How to Make Amazon India Successful business | Amazon Seller Ecommerce Business | Case Study Hindi
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How to Make Amazon India Successful business | Amazon Seller Ecommerce Business | Case Study Hindi

Subscribe to our channel Zaayega Seller Gyan and click on the Bell Button to view our eCommerce video Hi Friends,How are you all Hope you all are Fine Today I am going to discuss with you that how you can build your online business successful If you are a new online seller or an existing online seller its very much important that you should know through 1 strategy you can grow your business monthly upto 7-10 Lakhs turnover And I will show you 1 active seller account also which account is obtaining turnover of 7-8 Lakhs through this strategy Let’s get started I am Moumita and you are watching Zaayega Seller Gyan At first i should clear one thing at this moment that I am not going to tell you any magical idea that you would be able to achieve turnover of 7-10 Lakhs per month in a short time Friends,eCommerce selling is not so easy it looks like or you might be thinking What you need to do is follow right strategy give your Time and Labour Many sellers are there specially new sellers are thinking that after listing products only they will receive good response and many orders and within 1 or 2 months many orders they will get and your business will reach in top position It is not as simple as that To stand out among Billions of products & Million of sellers it takes labour and you dedicated Time Now lets talk about strategy Now I am going to show you that active seller account in which you neither have to manufacture any item nor you have to take any brand authorization letter from any Big brands You have to source open market products like Generic items which can be non branded products you have to spot those products which are in high demand So this kind of high demanded products how you can spot? For that we have published already a different video on that topic You can check out our videos how you can research on products You may check our video “Ecommerce Seller Strategies” Now what next you need to do is which high demand products you have made shortlist already that products you have to source from your Local market You need to find suppliers of that products and try to get more suppliers for a single item Try to source those products which can be easily available Which product atleast should be available with 2 or 3 Distributors or Wholeseller Anyways i already told you before that it is better to get items from Distributor,not wholeseller You can consider Wholesaler Only If you get items at very good price Which Products you have decided to source if those are available with more than 1 distributor so it will be beneficial for you that You will get the benefit that after listing You will definitely have competitors if those items are all sold out from your competitor but in you inventory those products are always will be in stock This is very important to increase your Product Inventory Life than your competitors Then you will generate more sales and you will get chance to grow your business at earliest So lets see that account in which this strategy has been applied Lets take a look at the screen This is the seller account This report which you can see is 60 days older Because of confidential reason i am not able to show you current month status of this account Here you can see Some products are showing Low inventory alert that means this products generating lots of sales you can see generic unbranded products generating sales that same generic products are also selling by brand owners Here also you can see pending orders and there are un shipped orders too so its a busy account and all products are kept in ‘”Merchant Fulfilment” no products are kept in FBA You can look at this sales figure like i told before in previous 30 Days this account has generated 7 Lacs turnover and 1200 Units are sold Now lets see the inventory You can see here These all products are non branded & available in local market That same products are selling by other sellers as well with their brand name And here those seller’s listing are also added You can list these unbranded products with your brand name or add existing listing on your inventory But you should remember that If you are adding other seller’s listing on your inventory You should check their Brand Name Trademark is available or not If seller has trademark then you can get Policy violation So if you want to know How to check trademark? We have different video on Trademark Now lets open any product listing And see whats the rank of this Product scroll down then you see the Rank of this item This product rank is 1136 in product category Which is very good Rank means this products getting good number of orders Now lets see how many sellers has been added in this listing There are 3 Offers means 3 sellers are added in this listing so Spot these kind of Products having less sellers to compete But at least more than 2 or 3 seller should have added on that listing that means there is no such issue with trademark so there is no possibility of Policy violation These all products are non branded Generic Product so you can add these kind of products to your inventory Lets see other products also We will also check this Product Rank first Now you see this product rank is 8 in this category that means this product too getting good orders Now here you can see there are 6 sellers in this listing Cloudtail Seller also is on the list now here you can see few sellers are there who are selling this item from FBA There are also other strategies for FBA you can get the information about FBA from our video “FBA for Beginners” Now lets me show you the report of this account In reports you see the Product Return rate is 13% which should be within 15% according to Amazon And Negative Feedback rate is also 4.3% which is again within 5% Now see A to Z Claim also here is showing “0” that means this account health is good Like this way you should also keep your account metrics Good & healthy Now you can see here according to every products, how many units are sold in a month This report Date is from 1st March to 1st April This Product “Tea Light Candle” has generated 114 Sales in this time period then different items if you see like “car covers” total 47 units has been sold and there are many more products which has been sold in units so the reson to show you this report is to not to rely upon only 1 type of products rather try to source different categories items on your inventory So that every different categories items could be able to contribute on total number of sales volume Here this product “Kneegurd”has been sold 51 times This report is typical 1 month Sales report of different products showing together here There are also other products getting good orders Now lets check the performance of this account Now see here its showing all the metrics are good perfect according to amazon healthy account There is no policy violation and even dissatisfaction rate is also controlled So your account health should be like this account To Friends,you can apply this type of strategy to source your products You can implement this strategy to your business and let us know its impact to your business & sales If you have any question then mentioned in comment box If you get any information You may Like this video If you would like to know such information from us about “ecommerce” , “selling”, “Strategies” You can Subscribe to our channel See you in next videos and have a great time ahead


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