• Real Website Hints

    +Anne Huffman Thanks for reminding me! I wrote it up and then forgot to post it. Here is is! http://www.realwebsitehints.com/make-website-avada-theme/

  • felipe calle

    when i upload my logo for some reason its huge takes up half the screen, i need it small and to the top left corner, what am i doing wrong

  • felipe calle

    Do you have any tips anywhere on how to make an icon with font awesome on the fusion page builder? thanks

  • Yunus Karsadian

    thanks for the tutorial, it helps me so much… one quick question how to make bold font on my blog title?

  • Denis Lawlor

    Hi can I ask why some Themes like Genesis and Jupitor need one to set up Child Themes and need immediate plug ins installed, yet this super cool Avada theme which I use www.brownbinrescue.ie is a quick launch pad. That said if there are any updates to Avada can they affect my Site and plug ins, since its not a Child Theme but a Parent. Appreciate your time in responding. Denis Lawlor.

  • Denis Lawlor

    Hi thanks for the info and for getting back to me so soon. Enjoyed your video and will look at more of your content over coming days. Tanks.

  • Joseph Gay

    We don't have to make a child theme when starting with this theme? Our changes wont be overwritten when we have to upgrade our theme?

  • RicRas 2016

    Thanks for the great tutorial! One thing I have been trying to find is how to undo setting and similar changes after they are saved and published (and you realize you don't want that change). Is a backup restore the only option? Thank you in advance!

  • Michael Thacker | RE/MAX | Realtor | Louisville, Kentucky Real Estate

    Hello! When you say to make sure the image is optimized before uploading, what exactly do you mean? Great tutorial by the way, very helpful! Thank you. ?

  • Mario Aranguren

    Hello, thanks for your nice tutorial. Just one question, in my Avada theme options I don't get the stilyng option you mentioned. Do you know how can I get it? Thanks

  • Le Croisé

    your tutorial was so awesome about revslider. its always the same
    thing:i cant get full screen slider;there always a white space at the
    top where the menu displays..i tried evreything…removing header
    ..transparency…nothing works..and if i try to move the slider up in
    the CSS it reflects on every pages…can you help me?thanks

  • Avery Collins

    Excellent video. I did great following until I came to the footer section. I am trying to ad contact information. I click on the first footer widget but there is no where to drag the contact box from. I am getting old…maybe my eyes are failing me….but I sure don't see it…..lol

  • nyane25

    Before, anything else let me say that your video is AMAZING!! You were the one that helped me understand how to work with Avada.

    Now I have a small question. After the fusion slider there´s a huge blank space between the Fusion Slider and the Recent posts. How can I reduce it?

  • Robyn Gallant

    Hi, when I go into my home page, I do not have the Fusion Builder button to set things up as you are doing? Has this changed since you created this video do you know? Thanks

  • Zebra World Channel

    Hello, if you need royalty-free music for your next videos (completely free, no strings attached) you can visit my website www.zebraworldchannel.com

  • GreatPerformers1

    Good tutorial. My intuition about this theme was condoned by an online reviewer. So many options that a beginner may get drowned out; particularly if you need blogging iche options vs. a general all round web theme… just my opinion. Thanks

  • Duke Design

    I'm using Avada 4.0.3 and the Appearace Menus are all different from this video (especially Fonts and Styling). Do you have an updated video?

  • Bobs Cats

    Round about 15:00 you get into colors and those options simply dont exist in v5.0.2. Maybe the heading of your video should say what version you are using ? v5.0.2 only has predefined theme skin, predefined color scheme and primary color. All that stuff about customising and about buttons aint there buddy.

  • Featherboards

    Based on the number of views you have on this video, you've probably saved your viewers 100,000 hours! As you suggested, I think installing their demos and then editing could become an overwhelming amount of work. Rather than installing WP locally (I watched that video too) to install the Avada demo themes, is there any way to look under the hood of those demos to see how things were done and then simply implementing them on my site?

  • Bradley Garrett

    it seems like the start has changed a lot when going through styling and fonts etc as there updates have moved everything around

  • Jazmine media

    a small question: i have established a blog but i want to re-edit it using avada, i have bought the theme and i am wondering if i can still edit and see changes if i disable the blog from people" currently under maintenance plugin" can i still view what my blog will look like after doing all the changes? because i am going to change everything thats why i want the blog to not be viewed by people for a while

  • Jazmine media

    also one other question, i want to add an instagram feed in my home page, can i also add that, or can i only add a twitter feed in the home page? because i saw a theme in avada that allowes instagram feed to be shown

  • Denis M Lawlor

    Hi Tim, Happy New Year. Great tutorial here as always but have you made an updated version of the Avada tutorial since this one or is this now the latest version? Previously I think you said you were holding out to do the Avada update until they updated their theme later in 2016.

  • Parag Ponkshe

    You sir have earned a subscriber within first couple of mins, I have watched so many tutorials for Avada nobody taught how to change the colours globally.
    Thanks alot
    And very kind of you to put an index in the description 🙂

    Update : I cant find the STYLING tab in Avada 5.0.6 🙁

  • ACIMBroJoe

    Terrific job on these Avada videos. You get to the point and move with pace but not too fast that you can't follow along. A lot of tutorial authors could take some lessons from you on making a succinct video packed with useable information. THANKS TIM!!

  • Top Model Life with Jun!

    I really enjoyed your tutorial. You have a very clear voice and diction that makes watching the video a treat. Thanks!

  • sachin sharma

    You should explain what the different options means and how will they change the appearance…example you are saying from here we can change xyz header but you should explain what this header is…becuase even I can see these options but need to know what they mean

  • Top Model Life with Jun!

    Hello Real Website Hints,
    May I get your advice on something? Do you know what is the best email subscription or newsletter subscription plugin to get for the wordpress avada theme? Thanks in advance!

  • johannes stoppels

    Hay i have a chap installing the avada theme from fiverr in india
    and he is having what he calls font cache issues is there such a thing

    and if so is it easy fixed ?
    my web hosters say all is well at their end

    www.bodynmind.kiwi is the site

    look forward to you reply

    appreciate your time

    warmly Johannes

  • Shahram Fakhimi

    thanks for the video, I have a problem with Avada , when I create item and add content to that , the content (ex :text box) appears on the home page screen on top of my slider, how can I change it , and make sure it only appears when we enter the new page

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