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(playful music) – Hi, I’m Elsie. I’m a mom, a host, and
one-half of A Beautiful Mess, a lifestyle brand that does a whole lot. Welcome to my home in
Nashville, Tennessee. (playful music) Over the years we’ve created
hundreds of DIY projects for families looking for a splash of fun. We’ve done everything from crib remodels to playhouses, to bedrooms, and more. If you can prep your
home for the little ones, you can widen your audience
and increase your bookings. Here are my favorite
tips to help you outfit your home to be family
friendly for kids of all ages. (playful music) Add items to your home specifically
for children and babies. We include a pack-n-play, a toy closet, a high chair, books, stuffed
animals, and art supplies. We have this cute stuffed
deer that everyone loves. He is really cute. (playful music) Safety is important to parents. Here are a few small considerations that will go a long way. Create a space that feels cozy but avoids having too much clutter. Watch out for glass coffee
tables, big vases on the ground, glass knick knacks, and avoid furniture with sharp metal edges, obviously. (playful music) Any time there’s an extra
good coffee situation, that means so much to me as a tired mom. If you can, upgrade your
standard drip coffee machine to something a little more extra because we can all appreciate
that extra pep in our step. (playful music) Visiting a new city with
kids is a daunting task. To make it easier, add some kid friendly call outs to your guide. We created an artful
takeaway map of Nashville that includes family friendly and age appropriate
attractions for our guests. Think restaurants, museums,
children’s theaters, outdoor parks, and playgrounds
you can enjoy together. Once you’ve made your home extra kid and family friendly,
be sure to call it out directly in your listing. Also style some of your listing photos with these details to make it extra clear that your home is a
happy place for families. Parents will love you for taking these extra steps to make your home more accommodating for them. I hope these tips help
send even more bookings and babies your way. I’m Elsie of A Beautiful Mess and I’m a host in Nashville, Tennessee. Happy hosting. (playful music)

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