Hamm: Of course. Angela Brown: What do you do to keep your
people motivated on days where they just are not on their A game? Crystal Hamm: I think knowing that they have
a support system, I have amazing office staff that… We all have those moments, men and women,
alike, and they just need to feel that support. We are that for them. We take their phone calls and listen to them
when the house is just really disgusting. They need us to walk them through that “you can do this.” I think really having an open door policy… My door is always open. The girls know they can come in and speak
with me, whether it be about the job or even personal issues, sometimes. I think that’s really important for them to
know that they’re part of a very supportive team, almost a family. Angela Brown: Do you have bonuses or incentives
that you offer your employees that they can look towards or build towards that is maybe
something that, oh, hey, I accomplished this. Check this out. I got a prize. Crystal Hamm: Yes, absolutely. We do reward our employees for every five
star that they receive, and that is all year-round. Every May, we always have a special. For every five star, they get $25. That’s really nice. We typically get a lot of five stars in May. I have the Starbucks app on my phone, and
so it’s connected to my business checking account. When girls are doing things that are truly
above and beyond, it’s nothing for me to send out a couple of Starbucks gift cards during
the day. Maybe if someone is going over on a deep clean
or a move out clean and they need an extra hand, and that person goes to support them. I am giving out Amazon cards, Starbucks cards,
on a regular basis, really just to say, “Thank you, and I appreciate and I notice what you’re
doing for us.” It’s the little things that make a difference. Angela Brown: Well, speaking of the little
things, how do you do appreciation? Do you write notes, or do you just take them
aside and say, “Hey, I noticed you went above and beyond, and did something fantastic today.” How do you kind of give them a pat on the
back? Crystal Hamm: Yeah. We do a combination of things. On our Wednesday call, all of our girls get
recognized for the wonderful things because I want our entire team to know that they’re
doing a wonderful job. They’ll get notes from me. They’ll get phone calls from me, just letting
me know that they’ve done a great job. We recognize them for perfect attendance for
the month, perfect attendance for the year. That’s really important and crucial for our
industry. So, it’s just a wide variety of things, making
sure that when the girls come into the office, that everything else goes away for me and
I focus on them, and give them my one-on-one attention, and let them know that they’re
really doing a great job. Or, sometimes they need feedback to improve,
so I think that’s important, too. Everyone wants to know they’re doing a great
job. Angela Brown: You just brought something up
about feedback. Crystal Hamm: Yeah. Angela Brown: You said it in such a nice way,
that I sense that you are very nice with your feedback, but if there are moments where you
have to kind of give a little swift kick in the butt, how do you do that in a loving way? Crystal Hamm: I do it in my sweet Southern
way, I guess. My customer service manager hired her and
was training her, and I had to actually terminate an employee. At the end of that, she said, “I’ve never
seen someone fired, terminated, with such love and such grace.” I think for me, I just put myself in their
shoes, and I’m always really respectful, and sometimes we’re just not the best fit for
each other, and I let them know that. I really want them to be happy and find what’s
best for them, and we’re just not it. I think there’s always a kind way to give
feedback and keep it really respectful. Angela Brown: Well, those are some very helpful
hints. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Crystal Hamm: My pleasure. Angela Brown: Is there anything else you would
like to leave with our audience before we say goodbye? Crystal Hamm: Yeah. I think that having a positive attitude, a
positive culture, I think that is really key to having employees that want to stay with
your company, knowing that they have a support system, that you always have their back. I think that that’s very important. All of the things matter, but I think starting
with a positive, and you are that example in how you start your day and how you help
them to start their day, I think that’s really the key. Angela Brown: I know that you’re in the North
Carolina area. People listening to this call are going to
say, “We want this maid service to come clean our home.” How do people get in touch with you? Crystal Hamm: My company is called Go 2 Girls. It’s Angela Brown: I’m going to leave links in
the show notes, just in case anybody is in their car and they forgot that for whatever
reason, because I want them to be able to get in touch with you because you are, in
fact, a company of love, and it speaks volumes for your success. That was Crystal Hamm. Isn’t she amazing? I tell you what, natural mentor, natural coach. This girl has got it going on, I’m telling
you. All right. If you found this helpful, please pass it
on to a friend. Don’t forget to check the show notes where
I’m going to leave links to a bunch of resources that are available to you as a business manager. If we’ve earned your subscription, please
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place than when you found it.


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