How to Make Money Online : Making Money With a Web Server
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How to Make Money Online : Making Money With a Web Server

Hello, my name is Luis Estrada, and I am a
software developer. In this video, we will talk about making money with a web server.
In the previous videos, we discussed ways that you could make money from your websites
which are hosted for free. Another option is to rent space for your website on a web
server. There are a lot of advantages of using your own web server. Some of them include
the ability to customize your website’s functionalities to accommodate your own business processes.
There are many innovative web companies that use a business model that is much different
from traditional websites. They need their own web server to customize their users’ needs.
For example, a lot of companies sell support online. An average blog or forum would not
provide enough capabilities to communicate with its customers. They would need a customized
web site that allows the creation of support tickets from customers. Each customer could
pay for a certain amount of support on the site. For example, a customer could choose
between three different support packages. The cheapest one would allow the customer
to submit maybe one or two support tickets per month. Another package would allow customers
to submit maybe ten support requests per month, and a premium package could provide an unlimited
amount of support to a certain client. The website should be able to sell and manage
each one of these packages. It should provide company employees the ability to quickly answer
to a support ticket and provide custom feedback to the clients. To create a website with such
characteristics, you would need to rent space in a web server with the following software
installed: a web server application that would translate programming code into HTML, a programming
language that would allow the creation of the dynamic web pages, a database management
system that would record your users’ activities and preferences on the site. The next choice
to make is whether to rent space in a shared or dedicated web server. Monthly fees for
a shared server are as little as five dollars, while dedicated servers could cost from 80
to a couple hundred dollars depending on hardware configuration. The most important criteria
for choosing any of the options is the amount of users of your website. If you plan to have
just a few dozen customers, then a shared server might be ideal for you. However, as
your user base grows to a few hundred or a few thousand, a dedicated server would be
a much better choice for you because you would need bigger hard disk drives, more processing
power, and more bandwidth available. I’m Luis Estrada, and I’ve just showed you how to make
money within your websites.


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