How To Make Money Hosting Events
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How To Make Money Hosting Events

How would you like to make money hosting
events? In this video, I’m gonna teach you how you can make money by putting on
events whether it’s your main gig or just a side hustle. Gathering people
together to have a unique and special experience is a gift. If you know how to
do this, if you know how to enroll people and gather people together, then this is
something that you can turn into a business. It’s something that’s… There’s
so many ways to make money at it. And so many people companies and businesses
would be willing to pay you to access this audience that you’re pulling
together. So, I’m going to share with you some of the ways that you can monetize
your events in ways that are energy rich and fun and add value to the world. So,
first and foremost, who is this for? Well, if you’re someone who loves to bring
people together, if you’re someone that people generally just gather around. If
you naturally are the life of the party or the organizer of the party, then this
could be for you. So, I want to focus in on 3 ways that you can monetize
events. Now, there are probably a lot more than this. But these are the three main
categories that I’ve come across and used successfully. The first category is
obviously ticket sales. You can make money just by having people pay to
attend your events. And this is often where people kind of stop. They look at,
“Alright, well I’ll just make money on ticket sales and and that’s it.” But there
are so many other ways to make money. bBut specifically with ticket sales, I do want
to acknowledge that with in ticket sales, one of the best things you can do is
segment your tip to get prices so that you have different levels of tickets. Now,
if you’ve ever been to a concert, you know that ticket prices are based on how
close you are to the stage. You can do the same thing with any kind of event.
You can have ticket prices that are VIP that include a meet and greet experience
with you or with your speakers. You can also have ticket prices that include
special seating or the closer to the stage seating. So, there are all sorts of
different ways to make this the ticket prices get the most money out of them by
differentiating different tickets and make
sure that you have different levels for all types of people. Another way that you
can make money at events is by selling sponsorships and exhibitor tables. Now,
you can charge upfront for sponsorships or you can even let people sponsor for a
reduced fee or no fee and then take a cut of whatever they sell at the event.
So, sponsorships are going to require for you to know a lot about your audience.
And make some promises about how many people will be there and what kinds of
people. Corporations will pay big bucks to sponsor an event that’s full of the
people they want to attract. I will sponsor event. So, I even sponsor some of
my clients event. So, if they’re attracting the kind of people that I
want to serve, I don’t pay them money so that I can have a table at the event or
I can get up on the stage at the event or give a commercial at the event or run
a video at the event. So, there are all sorts of ways to monetize sponsorships.
And one of the things that you’ll need to focus on if this is what you want to
do is creating a sponsorship deck. A sponsorship deck or pitch deck is what
lays out the sponsorship opportunity for your clients. And then you want to get
that deck out to people or companies who are targeting your ideal audience
members. And again, you’ll need to be able to say to them, “Hey, this is who we’re
bringing. This is how many of these people were bringing and this is what
we’re committed to.” So, sponsorship kind of raises the bar on your event and
raises the risk level to some degree. Because when you’re doing an event for
yourself. You’re not beholding to these numbers for yourself. Like you can say,
“Hey, I’m going to get 50 people at this event. And if you get 30, no big deal.” But
if you have a sponsor who’s counting on 50 people, then you really have to do
whatever it takes to get those people there. That can be a really good thing
because it can apply some pressure to make sure that you go out and get the
results that you promised. Another source of revenues is for you to sell your own
products and services. You can sell virtual programs. We used to sell make
them beg which was a one thousand dollar home study course for personal branding.
And so you can have a table set up at your own event and sponsor your own
event and be promoting and selling your own products. You can also sell your own
products from the stage. You can also sell your own services.
When people… If your emceeing the event or if you’re speaking and delivering
content at your own event, some people will naturally be drawn to you and will
want to learn more about how to continue working with you. What you’ll find is
that when you’re on stage and an event or when one of your clients is on stage,
it gives them a whole lot of credibility and is a natural way to attract people
who want to work with you. So, selling your own products and services at your
event is a huge revenue stream. One that I ignored for the first 4 or 5
years of doing our big events. And I ignored it not because I didn’t
recognize that it could be lucrative but because I was scared. I’ll never forget
the first time that I wanted to make my offer at my event. It was for Make Them
Beg. And I was gonna make that offer from the stage. And I kept procrastinating it
and I kept saying oh I’ll do it later. And actually had a business partner at
the time and she got so upset with me. Because she just thought… I don’t think
she realized that I was just scared. So, I invite you and encourage you to take the
plunge and get up there and offer your products and services and know that this
is something that people need and want what you’re offering. So, get up on that
stage and deliver that offer. And then the final thing that I want to check in
about is how do you grow an event. So, let’s say you created an event and it’s
awesome. What are different strategies for making
it bigger? Making more money? So, there are 2 big strategies I want to address. The
first is the magnify strategy. A magnify strategy involves taking that
one event and making it bigger. Getting more people to come to that single event
that requires more marketing maybe you want to add radio ads to your marketing
and your promotion. Maybe you want to bring in a Board of Advisors that’s
required to enroll people to the event. You can create affiliate programs for
organizations and associations to promote the event for you. Chambers of
commerce. They’re whole bunch of ways to magnify your event and start to pull
people in from different markets. Because you might start with a local event but
you might want to make it bigger. That’s what we did with our women’s success
summit. A second way to grow your event would be to multiply it. So, you can have
your event and then you can do the same event over
and over. You can do it every month. Maybe even turn it into a membership which is
another revenue stream. Or maybe you have other people go and take your event into
other markets so you can franchise or license your event. The key thing for
franchising or licensing is you have to have a proof of concept right at home
first and show that it works and that it’s monetizable if you want to be able
to sell it to someone else to go and take it to a different market. So, I just
shared with you a whole bunch of ways that you can monetize events. There are
so many more. And if you’re interested, check out some of my other videos about
how to make money doing events and retreat so you can get those right up
there. I hope that that gave you some great ideas about ways that you can
monetize your events. And if you’re interested in taking that next step and
going further, then go ahead and schedule some time to talk with somebody on my
team. We do all sorts of work to help people monetize their events. Just click
on the link below and schedule a discovery call with my lead coach so we
can figure out how to help you create design, fill and monetize your events.

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