How to make Minecraft Server 1.10.2 (under 5 min)
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How to make Minecraft Server 1.10.2 (under 5 min)

hello everyone welcome to my video here is unlaed and another video about minecraft today i’m showing you how to install Minecraft server the first thing you need to do open your broswer go to then click on download it here and download Minecraft Server whatever their version it’s fine for me
i’m just gonna download 1.8.8 it’s downloading now and it’s just done i’m gonna make a file or folder put the minecraft server in there then double click it (open it) it will just close immediately
open the eula and change the EULA from False to true Save it doble click it again (open it again) now i have my minecraft server fully working for the next step we gonna do it’s kinda hard but it’s easy if you
focus on me close the server write stop press the Start button type cmd and then in the cmd type IPCONFIG you will see bunch of ip addresses scroll up you gonna find
IPV4ADDRESS you want that
and default gateway i’m just gonna write them down here
you can write them on paper or notepad
like me ok here i wirte them down now open your browser in the browser remove whatever you have in here and write the default gateway in my case it will ask you for password and most
of the routers the password
and user name gonna be admin but there’s some cases the password gonna be just blank ok i will leave you a link in the description you find your router model and then check your password and user name after you done writing your user name and password press Login it will open your router interface
every router is different (interface) for me it’s just tp link it looks like that you have to go to ip config or forwarding then you have to write your port in the router in the router in my case this is my port and this is my IP so let’s just try it let’s make a new one click add new it gonna ask for the server’s port just do 5565 internal port just gonna leave it blank the ip address is this one IPV4ADDRESS just gonna copy it and paste it here protocol just gonna chose all stats enabled
and save it after that done you already forwarded your ip address so people can connect to your game all you need to do now is get the ip Address
so other people can connect to your server you just type what is my ip and immediately you will see your ip address just copy that and give it to your friends
so they can join you thank you for watching the video i’m gonna leave links in the description for downloading the server and checking your router Like the video and SUBSCRIBE to my channel and have a good day 😉


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