How to Make Money from Home on Limited Time [5 Productivity Hacks]
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How to Make Money from Home on Limited Time [5 Productivity Hacks]


  • Passive Income Tom

    Yes, it is too easy to get distracted by social media. ? I try to limit it to a few minutes and then get off unless I am doing work.

  • Let's Talk Money! with Joseph Hogue, CFA

    Don't miss the first video in the series and 101 Ways to Make Money from Home! ?

  • Baked Jesus

    I personally got multiple youtubes and my bluetooth headset and wile im doing my impprtant stuff i let it run threw videos of stuff im interested in wile doing my task be in investments gardening diy ect. I use to watch tv in my free time but this got me out of that and into finishing projects i planed never had time to do

  • Raging Sweater

    here's the tough part: I don't have social media account, I don't watch tv, and most of my time is spent on cooking, babysitting the toddler and various house tasks. By the time I have my own time, I'm already exhausted.

  • Squintillions

    Best tip I have applied was to write (or anything that takes more brain power) as soon as the kids were at school and leave all the housework/errands/exercise/showering for late morning.
    Biggest problem for me is I am not good at estimating how long an activity will take me to complete. Or believing that the shortest time I have ever done something in is the typical time that I will do that thing in. Like if I once spent 10 minutes showering, drying my hair, dressing and generally getting ready…that is how long I think that process takes, when in reality it is closer to a half hour (and can be more depending on if I am doing anything special with my hair). Maybe if I forced myself to track everything for a week I would be better at estimation!

  • MINDS in Motion

    Great point on time and productivity. Time is commodity and very valuable. We have to manage our time just like we do our money.

  • Ben Kasper

    I'm in the 15-20 hours/week category for watching streaming tv/movies and youtube. I'd say the next categories are about 7 hours pc gaming, 8 hours per week on my business and about 5 hours a week for working out or biking. Thanks for the activity to keep track of time. Wow

  • Josh Waddell

    When looking for valuable stocks to invest in, do you usually choose a good stock in a declining Industry or Sector? If so, what tools or sites do you use to research Sectors and Industries?

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