How to make an AFFILIATE MARKETING BLOG website with WordPress without a Premium Plugin or Theme
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How to make an AFFILIATE MARKETING BLOG website with WordPress without a Premium Plugin or Theme


  • transboto9

    Nice video! no one want to tell us how to make money properly each method only work for them not us! some of there video are half explained and some of them are not proved! I'm sitting on this chair since 2015 to make money!! unfortunately i could not make a single cent online and you wouldn't believe i spend 10 hours everyday siting and searching how to make money.

  • Adrian Diaz

    Haha … I was thinking today to ask if you can make a tutorial about this :))) [blog style affiliate]

    If you have the chance Alex, can you make a tutorial about Schema theme ?

    Great stuff Alex, thanks !👍 Enjoyed ur video as always

  • olivier 4.2

    Hi there Alex,
    My name name is Oliver, nice to meet you. I
    just created my first Amazon affiliate website following your video
    tutorials. It took me while and i did what i could. Please look at it,
    review it, and give me pointers. Thank you for your time and your free
    video lessons. Here's the link,

  • martin prince

    Hii Alex i need some help with my affiliate website ,woocomerce donesnt show products after importing from amazon and i dont know what to do

  • martin prince

    Hii Alex i need some help with my affiliate website ,woocomerce donesnt show products after importing from amazon and i dont know what to do

  • martin prince

    Hii Alex i need some help with my affiliate website ,woocomerce donesnt show products after importing from amazon and i dont know what to do

  • martin prince

    Hii Alex i need some help with my affiliate website ,woocomerce donesnt show products after importing from amazon and i dont know what to do

  • martin prince

    Hii Alex i need some help with my affiliate website ,woocomerce donesnt show products after importing from amazon and i dont know what to do

  • Karma Geddon

    Hi alex great tutorial for setting up a nice clean fast loading affiliates blog. I did decide recently to delete all my amazon sites but i am now thinking to develop a nee rehub site using content egg.
    Look forward to your next live and next video… peace

  • Slim Floyd

    Can you create a shop on your website like the one you have on without premium plugin/theme? Or something similar?

  • mercy nyorita

    just a quick question, where do you get the images for the supplements when you cannot copy the ones from Amazon directly?

  • NoBudgetHomestead

    Great video Alex! Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Seeing the Amazon A-store is ending on October 27th I need to find a way to get all the products i review and/or use/mention on our YouTube channel on a site where my subscribers and viewers have a chance to support us by using our affiliate links. If you check out he No Budget Homestead dot Com website, I would welcome any recommendations you have. Even if I have to go to a premium theme. I need to try to get this up and running before the Christmas season…. Thanks.

  • Hussein Yamout

    Hey man, just finished my site. I would like you to have a look at it. Thank you again for your time and efforts, CHEERS!!

  • Taj Salami

    I need help in installing the WordPress. I got an email to verify a document which I provided then the site was release to go ahead. After keying the Blog Title, Admin User, First Name, Last Name and Admin Email, the error showed that the directory is NOT EMPTY. What do I need to do? Also the error says install to an empty location. By the way, this is the error message" Error Details
    Installation directory is not empty. Please install to an empty location

  • Watchful

    Finally, this is the one video I have been waiting for someone to do. This is the best, cheapest, and easiest setup for affliliate marketing website I have seen in all these months of searching and waiting ( I am such a non-techie). Now I feel comfortable and confident enough to set up my website. Thank you, I always enjoy your videos.

  • Fibro Diva

    Great video. On some of your other videos you have WP websites that have alot of affiliate links or products posted on it. How do we get around that with WordPress as I heard they don't like alot of affiliate links on blogsites? Thank you.

  • Fibro Diva

    What is the difference between and I have read that with, you are limited to posting affiliate links in your content…i.e. an occasional affiliate link embedded in a review or content is ok. But on, you can basically do what you want. Please explain. Thank you kindly.

  • Comets Hollow Outdoors

    Hi, Alex. Great videos, I have watched several. I have a site I started last month and was having a hard time deciding to make it a blog or just affiliate. I have tried to combine the two and so far so good. Thank you very much.

  • Jared Anwyl

    When it comes to using Amazon Site Stripe, I have heard people complain about conversion loss, is this something you recommend or do you go a different route granted some time has passed?

  • Kazzux

    Hey, I created a website following the tutorial videos you have made but in not sure if my website is ready. anybody give some feedback on it?

  • Mrskess

    Hi Alex. I bought a domain. changed the DNS settings for this domain, added it to my siteground host, but when i click "go to admin panel" it takes me to the domain name company site and gives me the option to activate my site or to get the to build the site for me. it doest take me to WP sign in. any thoughts why this si happening. What can i do? Thank you

  • Edward Perkins

    Hey Eagle, those guys were trolls. I know how disheartening it can be. Keep it up brother, your work is appreciated by many, including me

  • nitu gupta

    Hi Alex ….how r u…great tutorial.
    I want to that others video can be used in our blog….is there any copyright issue ?

  • mrk9ee

    I thought it was going too well, I got as far as featured image. I can put an image on but it won't crop at all. Followed the video exactly. It shows as cropped but as soon I you update and go to view the site it's just the same size picture!! I'm ready for a hostgator refund I think, I've tried everything 😐

  • Chilcote Forestry

    I want to start affiliate marketing for equipment I use on my website for my consulting biz: I tried blogging about some books I recommend and how to avoid tick bites and linked books and tick removal tools on amazon. No sale. I wonder if it is a bad idea to use my existing site for this or if I should create a new site for affiliate marketing

  • Ms.Shawnie Pea

    Thank you so much! I made it to the end. I am going to watch more of your videos tomorrow. It took me most of the day to listen to your video and build the site.

  • Steve Herbert

    instant affiliate sites cracking out cash commissions

    watch the video have yours built for you in 5 minutes

    For Free or $37 to make $500 in less than an hour……

  • GamerDot1

    Could someone help me I have this problem where the theme wont fit the whole screen. A big section is just blank. I tried stretching the screen with elementor and some other plugins but nothing works.

  • PinTsik Entrepreneur

    Hi, I've been watching few of yours videos. I'm trying to create an amazon affiliate website with wordpress using UAT 2.0 and am struggling. I have not done a website before but I did wrote some contents for some publishing sites before. Now I want to start my own niche site where I can publish contents. Do you have experience using the UAT 2.0? Doug Cunnington had some vids but not the 2.0 so I still can't figure it out. Can you point me to the right direction? Thank you.

  • George Hughes

    Hello Alex, I have tried following your suggestions and video for a site of my own, but when it comes to adding script through WordPress lately I get loads of mis-spelled words although they are spell-checked before they are added to my pages through notepad. The culprits are words like 'THE' spelled TEH, WITH spelled WIF, YOUR spelled YOU'RE, DIS and DAT, along with TEMP prefixing a word once, sometimes twice or more. These are the more common ones and each time I correct them, WordPress replaces them with the faulty words.

    Most annoying!

    Is this a fault of WordPress? Is there a remedy you may have come across? I have seen quite a few sites on the net showing this characteristic lately, so I am wondering if the net is changing the English language to suit the whole world and I will have to learn to ignore this bad influence to proper English?

    Keep up the good work – it is much appreciated.

  • Effe Sackey-Barnes

    Your video has really motivated me to finish my affiliate blog. I just wanted to ask if you know of a theme that allows you to add a video to your main page instead of slides? TWENT SEVENTEEN does that but I like the look of the theme that you used better but I can't add a video, only slides. Any recommendations, please? Thanks

  • Anthony M

    Have watched a couple videos (and love them) and I've noticed you use I have already spent $96 on a premium website for because I figured I need to invest if I want to be successful at this. Is there anyway I can use Because from my understanding so far self hosting, so I don't have to go through the process of finding a web host, would that be correct?

  • BuZz BuckZ

    Hello, does anyone know if its possible to get a host and a domain name for free? or in a very low price? i dont got much to spend. Thank You

  • Saber em Movimento

    Hello! Thanks for your videos. I have a doubt. How should I proceed in WooZone If I have more than one affiliate ID at the Amazon store? I want my products to be linked to a specific ID depending on which category they are in.

  • Alice Pulsford

    BA >> is a great option for anyone who needs marketing tools to grow their business.

  • Kandasamy Velu

    <a href="" title="Beautiful Creative WordPress Themes"><img src="×240.png" alt="Beautiful Creative WordPress Themes" /></a>

  • Kandasamy Velu

    <a href="" title="Beautiful Creative WordPress Themes"><img src="" alt="Beautiful Creative WordPress Themes" /></a>

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