How To Make a WordPress Website with a Free Domain Name – 2019
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How To Make a WordPress Website with a Free Domain Name – 2019

Hey, what’s up guys? It’s me Greg and we’re back today with another one in this video You’re gonna learn how to make a website and get a free domain name in the process that means any .com .net .org .site .business .info .tech .Club .guru dot whatever it was you were thinking of as long as it’s available You’re gonna learn how to get a free one of those when you build a website with us All right enough chitchat if you’re ready to get started so my bust up the computers brew yourself a cup of coffee or whatever is You like to drink. Let’s hop over to my computer and check out the website there. We’re going to make together. Let’s do it So here it is. This is the website that we’re going to learn how to make together today from start to finish And if you think this looks a little bit different than our other tutorials, then you’re right in the past videos We’ve learned how to make one specific website, but if you don’t like that overall website, then what are you gonna? Do I get it so in this WordPress tutorial? You’re gonna learn how to build dozens of different types of websites I’m gonna show you how to install the ocean WP theme? Which is one of the hottest of? 2018 and then use the element or page builder to set up several different professional types of different features on web pages Which are based on? What works on today’s popular websites? that means that when you’re making a new page instead of doing it the Old-fashioned way and just writing a bunch of text into a white box now You can simply choose the template on the right of elementary canvas and click publish now All we need to do is click Edit with Elementor And we’ve just created a blank white page, what’s your website you can have as many of as you want? I know a lot of you guys want those Next we can easily just drag in common website features from the left into the right And then you can go ahead and start creating with them to get more content click on the stack of pancakes in the upper left and then click on the arrow and Then you can just drag and drop and keep creating like this never having to know any code Deleting things is also easier than ever just click on the X Boom and boom my favorite thing to do is to click add template It’s on this screen where you can choose from dozens of professionally designed templates like interior design coffee shop Restaurant, and that way you can not only create your website But create websites for clients or family members that might need a website And you can use many different professional looks and never have to make the same website as anyone else on our homepage now We’re currently using agency so you’re gonna learn how to make all of this. This is the beautiful agency But let’s say we want to try restaurant just click once to preview you can see how it might look and then just click insert This webpage of yours will be transformed into a restaurant style website right away Because this is all just point click and use You can click on the text and start writing in your own little nice lines You can click on the images and then swap them out from the gallery Which I’ll pop out in a nice little scrollable window To do that just click on the feature you want to change and then on the left you can click on the images One by one you can drag and reorder them well Let’s say I wanted to upload a new one click Add to gallery You could hop over to Facebook and find the perfect website image there Just right click on it save that image has Named it Then back in WordPress in the upload files section click select Search for whatever you just downloaded Double click it You’ll be able to use it in WordPress now click Add to gallery now click insert your gallery and Update and we’ve officially updated our gallery right here Changing anything from the text to the headers is just as easy and you get all sorts of cool fonts to set your website apart Once you’re ready to go just click on the Update button in the lower left now click on the pancakes tax exit to dashboard and then you can just click view page and Before our very eyes we’ve created our own custom restaurant page Showing you the basics of how to use ocean WP and elementary will let you guys take the reins Instead of me making the entire website for you I know that a lot of you guys want it to just understand the basics of how to set up a website So that you can then take over add your own images add your own text Logos icons buttons videos and so on and so forth so that’s what we’re gonna be able to do I hope you enjoy it, and if this is something you’d like to do I’m ready to get started building if you are too, then let’s jump in and let’s learn how to make a complete WordPress website Ok so to get started. It’s really easy just scroll down beneath the video and in the description You’ll see a link that says something like get started at Hostgator and just click on that link All right, and this will take us to the hostgator deals page we’re gonna use today So the way it works is you’re gonna get the traditional web hosting which is just the space You use to store your website every website needs some space it stores. The blog posts images videos everything you put on the website It’s kind of like a plan where you build a home and along with that web hosting for three dollars a month Hostgator is gonna throw in the domain name and your website with WordPress installation custom email address Few other cool tools along with it so a pretty cool little special bundle here And this is one of the more rare deals pages on the Hostgator website and on the whole web in general I’m not sure how long they’ll keep it up, but no that’s not really helpful But bottom line is good work taking action today while I leave for tomorrow. What can be done today? Alright, so let’s move forward and just click this get started now button and get your website set up Great stuff so now we’re in the Hostgator customer portal Hostgator order form and you’re in the right place doing a great job I’m gonna walk you through all the steps here starting with number one choose a domain name, and then by the end of it We’ll be ready to purchase our new domain name and a new website all right cool So I already picked out a domain name for the tutorial because I wanted to get it in advance but right now is where I’m gonna walk you through registering your new domain name and Also some tips for how to get the perfect domain name if the one you want isn’t available for example The first tip I have is it the best place to start if you’re not sure if your domain name is just your name so you want to control where your name com goes so that someone can’t put up spam or some weird website on it and It won’t ruin your reputation and if people search you on Google this is what will usually come up and so it’s a great way of controlling what the world and your future employers see when they google, you so I already have my know my name com it’s just a demo WordPress website, which totally describes me, but You’re gonna want to try your name com the next tip is pretty simple you want to get the dot-com because it’s the most Recognizable people just assume like when you say that you started Facebook that it’s and not There’s no negative like Google rankings effect on it like your business won’t do any worse in Google if you choose info club But she’s most recognizable and its most profitable if you want to sell the domain name to have Alright, so we clearly can’t get our name here even though We could get one of the other cool extensions that Hostgator offers like that store, but we want to go calm So we’re gonna have to add a keyword onto our name, which is my third tip? there’s nothing wrong with including a Keyword that describes what you do and most often than not That’ll be available all right, so whatever it is you do whether it’s music which I’m no good at or You know fashion also pretty crummy at that one Need some help But then you can just get it and hopefully that’ll be available That way you have your name and your associating your name with one keyword Which is a great start when you build your image in the eyes of Google? If you can’t get any of these you might want to go with what’s called an exact match domain name Where you try to get the domain name? That’s exactly what people are looking for in Google like la plumbing services if you’re a Los Angeles plumber You’re going to try to target some words like that that people will enter into Google And then hopefully right when they click search in Google your name will come up because it exactly matches the search query That’s just a little SEO check all right, so that’s enough domain name tips for now, but if you need additional help Just drop your domain name ideas down in the comments below alright, so like I said I already bought a domain name So if that’s your case you can just click I already own this domain name, but I’m actually just going to stimulate the prices of a new domain name for you So we’re gonna do greg narayan website’s calm With our domain name set just scroll down and uncheck add domain name privacy protection Just adds to the cost and you can always get it later if you’d like But I don’t usually use this because I trust people in Step two, it’s really easy just choose a hosting plan So we want hatchling which is the cheapest and most basic plan that they offer and it’s also the same hatchling plan You’d get if you just up through the hostgator homepage. We just used our rare deals page to get it same plan next for a billing cycle I Really like the 12 months option because it’s the perfect amount of time to try out your website try making some money building that content really figuring out how a wordpress website works and can work to your advantage and we can also see here that this price is an extremely good price So that’s just another reason to use the 12 month option that price of 2 dollars and 58 cents a month Blows other competitors like GoDaddy and blew us out of the water, so I really recommend going with the 12 months option It’s also what I signed up for first when I first created a WordPress website back in 2010 or whatever but if you really do need to go with the 3 month or 1 month or different term periods even the longer ones then you can go ahead and use our coupon which is big bonus and That’ll save you the max amount of money if you use a different timeframe so We’re going to get 12 months, and then just enter in your user name pretty simple and a security pin Which is just any four numbers? All right now. Let’s scroll down and we’re gonna fill in all that billing info Just like you would at Apple Amazon air B&B or any other online store Next you have the option to pay via PayPal if you’d like maybe your credit card always takes too long Or you’re an international user, and you just rather use PayPal. I just use credit card though, so I get those points Now we can scroll down and in add additional services Just make sure to uncheck them because we’re building a website on a budget I want to show you how to make a website in the cheapest way possible and Again, you can order these later on if you want And in step five it’s time to simply review our order details all right, so we’re gonna confirm right away that we get that $36 price, that’s three dollars a month for 12 months equals 36 dollars You can pay attention to these numbers if you’d like for example the domain registration It’s going to show is five dollars and the way that works is if you Want to get the domain name and the website and the hosting they’ll package it all together For three dollars a month and the domain name is technically free then but if you don’t want the domain name then you can actually remove it and Like if you use this option at the top, I already own this domain name Then they’ll take that five dollars off your cost which is really nice I know other websites offer a free domain name But it’s only just like one set price Hostgator will actually reduce the price if you don’t want that free domain name Okay, so let me know if that doesn’t make sense you also have the subtotal which is a much larger number and a discount which Is a basically a bonus for going through our system here our little process? And I will note that if you do use my link that we signed up through To get to Hostgator and sign up this link right here, or if you use one of my coupons like big bonus Then I will earn a small credit from Hostgator just for referring you to them, so I really appreciate it Helps me keep making more free videos for everyone Thank you so much alright guys so now that we understand how the pricing works We can go ahead and check this box right here, and I do recommend reading these links as well And we can go ahead We’re now set to get our domain name and our web hosting for twelve months for literally the most Ridiculously low prices on the web from what I consider to be the best hosting platform Hostgator the best place to get these two things and the best place to install WordPress super-easy and modern and fast We’re going to do that in the next step But the only thing we need to do now just to get our domain name and hosting working is to click checkout now All right, so if you’re ready. I’m ready. Let’s go ahead and let’s complete the domain name and hosting Alright, let’s do it Congratulations and welcome to the Hostgator family when you see this screen It’s now time to check our inboxes and we can come play around in the Hostgator customer portal later on Okay, so now that we’ve learned how to register web hosting and get a free domain name with it We’ve gotten those two things registered and paid for as well, and we’re gonna get a couple important emails so here I am in my inbox and yours might look slightly different I don’t know if you like the palm trees, but it’s gonna be almost the same If not exactly these two emails you get from Hostgator, which we need to proceed and install our WordPress website So the first one I want you to open is the sales one Alright, so in the sales email and by the way. This is for a different website I set up I’ve set up a lot of websites with Hostgator I’m just using this one because it’s a good example So you’re gonna get some information and you can write this down if you want in like a word doc But I just like the method of never deleting the email all right So you’re gonna get a billing account right here link Which you can log into to check out your Hostgator like billing your packages everything. That’s going on with payments you’re gonna get a control panel link which is useful for doing web designer stuff like uploading files or creating email addresses and Then you’re gonna get some other important links right here and some passwords Let’s check out that other email, which is just billing? All right, and so billing actually contains this link right here, which I want you to use to go ahead and install WordPress so let’s click that and we can actually just log in on this link with the email address here and The password right here alright, so this email is a little bit more simple but both of them just say thanks for choosing Hostgator Here’s a bunch of important crap that you’ll have to figure out and that’s where I’m here to help all right So let’s click on this link Very cool, and now we can use login All right so remember to use that email and password from this email right here the billing email and login It’s loading up the modern super snazzy hostgator customer portal best in the business and now we can just click on the domains tab Alright, so I was just kidding There’s one more step to get our domain name and hosting working and that’s to make sure they are connected So in a moment or two hopefully right away, you’ll see your new domain name You bought through Hostgator right here what you need to do is just click on the gears buy it Open up your domain overview, and now we’re gonna make sure that the name servers are entered correctly Alright, so mine are fine right here I already set them up But what you want to do is make sure that name server one at the top and name server two beneath it match the name servers that you got in your Sales email with your account info and you’re going to find them here in first name server and right below in second name server So if they’re not the same, just go ahead and copy The first name server copy it and go over here and click change And now you can delete name server one and paste in that name serve from the email and delete name server two and grab the one from the email alright, so Copy and paste Perfect if those name servers here already matched the ones in your email then you’re fine, but sometimes they don’t for me And I like just doing it manually here so that now you Understand how to set name servers or point name servers same thing and just so we can get moving in the quickest way possible now just click Save Alright very good, and we’re gonna close this gear icon and scroll up and click hosting Hosting as you can see is where most the fun goes on here if all these different options Hostgator is set up with cool website builders and google suite and all sorts of stuff like that But what we want to do is just move forward and launch quick install because that’ll help us install WordPress all right I also go to file manager a lot This is where I do like web developer stuff like upload custom pages, and you know move websites around But we’re gonna keep it simple and just launch quick install right here Next we just want to scroll down and choose WordPress free click that All right And now we’re getting all set to install WordPress under our domain and hosting it’s you were in the WordPress installation window here And we just need to select our domain for installation alright So click this drop down and hopefully. It’s a little easier to find your domain name Than it is for me. I have definitely gotten Some work in on a lot of different websites over the years All right there she is Leave the directory box blank don’t even click that and now we can just click Next and we’re not gonna let a pro do it For us. We’re not gonna fall for any of that nonsense Just click Next and we’ll do it for free now write in a blog title So I’m just going to call this Exactly what the domain name is so I just have set up a wordpress website comm which would be an exact match domain name and Yeah, I just want to use this one because it’s one of my domain names. That’s open right now There’s nothing on it alright and your admin user so you’re gonna use the administer the login to WordPress So just make it something simple that people can read this will show up on your blog post to like by this I don’t do like tennis fan 9 9 4 2 or something like a o L like that don’t do that alright first name last name and admin email Make sure you get that email address in there right cuz it’ll get your WordPress login sent there Now that this looks good. We can just agree to these terms definitely recommend reading them and click install alright So this is going to install WordPress on the year host your domain name And it’s gonna require a ton of code like all this C plus and JavaScript in the world now I’m just kidding it this does all the code for us alright, so let’s do it All right, there’s snappy it’s doing this thing And installation complete looks like it went. Well. We got the green checkmark And you should also get an email from the Hostgator marketplace saying install complete Alright, so what comes next what do we do on this screen? Well your best bet is to keep the screen open right now because I know everyone likes to keep open it makes people feel safe But if you close it, it’s really not a big deal So keep it open and what you want to do is just visit in a new tab what’s important your domain name That you install WordPress on someone is set up a wordpress website calm I’m not using that Craig nerd on websites one right now, and then we’re gonna click forward slash WP dash admin, and that’s how we all log into WordPress forward slash WP dash admin It might seem like a lot of typing, but it becomes second nature and just hit Enter Alright and so my domain name isn’t quite loaded up yet, so we’re just gonna wait a second But if yours is you’re welcome to proceed with the tutorial because we’re gonna log in and then create a website with WordPress but for now It’s a really good time for me to just go on a hike and get a snack And I’m gonna come back in an hour, and we’re gonna go ahead and log in because it should be working then Alright, so I’m back from my break. If you took a break, too I hope it went really well, and if you’re on your website right now. I hope you can see the login screen I just refreshed it and I got the WordPress login screen that all the businesses and celebrities and everyone who uses WordPress Users to log in this same one if you still don’t see the screen then I recommend Just giving it a little more time when we did that name server step that can take time due to a process called Propagation where your domain is updating across the web and servers are updating and just a quick install process Can take some time for your files to set in place just give it time time fixes everything? Alright, but now that we see login screen. I hope all you can – and we can proceed We just need to get the name and password from quick install right here So the name is hard for me to forget the password is really crazy need to copy that and Come to our press login screen now. Let’s login for the very first time Just paste it in that password. I’m gonna click remember me, and I’m also gonna bookmark this link so we can be Really lazy if we want, and we don’t have to type in the full wordpress login link Which is just your name comm port slash? WP dash admin and we’ll login Hope it works up it works Yeah, it worked excellent so you now have a wordpress blog, and you have a domain name that we got for free with the web hosting and the Tutorial is done. Just kidding It’s not done at all because we have a whole wordpress set here. We need to figure out And I’m not gonna leave you hanging if you click on the website name of yours in the upper left It’ll take you just to the default theme, so this is the 2017 theme about WordPress And I’m not gonna leave you with that basic blog theme that like everyone starts with you Because I want your site to look really good I mean, this is a good theme But I want your site to look really good and after all we’re making a website not a blog, so let’s click the name to go back to the dashboard where all our editing goes and We’re gonna click. I don’t need help Because you have me all Right so first and foremost let’s change our password so we can login easier just click on users and Then click on yourself And then scroll down and click new password generate password now. We’re just gonna type in a new password Alright, so don’t copy my password just going to confirm it and update profile Alright in this screen you can also do some cool little layout changes. You know maybe you like the light option Whatever you like looking at it definitely like coffee That’s pretty cool. Thinning and brown is so blah so I kept awesome perfect Alright, so then now we’re gonna come to plugins and I’m gonna show you how to use WordPress plugins Super fun and easy it just seemed confusing at first, but it’s one of those things that inherently gets easier over time I just want to give you some tips on which plugins to keep and which ones to zap or delete So a kismet we want to activate and keep it. That’s the spam protector Cool analytics by monster insights, I want to deactivate delete just Because it’s annoying and because we like doing analytics the old-fashioned way that Google recommends Which I have a video on you definitely find it on the channel Delete okay? Hello Dolly’s really cool plug-in by the founder of WordPress That’s Matt Mullenweg by the way so we can activate that it doesn’t do much But it does put a little quote from a song in the upper right corner right here Today ago, and we can delete jetpack. That’s for people that want to use a site We’re using dot org the full version. We’re gonna delete mojo because we’re gonna get our own themes we don’t need their themes right now And we’re gonna delete optinmonster deactivate Delete and we’re gonna delete WP forms light because just because Alright, I like using contact form 7 for forms And delete okay Create work now that you have your plugins clean, and everyone’s on the same page We are good to go. Let’s go to appearance just click on appearance once and it’ll take you to your themes library That’s the same as hovering on appearance and clicking themes And now I’m just gonna get you a new theme that everyone says is the best theme at the moment right now So it’s pretty hot on block and we’re just gonna try to use it and figure it out right now So your site looks unique and really modern So let’s click add new theme Now let’s do all right these themes are just awesome like there’s a million themes to choose from and there’s featured popular We have a really great Tutorial on Sydney it’s not that great. It’s just people like this one a lot, so I showed everyone how to use it and Yeah a lot of different themes we cover a lot of them a different tutorial so if you want to use one just ask in The comments and I’ll point to you the right link So you can also just search for things like business and people will definitely name themes accordingly so you can get like business themes or Like yoga, you can get really niche with your themes if you want WordPress is humongous guys alright, but in our case. I just want to get a really standard good business team called ocean Ocean all right answers ocean WP this one right here, so you can click it and now we can click install it And now we click activate I’m just gonna show you how to use ocean because it’s a minimalist theme if they click to our Homepage now it’ll show we just have a lot of white space which is good. White is good You could use a white space and now we can actually set up a really basic website Alright, so what we’re gonna. Do is get rid of this default WordPress content we’re gonna insert a logo and a little navigation menu, and then some social media and Some page content that people can you know read about your business with? so let’s go back to the dashboard click on this button and upper left and Now let’s go back to plugins And I want to get you a page builder so WordPress uses page builders these days Which means you get to drag and drop and so you don’t have to use any complex web design skills to make your pages, so just click add new and Do a search for Elementor Excellent and we’re going to install element or page builder we can see it’s been bit Elementor calm so it’s the real one and it’s like got a lot of active installation super popular and compatible with our version Install now And We’ll just activate it, and if you’re just watching this video like offhand Just to learn some WordPress skills, then that’s perfect – you don’t have to fall along everything Alright, so now when we go to our home page Nothing changed, so let’s make some changes. Let’s go back to the dashboard and Let’s go to pages Click pages and now you’re gonna get the sample page so we can Trash that that’s just a nice little bonus from WordPress and Now we’re gonna add new and we’re gonna make two pages one is our home page And one is our blog post page, so this is what most web designers do on a new site They just make one called home or front page. I kind of like home and You can choose a template on the right? so I want to do element or canvas so we can start building with Elementor and publish it Very cool all right now. We click add new again so we’re learning how to add new pages, and we can click and write rather write blog and Now we’re just gonna leave this as the default template and do publish Okay, so now that that’s done. Let’s go to settings and when you hover on settings just click on reading And now we want to establish where these pages show up on your website so right now your home page displays your latest posts That’s why if we open the website. It just shows this one default blog post on the home page It looks really boring like any old blog all right, so we want to make it a static page your home page displays a static page and For home page its home and for post page its blog. It’s that easy and Save Changes All right, and that’s gonna make it so let me look at the site now. It just shows it nice blank page How cool is that Literally just a white page alright, so we just made a fully white website white site Now let’s go back to the dashboard and let’s fill that page in Okay, so we have to go to pages And we have to go to the homepage because that’s what we’re gonna work on first now. I have to click Edit with Elementor Alright and we can start loading loading loading, and it’s gonna give us all the elementary features to make a fully functional page All right, so let’s just follow Elementary’s lead and click add new section all right so we can add a new section but I want to try adding a template and see what they’ve made for us a template and Using this window right here in the elementary library you can actually choose from custom templates That the designers at Elementor have made for us so in the span of a few clicks you can make an architecture site a CV resume a graphic designer site a Delivery company a creative agency a goodness interior design coffee shop whatever you want. It’s really cool Some of them are pro and some of them are free, but we want to keep it free on a budget So I’m just gonna try to go with Agency here, just like we’re double agents, or we’re like a media talent agency and click insert All right and your new sites, gonna load, and how cool is that? so literally with a few clicks of the mouse we have a functional website and the idea now is that you click and You can design your WordPress as it says you can write your site title here And then you can go on and just customize the whole thing you can click on one of these sections And then when you’re on the right area you can just remove the logos and pick up your own ones For now it’s got 13 images selected, but you can clear them, or you can click them and drag and drop or just remove them So maybe you’ve written for the cuff post or Forbes or a vote you can like insert the logos here But maybe you just want to have a really cool Default like template like this like a really cool website that you can show your boss and be like hey I made this website. It doesn’t look cool You want to work on it now, and you guys can go and work on it and have coffee And he’ll understand that you’re a pro because you set this up on your own How cool is that you can literally click to edit any of these sections and on the left hand side? Almost said right hand side you can just change the way things look like style advanced you can change margins you can change different things like the borders so on and so forth and Hopefully have a lot of fun. I hope you can take this from here because there’s a lot of really cool tools here and Well, I know I’m gonna end up explaining almost all of them to you guys in the comments I know that you’re gonna want time on your own Late at night to figure out all this stuff on your own So I’ll let you go, but I just wanna have you click Save first in the upper section click on the Save button Which will save your section to the library? So you can Export and reuse any page and a website. Just right in you know the Greg template or whatever you want and save it Now you can ex out And we can click update on the lower left so that it will actually update this site here, and now let’s click on this Stax a pancake button up here, and that’ll get us back to the dashboard button we can click exit to dashboard and You can go ahead and get back to the wordpress editor as most people see it who don’t know how to use Elementor This is what the old fashioned way of doing. It was and now we can just click on site title and Voila we’ve made a great new website, how cool is that? Alright so when you’re ready go ahead and replace everything design a website to your heart’s content make a blog make it all happen and Make a website that will really be the website of your dreams Like I said, I’m happy to help with any questions comments concerns you have down below in the YouTube comments Or you can hit up the blog I blog every week and publish gatepost from Writers just like you at dear bloggers org? alright, so you can head over here and I hope you can meet some people here too. Maybe you can meet our social media manager Cory She’ll say hello, or you can meet one of our guest bloggers But yeah, enjoy it check out the blog post a comment somewhere try to get it on our radar I will help you make your WordPress site even better And I can’t wait to be on your radar to don’t even if that means what does it mean to be on Salons radar? All right before I put my foot in my mouth. Thanks for watching guys because I really enjoyed making this for you please make sure to hit that subscribe button like share all that rayless dump network really helps it totally free and Yeah, as usual. I’ll see you next time


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  • Daria L'ora

    Hello Greg! I have a question for you! I am trying to open a blog and I want to own the domain, so I have opted for, but the domain (URL site) contains "local host and numbers", while I would like to be something like "". So I am not sure how should I do that…. also, I just have used MAMP and, I have not paid anything… Am I doing it right? Can I give the name to the domain without paying? Thank you!

  • Midee

    Great and insightful video Greg. So I already have a personal blog that is being hosted on Bluehost but I want to start making WordPress websites for clients and want to build my portfolio, my question is will using the method mentioned in your video with host gator affect my already existing blog on WordPress? Thank you

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