How To Make Money Online By Creating Websites Without Doing Most of the Job
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How To Make Money Online By Creating Websites Without Doing Most of the Job

hello everybody this is a marvel hello
today I want to show you how you can make money by creating easy website
really is the websites okay and actually a stay until the end of the video I will
show you how you can make this much much faster okay so you have to increase the
revenue of these kind of business okay hey welcome back guys so how can you
make money by set by creating websites okay first and foremost let me tell you
only a piece of information okay like 30% of the websites that are on the
Internet the visual Internet okay are made all
WordPress okay so if you know these this platform how to use it WordPress and
this is a website builder km block builder much more or less if you know
how to create websites with these with this software okay this club software
you will have a ton of customers looking for your services okay and why our
WordPress is such extended is because is usually free to use and half out of
plugins or you can customize your your website for any customers that you may
have any necessity that this customer may mean but how can you make money by
selling these websites without where you define these customers just easy just go
to fiber calm okay unpause your gig for this I website okay I will show you an
example right here in my screen this is a search that are made with web design
okay it is something that someone that wants their website to to be designed we
will be looking for a gig web design and these are the results okay you see the
prices there are some really cheap prices but don’t look at us for this
price this these needs are most most scam or or data actually design the web
okay take a look at the hundreds okay these are a more usual price for design
our website but the thing is that for example this one okay 110 this link
right here for 110 donors or he will design a one-page website just a landing
page of a website this in WordPress guys a tutorial in YouTube okay that
– how to make these in just half an hour or around that okay so this is a
no-brainer at or under the all things that you need in order to create this
landing page okay will be given by your customer okay you will need with the the
copy detects for the website the the pictures or information and and you will
just post it on a landing page with a cool background in in that page remember
you need to make this responsive which is not not hard okay with WordPress but
that’s all these things and you will need to okay like half hour maybe one
hour of work then maybe a couple of research okay if your customer is you
know is not that happy but that’s all that you need pay for for creating that
one-page website but the thing is that today most of websites have at least
three or five pages on the Webster day and this far three three pages which is
the landing page and also the privacy and the terms okay this has mandatory
today and I will add maybe the contact details or another page and about us on
on another page okay so these five pages for any website that you can design on
for five pages this guy this guy is charging let me see two hundred forty
five dollars okay and saying most of this job is already done okay just need
to copy and paste tutorial see if you you want to make this on finally subdue
to us on YouTube okay or copy and paste the templates that you already have okay
as we if you messed a little bit in a thing which is called VB okay the Reaper
since 4.0 4.0 this is a drag-and-drop builder for
WordPress and it’s a children report okay but because it is about two hundred
dollars country that is very powerful and you will save you a
lot of time this is not my same my my time-saving tip for you okay so stay
with me Ramon because I’m going to save you a
ton of time and to actually give you something mother forum to offer to your
customer okay and if you create more extend meet me more professional website
you will be turning around for about $400 pay for a ten pages website or if
you include an e-commerce authority in this case he’s using WooCommerce which
is the plug-in for building and e-commerce on WordPress and then the
only thing that needs you to create an e-commerce on WordPress WordPress is
installed this plane okay no more another ten products you can charge $400
if you want to more to make something better okay more standing many more
products you can go up to one thousand dollars for one single gig okay and you
will tell you that much time you will use more time on the revisions okay to
refine what your customer wants done in actually creating the the page itself
okay but as you’re here you can make ton of
money by creating website okay this is something that most people don’t know
how to but most people meet okay and you can
target personal just personal website okay for for artists for musicians that
needs a website to expose the jobs okay there there the art or maybe even for
wedding for weddings okay so forth so someone can post the pictures of their
weddings in a website for for sharing with other people or maybe for small
business okay focus on that because those are the big customers that
actually need a website but most of them don’t have but they need it okay so how
can you make these faster okay and and I’m matter for your
customer in my experience I have test I have used workers for a long time and it
takes some time to learn how to use WordPress okay what plugins to use what
what you use and I broke my site several times making these so when you are
working with a customer okay maybe you need something more solid more
professional faster okay to to build and to perform okay because also WordPress
have these these plugins themes okay that increase the loading time every
single time and you will find that you want to make something cool okay for
your customer the page will be really bad optimized screen with really hard to
optimize one those pages and if you have a quick loading time your customer will
be losing a ton of traffic radius from that so how can you make it is much
better for you okay faster for you and actually better for your customer cake I
went upon you to the detail marketing toolkit that I use okay which is Tamlyn
description you will find this toolkit on the link that is seven days remain
calm through that link you will get access to try of the cave a trial for
for these as a sound is a cloud-based software and in that software you have
web builder the rock and rock what builder something really powerful you
just need to have turn options and you just need to drag and drop whatever you
need to the screen okay the holes are responsive website builder which is a
state-of-the-art technology okay guys and also you have a ton of templates the
hundreds of templates that you can use just click OK and you will have the
website already built for you ok yes move some things at
thanks for that to your customer and you will have the website built for you in
just a few clicks okay that the digital my Kentucky I repeat is tumbler in
description okay in seven days Omar Valley Road calm it’s totally free to
use for those seven days okay you need to even give a credit card just go there
and create an account and check if this is suitable for you or not or if you
want to know what you want to work with WordPress and weighs a ton of time by
learning this and also ways the time of your customers okay so this just are a
way of how you can build a business around creating website okay
but also if you want to know how the business profit or business online okay
just like I do okay I will come in to go to the link down below description which
is through that link that’s actually my website I will
explain you everything that you need to know to create a profitable online
business okay I hope you can value from this video guys if you did remember to
santa leave some comments and so not in the comment section and of course
subscribe to my channel extremist guys see you on my next video

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