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How To Migrate Your WordPress Site to ResellerClub Hosting | ResellerClub

Hi, today we’re going to talk about How to
Migrate your WordPress site to our WordPress hosting package. There are tons of free and paid plugins under the WordPress repo and today we will talk
about one of them- Duplicator. Duplicator gives their WordPress users an ability
to go ahead and migrate, move, copy or clone a site from one location to the
other. It also serves as a simple backup utility. Standard WordPress migration and
WordPress backup are easily handled by this plugin with zero downtime. So let’s
go ahead and watch the video to understand how to migrate your website
from one server to the other. So before we start with the video let’s
understand how duplicator works. The WordPress duplicator plugin creates an
installation and an archive file of your existing wordpress files and database.
You then have to move these files to the new server. The duplicator installer file
on the destination will quickly unpack and install everything. So in order to go
ahead with this process first let’s log into the WordPress dashboard, install and
activate the WordPress duplicator plugin. Once you’re logged into the admin panel,
on the left hand side you see an option called as Plugin. Click on add new and
now search for the plugin. Click on install now and then activate. This
activates the duplicator plugin on your WordPress dashboard and you will see the duplicator plugin on the left bottom corner. Now you need to click on
duplicator, click on packages and then you will see an option on the right
corner that says – create new. This creates a new package which contains all the
essential files that needs to be moved to the new server. Here you need to enter
the name of the package and then click on next and the duplicator plugin will
scan your WordPress site. Incase you see any error messages
you need to fix it and then click on rescan to let the duplicator plugin scan
your site again. Please note that the size check notice will be triggered
at 150 MB and can be ignored on most of the hosts. We highly recommend you to
check and remove all the backup files or any unwanted files to reduce the disk
space of your existing WordPress hosting account, so that before proceeding with
the migration you do not have any issues. Once the unwanted files are removed from your account, please click on build and the duplicator plugin will start
creating a package which contains the installer file and the archive file.
Depending on the size of your WordPress site, it may take few seconds or minutes.
The files that you see on the screen i.e the installer and the archive
files are the two important files that need to be moved to the new WordPress
hosting package. You can download them to your local system by just clicking on
them and it gets downloaded to your local system. So now we have successfully taken a
backup of your wordpress website from your existing wordpress hosting provider.
Now in order to complete the migration, we need to complete the installation of
WordPress on the new server. So let’s go ahead and see how do you go ahead and
install WordPress on the new WordPress hosting package that you have with us.
Once you complete your purchase with ResellerClub, you will see a wordpress
hosting USA package in your control panel. You need to click on manage service and
this will redirect you to the WordPress dashboard. On this dashboard you need to click on install WordPress and it’ll ask you for the WordPress URL, the title and the email address and
click on add site. This will complete the installation process of WordPress on
your new hosting package. Once the installation is completed you will see
the options like DNS, WordPress Admin, Email and when you click on more you
have options like FTP. Now on the new WordPress hosting package you need to
click on manage FTP and create a new FTP account for yourself, and click on add FTP account. Please save
the FTP username, IP address and the password details somewhere securely.
Now we need to go ahead and access the FTP account on the newly created server
and download the WP – config.php file to our local system. In order to
access the server, you can use any of the FTP clients of your choice. Right now I’m
going to use the FTP client that is FileZilla to go ahead and log in to the
new server. In order to connect via FileZilla, you need to have the hostname,
username, password and port number. You will get these details from your control
panel. The username, the server IP address is your hostname. You need to enter the
password that you have added while creating the new account and the port
number is 21. Click on quick connect and your FileZilla client will be able to
connect with your server. Once the connection is successful you
will be seeing a list of files that were present on your new wordpress hosting
package. This is the file that needs to be copied to your local system. As you
see, the transfer has been finished, that means the web.config file has been
copied to my local system. Now, open the WP config file in your
favourite editor and note down the following My SQL settings for your
WordPress hosting account. You will be requiring the DB name, DB username, DB
password and DB host. All these details are mentioned on the screen as you see.
Please note that this is very important going forward because we require the
database details provided in the file to complete the migration process. Once you
have the details copied to your local system, you can now go ahead and delete
all the existing WordPress files on your new WordPress hosting package using the
same FTP credentials. Once the files from the new hosting
package are deleted, you need to now go ahead and upload the installer.php
and the archive file which we had downloaded on step one to your newly
created FTP account on WordPress hosting. You can either give the path from where
you can upload the files or just go ahead and drag and drop them into the
FileZilla client, so that they can be uploaded to your new web hosting server. Once the upload is complete you need to
now temporarily map your domain name to the new IP address of your hosting
package. In order to do that you can either modify the host file of your
computer or else use a virtual host extension that is provided by the Google
Chrome browser. This is what the extension that is virtual host on a
Google Chrome browser would look like. Here you need to mention the domain name
and the IP address to which you want the domain name to point to. You can find the
IP address of a new hosting package by clicking on the DNS option. You just need
to copy the IP address and add it to the virtual host extension that was
installed on the Google Chrome browser. Once you have set the virtual host, you
need to now resolve the domain name on the browser with the installer.php
extension and this will open up the installer file. You need to just go ahead
and accept the terms and requirements and click on next. Here you need to enter
the details of the WP config that was copied in the previous step. Once the details are added you can click
on next and then click on yes. This will complete the installation process and
the entire website will be copied to the new hosting package. Now you can access
the site on the new WordPress hosting server by calling the domain name on the
browser, as long as the host file or the virtual host has the IP address mapped
to the domain name. You can try resolving the website once on the
browser to check if you are able to see your existing hosting package. If
your website is resolving seamlessly fine you can now point your domain name
to the WordPress hosting package by modifying the current DNS zone of that
domain name. Hope this was helpful. If you have any queries reach out to us using the details mentioned in the
description box below. For more such videos subscribe to our YouTube channel
and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


  • Md. Parvez Hossain

    Is there any process, if I want to make my domain-hosting company website with WordPress and want to use automation feature without WHMCS like the ResellerClub Storefront provide all the features itself?

    Let me explain,
    I want to make my website with WordPress and customer will able to place an order from the site and it'll place an order to my ResellerClub Reseller admin account and from there I'll activate the account manually or all the process will complete it's own without WHMCS license. The main reason is that I want to integrate the ResellerClub Storefront automation features into my WordPress site so that I don't need pay for any paid billing license. So that customer can show there domain hosting or other products in my WordPress site and able to place an order or pay for the products they purchase from there control panel.

    Is it possible?

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