How To Manage All Your Websites In 1 Dashboard  FREE – MainWP Tutorial
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How To Manage All Your Websites In 1 Dashboard FREE – MainWP Tutorial


  • Karam Sihra

    Hi, great video, love your work. Great asset to the WordPress world. I'm just wondering at this current time in 2018 moving into 2019. Do you still use MainWP or have you started using something else? I am stuck between deciding on MainWP or InfinteWP. I really love that InfiniteWP is it's own CMS and not WordPress, and their client reporting seems beautiful compared to MainWP client reports.

    But MainWP offers some great Pros. Lifetime one-off purchase. Ability to apply plugin settings to multiple websites so you don't need to configure each one multiple times via the keymaker addon you mention (I don't think InfiniteWP can do this)?

    Great to hear where you're at coming into 2019 and if you still believe MainWP is the best option. Of course, I know it comes down to preferences and it's subjective to each users requirements.

    Thanks again.

  • nomads design

    Hi! Sometimes while i watch your videos only one thought comes up my mind: "Amazing!"
    I did install MainWP and i want to use it for some sites that i'm creating. In this video you said in the beginning that you would explain the configuration of the "clean & lock" feature.
    Are you going to do this, or do you have already? I think i would like to see some short settings overview from the free features that come with MainWP. I know this video is a little bit older, but i'm new to this and i think your videos have really good content and you explain things very well. Altough my native language is not english, i have no problems to understand what you are showing in the videos. Thank you

  • Frits

    Yeah, great…. ManageWP works like a charm. MainWP gives "invalid request" on adding the first website… Can't find what i'm doing wrong. Staying whit ManageWP for now..

  • Mike Manusama

    What are we supposed to do with the frontend of the "dashboard" website? Right now my dashboard[dot]url[dot]com is showing as a generic wordpress page that I don't want anybody seeing

  • Sham Sham

    Do you know any way to make this work for Elementor pages Adam? Have a big 90 site project and we have a bunch of elementor built pages we keep needing to manually update, it's a huge headache. If I could set them up with dynamic content and apply it to all the pages that would be way easier.

  • Tatah Chi

    Hi Adam, thank you for the video. You mention something about hiding the mainwp installation (subdomain). However, I don't think you showed us how. I will appreciate it if you showed us how to do this. Thanks


    Hi, very informative. Can anyone clarify if you need to ad the standalone site to mainwp or is that redundant?

  • Mark M

    Keys to all your houses, I prefer to run it locally. Can we use mainwp + local by flywheel??

    You dont use Wordfence, why?

  • Google Expert

    Hi ! I have over 30 websites for Tourism Agency and now i want to convert all of these in WordPress. But they are now online with old and another CMS, how to work offline with these and then to upload all new websites online ? Thank you

  • Linda Sue Buehler

    I changed my wp-admin and wp-login url names yesterday after weeks of alerts for brute force efforts. I hardened a lot of other things, as well, but MainWP can't connect with my website if the login url has been renamed, right?

  • Keith Pottle

    Good afternoon Adam. I have 1 site set up already. By using these plugins will i still have to add the other plugins or will they be added thanks just found your channel

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