How To Make A WordPress Website
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How To Make A WordPress Website


  • Cassia Bommarito

    Ferdy, thanks so much for this! It has helped me put my entire website together 🙂 I have one question. On my portfolio pages, there is a related section beneath my work that suggests other projects. Is there a way to remove this?

  • eCompreneur zee

    Hi Ferdy, does Enfold comes with mega menu & is the USD60 comes with only one theme or other themes as well like ecommerce/shop etc? thanks

  • Tasos Santorineos

    hi there!! your are very good!! you help us with your easy tutorials!! i have a little problem with enfold theme. i follow you and i am doing as you say in your video and in enfold theme in general settings dont change the colors when i save and refresh after

  • Ing. Luis Quiroz

    Hi, i have a problem the masonry gallery on the section portfolio is not showing the effect 1:59:50 I hope you can help me Thank you

  • Jay Barratt

    Hi Ferdy, thank you for this fantastic resource, your video inspired me to try building my first ever website myself!!!

    Could you please help with one small thing, I cannot seem to be able to change the colour of the text on the featured image slider on my blog page – Here:

    You explain this at 1:43 onwards in your video tutorial. In your tutorial all of the text is white, but when I do it the title of the blog post (within the featured image slide) is blue (#2d94c8), meaning I can't see the text with my blue background on my post featured image… I also can't see any option to amend the colour of the text anywhere on the blog page, within the featured image slide settings, or colour section settings. Can you please help?

  • Anshuman Abhishek

    Hey Ferdy that is nice and clean video for novice people. I am also using Enfold theme. I have one question could you please tell me how to add login/sign-up? So that user can add and save cart like ecommerce site Amazon. Thanku

  • Uche Agha

    I so much appreciate what you have thought me today. You have opened my eyes to an easy and effortless way to develop a wordpress website using the ENFOLD THEME. I love this theme

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  • Jade Perez-Amaro

    Hi @Ferdy i have downloaded the enfold theme and wordpress wont let me upload this? it keeps saying failure and are you sure you want to do this? any tips on what to do and has this happend before? thanks 🙂

  • Kensang Coth

    Hello once again!!! I am waiting for you to launch your new video tutorial which you said you will do today( tuesday). i look forward to watch soon as possible

  • Fadumo Hiray

    Thank you so very much for your tutorial videos. I am hoping you can show us a followup tutorial to build on this tutorial on how to add videos to a enfold theme site. I would like to learn more about vid hosting sites, calculating bandwiths, security and players. (Fatima_dxb)

  • akshay satija

    can any one tell me how make register and login page with wordpress with mysql database connectivity if any one please reply ?

  • Monica Erosa

    Hello Ferdy, I started to make a website, I downloaded a parallax frame from 2014 and I cannot get an update. Can you please guide me on how to delete and remove the old and start a new one with your guidance? Thank you in advance. Monica

  • Henrik Fogh Jørgensen

    Hi Ferdy,
    Great video's.
    Do you plan the size of all images before starting a website ? F.ex. If I have a grid Row of 5 images and later find out I only want to show 4 images. How do I handle this without breaking my layout.
    Any recommendation for video's on how to deal with image handling ?

  • margot hengst

    I really learned a lot of your tutorials. Thx for that Ferdy! I have a question though .. I want to add a transparant picure to my home page with some text written over it. SO far so good but it doesnt appear on my homepage. What's the cause? Please help!

  • panagreco

    Perfect tutorial. I have managed to get everythin right exept how to remove from the footer the statement : Enfold Theme by Kriesi.  Any advise?  Thanks

  • MXDS

    Hi Ferdy. Groeten uit Rotterdam.
    Awesome tutorial. You made it very easy for me to create my own website in this way.
    Question: Is it possible to have different menu items under for instance "services". That way I can have sub-categories (like your: photography, filming, webdesign) of services in the main menu when I am on this page, instead of showing the same items as on the main page.
    I have tried using the plugin "Menu Item Visibility Control", but I can't seem to be able to get it to work. Would love for your thoughts on this.

  • Andy Saqr

    Broken Themes

    The following themes are installed but incomplete.

    Name Description
    Enfold2017 Stylesheet is missing. Delete
    Help plz,

  • Andy Saqr

    Warning: POST Content-Length of 16252304 bytes exceeds the limit of 8388608 bytes in Unknown on line 0
    Are you sure you want to do this?

    Please try again.

  • Jason Hanson

    HI Ferdy, I appreciate all your hard work in making these videos. I have a question on the Enfold Icon element in the Avia layout builder. I place the icon element, I then open up the settings to pick an Icon (In my case its Social Media) and choose my settings. How can I link the icon to my Twitter site? The “Title Link” option only lets me link to pages or anchors with in my own website. I’m use the resume demo from Enfold and the Social Media Icons are not in the footer. They’re at the bottom under Social Media.

    Thank you, Jason

  • Khalid Fouad

    Hi Ferdy today i bought enfold it about 60$, when i try to install it gives an error :
    Warning: POST Content-Length of 60585759 bytes exceeds the limit of 8388608 bytes in Unknown on line 0
    pls help me i'm using Xampp local host

  • Khalid Fouad

    hi fredy your zip file size about 16.1 mb downloaded in the video, but my file size about 13.403 mb what's wrong i paid 60 bucks for nothing????

  • Jonathan Gilbert

    I imported the Enfold 2017 demo. It has 92 pages already setup. Should I delete them all before starting with your tutorial?

  • Rosan Heritage videos

    so if i purchase it once i should only use for one domain or can i use it for different domains too,please let me know.

  • Krishna kumar

    hello Mr.Ferdy, glad to message you! Thank you so much for posting this video. I could able to follow your instructions obviously, but only thing i could say is, i have no currency to buy new themes and web hosting, for the god sake i'm trying to create using free web hosting,. if you don't mind plz understand my situation and plz help me by forwarding the themes which you purchased, so that i could able to build my own website in a better way. sir, this is the one and only request from my side…. and this description is also for all who are the future best web designers, plz share your purchased themes for me to help me getting a better web designer.
    my email is [email protected]
    plz dont hack my mail, bcz it is my life.
    thank your for your best support

  • Ck Cheung

    Hi Ferdy, thanks for the video, it is very helpful. I would like to ask how can modify the front page? Because after I put the image when I roll down it still showing a page I dont want, how can I remove it? Many thanks.

  • Tara Verhoeven

    Jouw video is heel duidelijk, ben een beginner dus heel fijn, je legt alles zo goed uit. Ik heb alle stappen gevolgd. Het enige wat ik niet begrijp is dat je aan het eind laat zien dat je door de hele website scrollt en alle pagina's ziet onder elkaar. Ik weet niet hoe dat moet, is daar een aparte tutorial over, zie dat je het wel uitlegt met het Avada theme.

  • Nahid Sarker

    nice video,
    We make the website and contact us.

  • Yorubapod

    Thank you for this video. It's very helpful. But how does one integrate woocommerce into Enfold and create a shop without going through creating a sub-domain for the shop?

  • Jesse Onuoha

    hi Ferdy, Please i had a challenge trying to customize my home page. am trying to add more content below the slider. I had a "nothing found" error message at the bottom of the homepage. please assist. the site is

  • Sarkis Profingles

    thank you so muchh for your help. I had bought the theme few weeks ago but never had the chance to modify the site myself. works like a charm! so far:)

  • rhianne newlahnd

    I have a Divi website I have been working on but it is not really finished, I would like to begin with a new design and follow your tutorial without loosing the work I have done, how would I save the old design and begin a new one?

  • Roy Bijlhout

    Hello Ferdy many thanks for using this video tutorial. Since i know that you are familiar with Dutch i want to ask you a question about the enfold in Dutch.
    Bij het invoegen van foto's in mijn blog pagina loop ik tegen het probleem aan dat ik bij het aanpassen/snijden van de mediafile deze niet kan bijwerken. Misschien gaat het om een bug in Enfold wat ik onwaarschijnlijk acht. Is dit jou bekend?
    Alvast bedankt

  • Wietske van der Werf

    I have just finished making my contact page, But my send button has a collour that I do not like. Is there any change that I can change this collour?

  • Simão Brado

    Video is very good but i have a doubt on the text editor on minute 1:04:45 ! on your enfold text editor is possible to change the colours of the text and on my text editor is not possible because it don't have that option.

  • Funzilla! The Godzilla of Entertainment

    Thanks for the video Fredy. Everything is awesome. Explanation was great and so is the theme. One thing i need help with is the mobile site. For example: say for homepage: i used color section and selected an image for background. I choose the size as full screen. after making it scroll/parallax and stretching to fit, it appears good and full screen on computer, however on mobile the image cuts off. (It doesn't shows the complete image). I tried using different option in color section; no matter what i do, the image cuts off on mobile. Please help. Thanks

  • AuthenticSound

    Amazing tutorial, we have been struggling with our website for 2 years now, finally outsourced it with no success and for the first time my wife and I feel we can at least start. And more than start. And further, we will take note of FK media if we think we should bring it all to a next level. Thank you so much and greetings from Flanders!!

  • Peter Burns

    thank you Ferdy. On your advice I have installed the Enfold theme. I have one question: On my new site I am unable to show a thumbnail image on the RECENT POSTS in the right hand sidebar, although the thumbnails show when I go to BLOG on the top menu. Wonder if you could assist? Thanks in advance

  • Julie

    Hi Fredy ! Thank you for this tutorial, I'm currently using it to create my own website. Although, I noticed that you didn't install a "child theme"… Isn't it necessary ??

  • Andrés Contreras Sáez

    Hello Ferdy, I´ve been setting up my website following this tutorial step by step. Today I purchased Enfold Theme but installation fails, WordPress goes offline and gives error notice. Downloading and Uploading seem to be ok. Do I need to change PHP requirements in my Cpanel?, What can be the cause of this issue?, I appreciate your input

  • Terry Dray

    you're making your choices far too fast, for someone that doesn't know WordPress, it's all a bit confusing.. I know I can stop and remind, but still confusing… Slow down a bit to let a person catch up….

  • Dr. Rajkumar Desai

    Please suggest, a free theme and plugin to manage patients records for my clinic, with appointment management. kindly help Thank u in advance

  • maingi simon

    HI ..i followed the tutorial but got stuck on the home page when i click the logo..The homepage is not editable with elementor can i create a new homepage that can be edited with elementorm?

  • Emmanuel Mannah

    Hey Ferdy, thanks for the awesome vidoe you have been creating to educated some of us. I was able to build my site using your Enfold theme tutorial. I am hoping you can guide me into fixing an issue I am experiencing with this project. Parts of my heading image on my homepage are cut off on my mobile phone. Could it be that the image is too large?. I will definitely appreciate your help. Thanks a million.
    site :

  • Go Visit Papua

    Hello Fredy, i am trying to apply using the layout example of Boxed Layout as seen in your tutorial page : but i can not get it or apply it so any idea or any Json file that i can use/download?

    will be appreciate for your help
    thank you


  • Andrés Contreras Sáez

    Ferdy, Thank you so much for all your advice, tools and skills. As you said I have a beautiful website, most of all thanks to you! The long hours, reworks and revisions were worth it. Your contribution to people like me, with no web design background, is invaluable.

  • Md. Sobhan Chowdhury

    My dear Ferdy, You don't know how much help this video is for me and how excited I am to see every detail is working. Thank you so much for the wonderful help that you are doing. Although I haven't finished designing the entire website, I will soon do it with your generous help. 😀 cheers.

  • murali viju

    please visit my website i created with your wonderful creation plugin elementor in that iam facing a little problem where on home page categories iam unable to find paragraph alignment it appears in random manner will you pls suggest me to solve this issue brother

  • Acid303

    This theme and this tutorial rock. I don't think I'll ever use a different theme again. It's amazing the things you can do with.

  • Acid303

    Just one thing I can't figure out. On your site when on a certain page the navigation is highlighted with a blue line under the corresponding tab. Mine doesn't have that line. It's looks better your way. How can I do this?

  • aglowgeneration senegal2018

    hello Ferdy Korpershoek can you help me i have a little problem with my site i have regade your tutorial and i did the same thing may be concerned with these plgin facebook-by-weblizar Warning: require_once (facebook-by-weblizar-widgets. php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

  • Mo'men AL-Masharka

    nice tutorial for beginners ,, I wonder if I can use Elementor  for my website with its current data ,
    is that is possible without recreate every page and post from scratch ?

    if its possible for free please tell me how .

    My website is

  • Mahbub Emon

    Hi there 🙂
    Your tutorials are very helpful for a newbie like me. But unfortunately, I can't download the images you used.This link isn't working properly 🙁

  • Sam Anderson

    i loved it thank you so much i took half a day to make my own website i really love how you explain everything 🙂 a big thumbs up

  • Lewis Beck

    Hi, Ferdie.  I have a version of Enfold I purchased several years ago (in 2015, to be exact) and I want to install it now.  I'm following your excellent tutorial and have come to the part where I do this but I'm not sure how to proceed.  I have a WordPress account and am at the part where I install the theme program.  I have the Enfold folder in my computer but what do I do to install it on WordPress?  Many thanks!

  • Dimitry Jacobs

    Ferdy bedankt voor de geweldig uitleg, echt top !!!

    Weet je toevallig of het mogelijk is om in Enfold bij de blog start pagina op de achtergrond een filmpje te laten spelen?

    En is het mogelijk om een filmpje als achtgrond te laten lopen bij een blog, maar niet zichtbaar in het tekst blok? Zoals in dit blog

    Alvast bedankt voor een reactie en kijk uit naar de volgende tutorials van je

  • Gian-Luca Grichting

    hi Fredy thanks a lot !

    Do you have a trick how a can make the header Transparenz on the Mobile ?

    Thanks and Greezz

  • Sterling Williams

    Luv your videos Ferdy! Curious, do you know of anyway to have Enfold parallax work on Mobile?? I ask year after year but Kriesi family still hasn't made this an option. I know you could do with Elementor and Jet Elements but I wanted to ask you if you knew of any way (some code or CSS?) #YOUROCK and congrats on your new studio and 40k subscribers, Well deserved indeed and we are all grateful for you sir!

  • bobobo boboboo

    avia builder stopped working @1:40 when i click use custom layout for blog settings it just constantly loads never lets me start to use the advanced layout feature. =/

  • red75dxb

    hello there i really enjoyed watching your video. and got some idea to create my own website. my one concern is the running a yoga studio in my area so do you have a yoga theme for me to use my future website? looking forward to hearing from you soon cheers.

  • Marian Furgi

    Hi!!! Ferdy! is a pitty we are living so far… I did my web with Elementor "but" look so bad in MOVILE! Do you reconmend ADD the old pluging for "version destop and version movile"? PLEASE I LEAR ALL WHITH YOU. DIVI… ELEMENTOR… ALL! BUT MY FIRTH WEB I MAKE WHIT EEMENTOR AND WHITH "CLUSTER". Note: Was not my idea… but I have fix it up! i follow you i am a great fun of you, I trust you!!! From Buenos Aires Argentina I wait your reply. Thanks a lot and excuse my rusty english…

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