How to Make Money by Buying and Selling Domains

how to make money by buying and selling
domains there is a lot of guesswork then goes
into domain name investing it’s not enough to purchase domain names
that are currently popular just like a stock coming too late to the
game won’t be profitable you have to think of the future instead what domain names might be profitable in
the future is a new product or service that may
become a huge hit where is the future added it domain names can sell for hundreds or
thousands of dollars if the right buyer comes along the trick is to find a domain name that
someone wants to buy and by that name before it becomes a name that’s in
demand how can you do this start with these tips a domain name can consist of anything
from a product of a culture but here are some good places to begin graphic areas business names names that are popular now and generic names think about things like contractor dot
com or oranges dot com the more generic you go the better off
you will be why research has shown that Google likes
generic names so any company selling oranges may for example want the domain name if you own that name you can set the
asking price for it sounds great right there are just a few things you have to
think about first legalities and trademarks can’t steal the name of a company and
buy the domain name for example you can’t buy Kodak dot com
and make Kodak by the name from you company names are trademarked and you
will be stepping in legal waters if you go that route you also can’t Curtis someone’s name do you know of an emerging author Joan
trying to purchase a domain with the author’s name this could send you directly to court as
well the other thing you have to think about
is how much money you want to put into your new domain name business the cost of setting up a domain
portfolio most domain trainers for resellers by
hundreds of domain names this way the chances of hitting the
jackpot or higher but this takes some upfront money you can start with a handful of names
and work your way up this is the best way to begin you may also decide to purchase in the
in from another seller if you think that a name will be big enough the domain name investment game is a
tricky one sure some people have struck it big
selling names but others are simply sitting on websites that do nothing
internet lucrative what do you do with hundreds of sites
that are lucrative you can turn into content sites set up
an actual website or trying to sell me at saint elsewhere you may even like out by selling a site
that’s up and running in full of great content already in this case you can ask higher price or you can send up a shared hosting or
direct hosting website shared hosting and direct hosting
websites can be profitable to domain name selling isn’t for the faint
of heart but it’s a fun game to get into if you follow all the rules carefully thank you for what doing she’s like leave your comment and don’t
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