How to make EM500 into a device server in 2 minutes
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How to make EM500 into a device server in 2 minutes

Today we’re going to be looking at how to
make the EM500 which you can see on the screen right now into a serial-over-IP device server. So as you can see in the little
webcam input, I have the device connected on my desk right now and it has power and it has Ethernet and everything So supposedly it should work.
Now let’s see what happens. If you’ve used our serial device servers before,
you probably usually do something like this. You go to Program Files and then Tibbo and then you go to
Device Server Toolkit and you probably run DS Manager just to
see if you can see your device. And then, when you’re on DS Manager…
Let me just pull the window here. Nothing happens!
You see, you refresh … And there’s nothing there! No devices were
discovered, which is weird, because the device is connected to the network segment
and to power and everything. So, what’s wrong? Well, what’s wrong is that it’s not running
serial-over-IP firmware. So we’re going to see now how to to download
that firmware. You go to Tibbo website, and then Downloads Serial-over-IP and you go to Device Firmware Let’s scroll down a little bit there it is! EM500-EV, that’s my device.
Click that… and the file is downloading. Now, if you’ve never worked with our programmable
devices before, you will need one more tool, I’ll show you how to get that. It’s called Device Explorer. That’s in Programmable, PC Software and … you see, it’s right here –
Device Explorer Standalone Version And download. I actually already have it installed,
but if you don’t, you will need that. So now we’re going to run Device Explorer
and see what we can get. So again, I go to All Programs Tibbo, it’s in Tibbo IDE, unless you’ve installed it stand-alone, in which
case it may be somewhere else, but still in Tibbo. Going to run Device Explorer. And what do you know,
I can see my device here! There it is. With a comment and everything. And now I’m going to upload
the firmware through the network. And here it is, the SOI application, which I downloaded. Open that, and it’s uploading. Okay! There we go. Now it looks like I have two devices,
actually it’s just one device and with the SOI serial-over-IP application running.
I can see that it’s running with the comment. So now let’s see what DS Manager says again. Switch back to DS Manager, Refresh… Ah-ha! I can suddenly see my device. But it is running in Error Mode,
it doesn’t look so nice. It can’t work right now. So I’m going to have to click Initialize. It says all setting except IP Address will be
restored. That’s fine, I haven’t set any settings yet. Rebooting… Done! Let’s double click it. There we go. These are all of my settings.
I can set … protocol, everything that I usually set with
a device server is now available and my EM500 is now a device server! Thank you for watching.

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