• George Mathew

    Hi Greg,

    Thank you so much for this video. It has helped me setup my website without having to spend tons of money. 

    I have a doubt though: How do I link the header to different sections on my page. I do not want to create new pages for each of the links. Instead, all I want to do is link to the different sections and the page will auto scroll to that section (using #pg-248-2) . 

    How can we do this?

  • Remy Miller

    This was hugely helpful, thank you very much. Is there a way to add individual call to action button on each of the slides of the header slider, and have them link to different page, or at least a different section on the front page? Right now there's only one that links to the primary section below the slider (as you know). Thx!

  • MrPwhite1985

    @Greg Narayan Thanks for your Tutorial. I recently found it while searching for help. Do you know, why this little "go-back"-Arrow is gone? The one that brings you straight back to the beginning of your site. It's missing on your Demo Site as well. Is there a way to bring it back? It's such a useful feature. Thanks anyway.

  • John Smith

    When I type text on a webpage, each new line of text has too much space.
    i.e. this is the text I want everyone to read

    then this would be the second line of text

    This would be the 3rd line of text

    and here is the fourth line of text

    I would like to see my text
    like this, see there is no spacing
    and here the text is not spaced
    so this looks so much better

    I am using Sydney Pro II
    Thanks in advance

    Your video is so helping me out,
    I invite you to have a look at my website built only using this awesome video

  • aspiebear

    Learning lots form your videos – Thanks. Would you know how to remove the sign-up forms that have been inserted below each service on my Services section since I created the sign-up form and set it to be at the bottom of all pages? I am not sure if I even want 'one' form under the services, but I certainly don't want three! please see www.bearsac.com to see what I mean. If they are no longer there if you do go there, then it's because I have it sorted.

  • Veqa Christiana

    Hi Grer, thanks for the awesome tutorial.
    I wanna ask, i have several pages, but when i try to build my page called "services", it show "Nothing found blablabla", but in another page that i try to build, there are no words like that..

    Please help, im kinda stuck

  • Latin Movil Art

    Hi Greg, I love the Sidney theme.
    In the Services section the icons do not work, because there is a new version of them. You help us, thanks.

  • Vikram Nayar

    Thanks so much Greg.  This was very helpful and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You are an awesome teacher.  Thanks for all your efforts buddy.

  • Vikram Nayar

    I have a question.  I created a page and added the site origin slider in it.  I was able to upload and publish images on it as well.  But I am unable to add any captions on the images.  When I click on image it does give me a section to add image caption, description etc but even after entering the info and saving it nothing happens.  Would really appreciate if you can guide me in that.  Thanks in advance.

  • The Car Jar

    Hi Greg, thanks for the tutorial…very helpful. Could you please tell me which would be the best way to make my website bilingual? I would like to translate the content myself and by changing the language everything to remain the same except the text. Thank you in advance

  • Esther Sangara

    Help needed: on the portfolio section, not matter what I use to scale and have the same height, they come up unsealed thus not looking as well aligned as yours! Little help, suggestion. Great video btw

  • Usmaan Ashiq

    You are a marvellous person Greg. Thanks to you i have a much better understanding of wordpress and have almost completed my first ecommerce site. Clear cut instructions, I wish u all the best in life mate Thank you

  • Winnie Mburu

    Hi Greg. Thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial. It really made things easy for me. Now quick question, I am unable to copy icon as you explained. I think I need to download something on my computer to enable me to do it. Could you please clarify? Many thanks for your help.

  • James King

    Thanks greg, I have now created 3 simple sites using Sydney and your tutorials. On the third I can't remember how to turn off the comments-can you tell me where in the tutorial it explains this?

  • Jitsimplify

    Hi, I am using this worpdress theme and I would like to open my projects in a new tab. What can i do for this?

  • Alex Peel

    Great Tutorial, I love it.But I have a little problem currently with my theme that I do not understand and I wish u can help, my Sydney theme displays well on mobile, tablet but when I open it using a computer, some sections below the header are shifted left-sided right to the bottom.How can i solve this problem? here is the website though not completed www.helif.org

  • Blain smith

    55 year old newb building my first WP site. Its a blessing I stumbled across this ! God Bless and thank you !

  • Zeshan Ahmad

    Hi…i followed whole this site….and its working good on pc, but on mobile, front page is not showing its first and main area, where i have images and other things….cant figure out, what happened…n how to clear it

  • mtc5826

    Thank you for informative videos on Sydney theme.
    A question – is it possible to move the text in the header slider? currently it is centered in each image but would be great to be able to move it around depending on the image.
    Appreciate any guidance you can provide.

  • Zeshan Ahmad

    Hi Greg Narayan , bro……..can i know what i need to fix this issue? my front page is displayed normally in pc, but doesn't work when i open my site in android mobile, pls help……..regards

  • Boriquah Afrikanah

    When I try to separate the 6 services into 2 with 3 & 3 each, all of my services disappear. What am I doing wrong? I've folloewd your steps and went over them like 3 – 4 times & still disappearing.

  • Jasmine Williams

    I can’t get one of my icon fonts to show up. I’m trying to use the hand holding heart one and the code is fa-hand-holding-heart but there’s nothing in my little circle. So far this tutorial is literally AMAZING. I’ve been fooling around with this theme for a whole week

  • kritagya dixit

    I am a big fan of yours and I created my first wordpress website in only 4 hours and that's just because of you and your video,I need your help as i am trying to do seo of the same website (on page seo)……………………..is there a way you can help me out please.

  • Lisa Lucero

    I have followed your tutorial and my website looks beautiful on my PC. However the layout looks awful on my mobile devices. Could I have done something wrong to mess this up? Can you please take a look and let me know? My website is raisinggodsgirls.com Thank you!

  • Face Yoga Australia

    Hi Greg, Thank you for the tutorial. I love my website. Great Stuff!! I have one issue with the "Click to Begin" button. It is right in the mouth area of the Front Page picture, which looks funny. It's even worse on a mobile. (see faceyogaaustralia.com) Is there a way to move it to the right side? Also, it would be great to have the option to allocate a different author to the blog posts, than the login username. Thanks a lot.

  • Vanessa Jarman

    I have 2 things I have happening on my page I can't figure out.. The "SEE ALL OUR NEWS" button isn't appearing under my blog posts – and I have my testimonials scrolling in two different sections on my home page. I want to get rid of the entire bottom part of the home page (where the testimonials are scrolling again) There is no widget to delete – which is what's confusing me. Thank you so much for your help!

  • Cameron Cheape

    I downloaded and installed my fontawesome web fonts folder and I'm typing fa-untesils into the service info box but the icon doesn't appear on the home page. What do I do to get it to appear? Do I have to enter some code somewhere?

    Overral, this tutorial was very very helpful as you go into every topic in detail and make it easy to follow!

  • Elea Tacsanan

    Hi Greg, I'm having an issue with adding services. It seems that all content are mixed together in widget service A and B even if I have already categorized them. could you help me out with this? Thank you ♥

  • diggie smalls

    Alright greg im after a bit of help here. im trying to set up a photography and blog page using sydney and am having trouble. firstly when i make each new page id like to give it a title for my own personal refrance back end of the site whilst working on them but not have the name of it show up on the top left of the screen front end. id like to be able to use my widgets heading as the main heading for each page. secondly i cant get any of my widgets to show text or social links centered on the page unless i split the row into 2 and use the columns with the ratio of golden (0.618) setting. thirdly id like to be able to display an image carousel under my main image side on my front/home screen that if possible slides through all the photos i have posted on my site with a linked heading called images or pictures that will take you to my entire photo collection as well as a link in each photo taking me to the same place. i spent 10 hours yesterday trying to figure this out and am up to 4 hours today trying to set my site up so i can at least start writing and trying to get some content uploaded. however i am close to starting over with a different theme or canceling my domain getting my money back and walking away from the whole blog and web page idea all together please help anybody!!

  • 39Mike91

    Great explanation!, 1 problem i can't get any icons in mij services.
    I think Sydney doesn't support the fontawesome link anymore. Now it looks not finished. And i'm gonna start my business very soon. PLEASE HELP!
    I can send you the link if you like?

  • Mohamed Nivaz

    Sir I can't get the services option in the dashboard menu though I have installed the same plugin. please reply me…. I dont know what to do….

  • Tony Sepulveda

    On my "about us," page, is there a way to wrap the text around the video?


  • Kieran Mackison

    Hey man this is a great tutorial. Can you please update the "copy me" CSS link in the description though. It currently goes to a "We're moving" page. Apart from that, this is such a great help.

  • Terry Morgan

    Thanks Greg. I used this video when first building my new site and you made doing it fun and productive and (almost) effortless. Since tweaking some things ( and dealing with WordPress's automatic updates that change the footer copyright notice (grrr!) ) I've watched your other videos about the Sydney theme, and used your expertise to sort things out. I need to look at your Elementor tutorials too, but I see that WordPress are going to launch a new editor in November. I will undoubtedly be looking for your input and tutorage about that ! Thanks again..Terry.

  • Rita Baah

    Hey Greg… it’s awesome following you on here. Was a complete newbie with WordPress and building websites completely last week but, man you are a great teacher! You make it so easy. Much Love man. I salute you.

  • Rita Baah

    Please quick question, I was trying to link some of my command (call to action) buttons to a pop up form which ask for name and email but couldn’t find none on Sydney, of course a complete newbie. NEED HELP!

  • Erin Roberts

    Hey Greg! Thanks so much for this video!!! Is there any easy way to add a footer menu with quick links and links to Privacy Policy, etc.?

  • Doris Pokorny

    Hi Greg! Your tutorial is really great, only I have a problem with my site. Somehow there is a white overlay at the posts, etc. so this doesn't look nice. In the header area on the pages (picture) I have a black overlay. Can you please help me to get rid of these overlays? Thank you very much. Doris

  • Oolitic Baptist Church

    Greg, I am on the step that involves code. As you say in the video, you have provided a link that will bring me to the code to copy and paste. It seems, however, that the link no longer works. Could you provide me with the code you use at about 1:22:00 of your video?

  • Caleb Thomason

    Greg I really like how you teach us through this theme. I am a business owner that is not good with computers, but I need to adjust my footer padding. Without adding another plugin or writing code is there a way to shrink the footer?

  • Sherry Vaughn

    Thank You For this Awesome Video! It was so easy to follow and I loved the setup of the Website. I "FINALLY"! Have a Beautiful, functional Website that I can be proud of & I did it myself! Can't wait to send my customers over to my new Site. Thanks again Greg, I will definitely post about this tutorial on all of my Social Media Platforms. Keep up the Great Work!

  • Kevin LJ

    Great teaching, thanks Greg. I am trying to decide between Ocean and Sydney themes. Which one is easier to use? More intuitive? I don't want to create fancy websites, just clean, fast and functional. I have some experience with WP but have not had a theme which used Elementor or similar. Page builders look like they make everything so much more streamlined.

  • Hamza Abid

    Hi Greg.
    For Sydney, 'page builder has seem to be replaced by Elementor, which do you think is more appropriate and more compatibly useful.
    Page builder doesn't seem to be recommended by Sydney anymore!

  • Hamza Abid

    Also, a little bit confused with regards to when adding a service (1:00:00 ish) why does WP decide that the service goes on the home page/first page, can it not go anywhere else?
    It is automatically linked to there…
    Just a bit confused.

  • Võ Quốc Đạt

    Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[' in /home/voquocda/public_html/wp-content/plugins/sydney-toolbox/sydney-toolbox.php on line 103

  • Ankush Kaushik

    Dear Plz Help me 59:13…and 1:37:33 Services icon does not show our website. And Our Team Photo Facebook & Twitter icon, not show 1:33:45 Only show Photo Please Help me

  • Christie Bates

    This has been SO SO helpful. I'm having trouble getting SOME of my FA icons to show up, but not others. They're all free, and my plugins are all up to date. Help! My site is browse.studio

  • Oyekanmi ayodeji

    hy, please i tried following the tutorial to create my website, and after choosing sydney theme, the image and links icons on the homepage didnt show.what i'm i going to do please

  • Black Berry

    Hey Greg I paid my subscription to Hostgator and the payment went through but I never received a confirmation email. This is starting to concern me as it's now been a few days and Hostgator customer service is not responding even though I've given details. Is this some sort of scam?

  • Ankush Kaushik

    Dear Plz Help me 59:13…and 1:37:33 Services icon does not show our website. And Our Team Photo Facebook & Twitter icon, not show 1:33:45 Only show Photo Please Help me

  • Sylvia Richardson

    Wonderful Tutorial , I will give you kudos and sent you a link when I'm done so others can use your service, one question I am struggling with, under the employee section I cannot get any of the bio text to show up. Any thoughts

  • Latin Waves Media

    Love this tutorial but please help. for some reason my "See all my news" button is not showing up. I have the bluberry podcast plugin for both audio and video posts , not sure if that matters. But if you get a second can you let me know. Great tutorial

  • Saskia Foubert

    Hi Greg, how do i change the link from to button clic to begin, now its #primary and i want it to be projects. thank you Saskia

  • Rosemary Loftis

    Hello, great tutorial Greg! Can you please tell me how/what widget you used to create this block: "who should use this tutorial" red & white blocks?

  • Bertrand Joly

    Dear Greg,
    Nearly two years ago, I made my first website thank to your tutorial. It was a school project and I was already happy. Today I used this tutorial again to make my company's website, and I am just so thankful. This is really an amazing video where all information is really clear and explained in detail.
    I almost never write comment below a Youtube video but for yours I already did it twice, because I think your job is really worth it.
    Thank you once again Greg!

  • Alesha Charlene Williams

    Not sure what I've clicked but my Sydney theme homepage isn't showing…don't know what I've done. Im sure its easily fixable

  • Mahesh Patel

    Even after 2 years of initial watching and setting up our website I come back here when I need to modify. Really helpful. Thank you.

  • PEM's Punjabi

    Hey Greg 🙂
    I'm having problems linking my CTA to the 'our team' and 'facts' section. Pls elaborate a little on that 🙂

  • Jyothi Ramachandran

    Greg, cant thank you enough! If it wasnt your video help, I would have never been able to design my own website. You are doing a noble service… God bless you and thank you once again!!!

  • Trian Ayala

    I have been searching other tutorials and the people instal a demo called "one click demo import". Do you suggest to install this plugin ? thank you

  • Eric Geynes

    tutorial is great to start with but interface with sydney has completely changed now… with elementor not having things like 'sydney services A' or 'services' in the left menu section… any updated tutorial by any chance? thanks

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