How to make an AMAZON AFFILIATE WEBSITE 2018 with WordPress Woocommerce and Woozone (Wzone)
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How to make an AMAZON AFFILIATE WEBSITE 2018 with WordPress Woocommerce and Woozone (Wzone)


  • Mark Honisch

    I was wondering if someone could give me some advice on downloading pictures to my blog and in my slider for the kingdom theme. All my blog main pictures and slider pictures are blurry. I'm thinking there must be a setting or something that I'm missing. Can someone please tell me how to upload a picture that doesn't turn out blurry? Thank you

  • Mr. mozzarella

    i am a newbie i register my account at amazon affiliate but my question is that can i create the website which you are teaching am asking about T&C can i allow to create such site?

  • Trevor John

    I have hit a snag…
    When trying to use insane I get this error:


    Tue, 15 Jan 2019 06:06:51 GMTload prods by search

    Loading products by Searching…

    — Search Products operation: try to retrieve results.

    Search Parameters: Keyword=nappies, Category=Baby, NbPages=5, Sort=salesrank

    — Search results – try to retrieve from amazon

    — Page 1.

    — amazon request link

    Invalid amazon response ( 1 – amazon error id: AWS.InvalidAssociate: Your AKIAIXBVBUQXC2V4XOUA is not registered as an Amazon Associate. Please register as an associate at ) – [ 821 ms ]

    — Search results could not be wrote in cache file! – [ 1 ms ]

    Unsuccessfull operation! – [ 826 ms ]

  • Emmett Moore

    Here is a question…how do you hide WooCommerce from the menu while setting up your store? Some of us have busy blogs and dont want WooCommerce to show until the store is set up correctly and tested. (No, you cannot simply delete it from the menu because WooCommerce automatically adds a shop page)

  • Ronald Razon

    Hi Alex thanks for your video's I purchased wozone hostgator and Kingdom theme but I'm stock how to make privacy policy and cookie policy pls help…

  • Daniel Mina

    Hey WP Eagle,
    Is it possible to create an Etsy affiliate shop? I don't have an actual shop with Etsy, but would like to promote other shops through affiliate links? If so, do you have any resources you could point us to or perhaps make a video on it? Im not sure if it's the same process like an amazon shop. Thanks.

  • Euromir

    With the paid plugin and theme, are they licensed for just one site or multiple? Keen to buy, but worrying if every AA site i create needs the same cost?

  • Trevor John

    Hi WPEagle!
    I can't find the part of the video where you change the "Add To Cart" button to the button that takes a user straight to Amazon.
    I love your style of teaching btw!
    I'd love your help on this as I have been through the video numerous times but can't find it!

  • Mystics Home

    Do not buy this theme. I had huge respect for him but this recommendation is crap. Trust me. You can just use free themes.

  • Trevor John

    Thank you WP Eagle!
    There is something else…When picking products from Amazon, sometimes the product comes up with a caption "NO PRICE", even though the item is priced, and I can't upload it to my website…
    Any ideas?

  • Euromir

    Brilliant video, has taken me days of pause and rewinding, but got my site pretty much finished (other than content posts which im writing still) Thanks Alex..

  • emily

    Hi Alex,

    I've begun to set up my website however the 'illegal string offset' error still appears even though I changed the PHP to 7.1. Do you have any more tips on how to get rid of it?
    Many thanks 🙂

  • Vegan for 25 Years

    Great vid. I'm getting a 403 Forbidden

    Request forbidden by administrative rules. after install wordpress and trying to navigate to the admin area !!

  • Trever Johnson

    I do not have an API Key yet. I have had someone purchase a product through my site and did not receive commission? I have linked the products using the woozone purple bar at the top of Amazon webpage. Please advise.

  • The nickname I wanted already exists

    Hi WP Eagle! Your videos are amazing. Keep going. I have a question about this video. Is it also good for clickbank? If not, do you know some alternative? Maybe you have some video about it and I haven't seen it yet. Thank you!

  • WebDevelopersUdemy

    I like your video very much but i have a question regarding to locations. You are going to set up amazon affiliate website only for United Kingdom….

    Is that possible if i want to create an amazon affiliate website and want to sale products around the globe? And if yes than what process will be different than your video ?

    please reply me Sir !!

  • Trever Johnson

    Hey man. I purchased the tools you recommended in the video and due to amazons requirements I have to import products a different way. CAn you please advise.

  • slickonick

    If you want to advertise your site, could you make an instagram ad with products that are listed on your site? You might’ve mentioned this in your video I missed it

  • Paulina Benfari

    Hello are you there anyway to conact you ? , buyes all stuffs u said and follow you step by step but still the tema look really wierd and when i drag over items from amazon price dont show and so on… skype? discord? anything, we be a life savior hugs

  • Nutrition With Niki

    Really great video – thank you! I have built a website from scratch using your tutorial 🙂 I have some questions though…I'm getting a 'view basket' button appearing over the top of the product title after adding it to the basket and some of the pictures of products have a big green rectangle over them…is this something with importing from Amazon?

  • jakerecords

    I really appreciate this, I have been bouncing back and forth between WordPress and Shopify for a niche affiliate site I have been planning. I really like the Shopify system, but I have been with WP for so long that I am just not proficient in Shopify. This will get me in the right direction for now. Thanks.

  • Dan S

    I'm having problems with importing my amazon keys into wzoo. I have had my Amazon Affiliate account for a few years and have sold many items through it by using affiliate web links. How I do this is by providing these links below each of my youtube videos and viewers can click on them to buy the item I am talking about. The problem is when I login into my Amazon affiliate account and click on API->Manage credentials I don't get taken to Amazon AWS to login like you do. It appears all of my keys are right within the affiliate website. For some reason these keys are being rejected. Do I need to have my keys come from AWS? If so, how do I link affiliate and AWS together? Very confusing.

  • KitBot

    When I run import, I get this error – faultcode: aws:Client.RequestThrottled, faultstring: AWS Access Key ID: AKWERTTBGLTT2GCHDWDGBA. You are submitting requests too quickly. Please retry your requests at a slower rate.)…what should I do?

  • Matt Rose

    getting this errror, any ideas? As far as i can see everything is correct.

    ** Country: United Kingdom

    Amazon Error: 1 – SOAP Fault: (faultcode: aws:Client.AWS.InvalidAccount, faultstring: Your AccessKey Id is not registered for Product Advertising API. Please use the AccessKey Id obtained after registering at

    WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates was not able to connect to Amazon with the specified AWS Key Pair and Associate ID. Please triple-check your AWS Keys and Associate ID.

  • WP Eagle

    Be sure to check out my latest 2019 tutorial video on how to make an Amazon Affiliate website here:

  • Fivetide

    Dude this was awesome you answered like 10 really important questions I needed to know have bookmarked it and going to use it for reference – thanks mate you vid's are soooo underrated


    You are using the Kingdom theme for this training. I have Astra Pro and Elementor Pro and can't afford to buy another theme. Will I be able to follow this video and have it come out okay?
    Thank You;

  • V K

    Hi, i am trying change my add to cart button to add to cart on Amazon. Currently i turned off my onsite cart option, so when people clicks on "Buy Products" button they are redirected to Amazon product page, but i want this button to work as add to cart button on Amazon like it does as checkout option. Any help would be appreciated. My site is

  • Golf Reviews

    thank you for such great in-depth tutorial on setting up an affiliate website. I have sub and hit notification. Thanks again. looking forward to following your content.

  • aspiebear

    Do I need woozone on personal website with only a few affiliate links rather than being an online store? What would be the advantage when having yet another plugin might slow my site down?

  • aspiebear

    Situation — I have just logged into my very old Amazon Associates account that I have not used in years. I used it with an old website at the same URL I now have my new website. I want to have just a few affiliate links to Amazon. My website is not an online store but simply a site I want to have a few affiliates links on.

    Question — Do I need to use WooZone or is it unnecessary seeing as if I have too many plugins it might slow my site down??

  • Sunny Singh

    Fatal error: Can't use method return value in write context in i am getting this error and now i cant upload any theme please can you help

  • Johnny G Magic

    Anyone interested in selling Kids Belts for me just messages me. I'm looking to get rid of a lot of them, You can make 50% of each one you sell.
    I have about 13 styles misfit type looking belts, all sizes. 2sm 5 medium 5 large, 2XL Hope its ok I posted this WP, Not trying to steal anyone, just need some help getting rid of some belts i bought too many.

  • Samuel Rawlings

    Hi ,

    My keys are active and work on other sites yet with Woozone it says Amazon Error: 1 – SOAP Fault: (faultcode: HTTP, faultstring: Service Unavailable)

    WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates was not able to connect to Amazon with the specified AWS Key Pair and Associate ID. Please triple-check your AWS Keys and Associate ID.

    Any idea how to fix? Thank you in advance

  • Zenofall

    Alex is one of the best resources on internet to help setup your own internet business! I love his content. He is also very helpful and responds to emails! ??

  • Mario Rdz

    Thank you very much! My site is running pretty well and I'm happy with it. Your video was extremely helpful and I don't think I would have done something better without it. By the way, there's a bundle that includes Kingdom and WZone for less than $82, here it is:

    It might be a really good idea to have an affiliate link with this bundle in your description.

    Thank you so much again, I really appreciate your hard work. Have a nice day/night!

  • U-Stride

    Awesome video. How do I get the API key? Do I have to purchase atlest 3 items from my site after importing the products through the woo zone plugin? THANKS

  • Big Cat

    Hi Alex – I stumbled upon your WP tutorial 2018 version but then came across your 2019 version and now confused as to which one I should follow. Can you advise? I am all set up with WP and Amazon Associates and now need a website. I have been playing around with WP and tried different themes, however, get in a mess and end up throwing in the towel! I currently have 2017 theme installed. Can you advise which one of your videos I should follow to set up an Amazon affiliate website blog style? I don't just want it to be a shop but rather with value content as well. Many thanks!

  • Top 5 Kids Toys

    I made my site with another theme from one of your older videos. Is it ok to keep that theme and utilize the same steps in this video? My website is if you could look. Please let me know.

  • Yared Assefa

    Hello dear Friend
    i watched all of your videos try to create my own affiliate website i have a web site but i can not get any traffic.
    i need your help to fix it and run my web site name you can there will be a lot of broken pages.
    or may be we can create a full you tube video once we do the fixing you can have the full right.
    most users they use affiliate Egg in the USA
    let me know what you think?


  • Chris Nagy

    I just got the Plugin, This is Downloading the Images to the site If its downloading the image’s This is Against the TOS. This Will Get Us Banned!

    also Is it Also against the Terms To list Prices? The plugin is listing Prices


    Why is my Post editor look mush different than yours? Please help, when I try to post a blog post it does not show on the blog page it goes to something called UNCATEGORIZED.

  • U-Stride

    Hello, I'm having trouble with the footer code. I entered it into the custom CSS section but it says there are 32 errors. Any ideas?
    Once again thanks for creating this video tutorial.
    P.S I fixed it by removing the <br> tags in the code.

  • Beed Joseph

    Hey Alex,
    Could you please message me on how to make a website like the one has? I checked and they haven't used wordpress but I love the way the products load on their website is simply stunning. Plus for me I am in the process of making an affiliate website for the Middle East and here we don't require checkout or cart option so a website like is amazing. Plz do let me know on how to get a plugin which will support the loading of products and will allow us to add html product codes instead of any woocommerce or amazon affiliate plugins.
    Thanks Allen

  • Rick Hendriks

    Hello Alex, such a great video. so much value here. Clear and straight forward explanation. Love it ??

  • Kas R

    Hi Alex,
    I bought the Woozone plugin couple of days ago and had some problems with images but all sorted. I already had a theme but prefer the Kingdom theme so I will be buying the theme, both with your links. Your videos have helped me a lot, many thanks

  • Ink Dry

    DO NOT FOLLOW THIS SITE: This guy is a total fraud. He's only trying to sell you products. He is in violation of Amazon guidelines. Waste of time and money..

    From: Amazon Associates <[email protected]>

    Sent: Friday, April 2, 2019 4:13 AM

    Subject: Your Amazon Associates Application –


    We’ve now reviewed your application to the Associates Program. Unfortunately, it did not meet our program requirements. As a result, we have closed the account under which you had been temporarily approved.


    Your Site was found unsuitable per our program requirements found here: <Website> in that static prices were built-in to the website.

    What’s next?

    You will be paid for any outstanding fees accrued prior to this notice. You’re welcome to reapply once our program requirements are met.

    Thank you for your interest in the Associates Program.

  • GUADALUPE Ortiz jr

    hello WP Eagle I followed your video thanks for everything . you are very informative. I am having some problems when I Import products it keeps telling that the product ASIN is not available or Invalid. Can you help …..

  • Samuel Gannon

    Great walk threw, but a couple things, i have talked to amazon and done more research on there policy of things and they do not allow you to have a shopping cart or any hard code building the site. So once you add a shopping cart there is no way to take it off. You also, have to use there code to copy and past the items into your site. So, in doing this i cant really use woozone or woocommerce. Can anyone help me in getting around this…

  • Aykut Yildiz

    Great video but i have a great question also. Can we use google adwords PPC and google shopping campaigns for this affiliate site? is it okay for google and amazon terms?

  • The Perfectbaths

    Hi Alex,
    I have an amazon affiliate account 2 years ago. i got the API key. But i could not use it for this plugin. When i checked it, The notice appeared " Amazon Error: 1 – SOAP Fault: (faultcode: aws:Client.RequestThrottled, faultstring: AWS Access Key ID: AKIAJDLIR24YGPQXMMHA. You are submitting requests too quickly. Please retry your requests at a slower rate.)……."

  • Olga Zilina

    H Alex, thanks for so detailed video, I am following it step by step and it's amazing. When I customize the colors and press Publish changes are not getting saved, any idea how to fix this?

  • Kezia Wells

    Thank you for your detailed guide very nicely done, WZone direct import extension is very buggy, first of all, it doesn't generate new key but says website successfully added, then when I head over to Amazon I get the following – Request access: you are using an invalid access key.

    Any idea what is going on here?

  • Mohamed Tharwat


    Thanks for awesome videos, But I have a question.

    Are the easy zone plugin was acceptable with the Amazon Associates Program and was not conflict with the program rules?

  • Tom Murphy

    Your tutorial seems very complete and helpful and I look forward to going through it entirely… BUT one question that I have right away is as to whether I can sell both Amazon products AND my own products on the same site. And if so, how does the checkout process work? Are Amazon sales directed to them to process, and my own items can be directed to PayPal for example? Thank you so much for this and all of your videos. Tom

  • Bradford VTS

    Can you change the “Add to cart” to “Buy from Amazon” with WOOZONE? And can WOOZONE also ensure you get sales from your non-home countries like you can with EASYAZON?

  • mh hm

    i need some help, i have followed your tutorial, and when i go to my wordpress dashboard and click on wzone, its not giving me that option to "add item purchase code" where can i find this option in the wzone dashboard?

  • UltimateTop10

    Hey Alex when I import items from amazon onto my website the first photo is zoomed in, while there are two other small photos below at regular size. Do you know how I can fix this ?

  • Manav

    What is the difference between pages and posts , we import our products on pages or they are treated as posts . If I want to build a 100 page website , what to do , hope you understand what I wanna ask .

  • Meronette Fullerton

    Well done such a detailed person, I definitely wanted to set up something like this I've already signed up with the Amazon Affiliate program just wanna set up the E commerce site now and I'm having some difficulties.

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