• Colin D

    This is a great resource! I have built a website and really appreciate your work to allow me to do it .I know next to nothing about IT and this guide is excellent. I followed the step by step instructions and it is easy to follow. I did have a few problems , however I contacted the guys at emediacoach ant they replied to my email and assisted me through the problem. sorted now MANY THANKS!!

  • Esther Pointer

    I am have a difficult time with the Contact Form Page. I sent an email as a test run, but it is not showing up in my email. What am I doing wrong. Yes, I checked to make sure it was the correct email address 🙂 

  • Jeff Goldman

    I have a degree in CS and WP is a PAIN to work with without a decent guide. This was the best tutorial I have seen yet, you guys ROCK! Please keep up the good work, I have bookmarked your web site and will definetly be making use of more…Thanks!

  • Shravan Dutt

    Hi, Great Tutorial, Please advise how to remove " Call me! Maybe? " on the Vantage Page. It is on their current Install

  • Karan Murthy

    Keep up the good work eMediaCoach. Just an update. I could not find the Black Studio Tiny MCE widget even after installing the plugin. After further investigation, I found that it is now available as 'Visual Editor' in the widgets section. 

  • willinda penn

    Great video job well done will be making my website by following your steps
    For my business that you so much .
    I was beginning to get stressed out with coming out my pocket with thousands
    Of dollar to have someone to build my website they make it seems so hard
    And if like its a lot of work to be done .
    Thank you so much you have been a blessing to me

  • Mobadadi Badi

    Hi, eMedia Coach.I want to tell you than your video is excellent, only for suggestion, if you accept mine is to show us how you prepare your work to build your website.Example: you drag photos from your PC without showing us how you get them.
    For that, I guess there are some preparation before starting building your website. Thank you.

  • Paul

    Amazing web site tutorial!!! Thank you so much eMediaCoach! Using this tutorial I created my own website and it's running: www.hypnosisnamibia.com. Again, thanks a mil!!!

  • Pouya Vagefi

    I have installed and activated the Black Studio TinyMCE plugin but in the installed widgets is not listed and I can not drag it to sidebar menu ,any help please? 

  • Adam Swenson

    I would like to ad video's to my future website, do you have a tutorial on that widget/plugin?  Thanks again: I have interviewed several know it all's that claim to be the best web designers, recruited by all the biggest companies, they charge a lot and probably provide less than what you have just shown us.  Thanks

  • furkan goktas

    how do you add an instagram widget like the Facebook widget in your video, how do you add an paypal buy now widget, how do you add ann shopping bag function, how do you make a function where customers can make a account on your webpage, and in the FAQs page you have added some things where i can fill in my name etc. how do you do that. The video was great and it was simple to follow and i hope you will make a new video with all new things and what ive asked. Or if you want to reply, that is also good 

  • Martin James

    That was a lovely video on making WordPress site,I got immensely benefited from watching and learning this video.

  • Steve Tucker

    I need to put a business logo in header or above the header. WordPress allows to place text but not a graphic. I am using the default responsive template in wordpress. Can you or do you have a tutorial on that?  Thank you

  • lordlubu21

    quick question is there a way to change the color behind the space of the logo.


     I wish to change the Header color. I am trying to put just blue violet in background nothing fancy

  • Chad Bridge

    Fantastic video! Really enjoyed watching it all!

    I'm new to WordPress and was struggling with menus and pages for about a day. Your video has really boosted my confidence to complete my own business website.

    Thank you!!

  • Tunday Solomon

    Hi,I just installed the black studio plugin but its missing on the widget side.how do i find and installed it as text editor.its not listed on the widgets bar.

  • Leon Tribe

    You just taught me how to create a web site in WordPress in one hour. I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much. If only I'd seen this before buying my domain on GoDaddy I could have saved a few bucks as well and protected my identity from the spammers 😉

    In terms of the theme, rather than import the zip file, you can add it through the Add Themes feature of WordPress. Similarly, the slider is available through WordPress.

    One question. I am still using the GoDaddy DNS servers and simply set up a domain forwarding with masking. Is there a problem doing it this way?

  • Nosa Idusuyi

    Thanks to you guys, i built my first website (www.blpaulsen.com) for under 50 USD just following your tutorial. Infact you demystified the whole stuff, i am playing around with so many other plugins now. You are truly awesome…

  • Ramon Matta

    The best tutorial I ever seen. Thank you guys and as soon I get my page I will let you know so you can give me some feedback

  • Health Fundamental

    Excellent & very easy to understand……A request, if you can have one video on SEO setting…it would be a great help. Thanks a lot.

  • Jonathan Morton

    I can't get my logo to show up whenever I am signed out of wordpress. It shows it on my website if I am signed into wordpress, but not if you try to just visit the page. Any fix to this or is my logo too big?

  • Mark Gosling

    I got my domain from goDaddy and they won't release it for 60 days.   Anybody have any ideas on how to remedy this?

  • Dim Fei

    Hello, and thanks for your tutorials, they are very useful !

    Maybe you can help me, I wonder if it is possible to make a slider which operates with a ip identification system ?

    I need that people who visit the site, see in the slider the nearest items referenced in my site (products classified by geolocalization) ?

    Do you know if there is an existing plugin who allows to do that ? If not, is it expensive to ask a programmer to create this kind of plugin ?

    Thanks, [email protected]

  • Tunday Solomon

    Hi, Coach,
    Thank you for beign there when ever your help is needed.

    Vantage theme does not support text editor again.i have installed about 4 plugins of text editor which does not show up on my post or page.

    Both the text and visual icon does not show on the bar, only the page builder icon is visible.What should i do?

  • Tax Tree

    You have made it so easy to design and develop a Professional Website, compared to many large companies within my sector your simple easy to follow guide had resulted in an amazing website.
    My IT capacity in this area does not go beyond Word and Excel to achieve this with your tutorial is a mammoth achievement.
    This would have cost me about $3000 in Australia from quotes I got and samples of what was being quoted for looked nothing like what you assisted me to achieve.
    Thank you for just makin it all happen, I could never have done this without the simplicity and ease of you tutorials
    Check it out   www.taxtree.com.au
    Thank you

  • Lim Lye huat


    Is there a live chat with you in your emediacoach.com
    I really got some problem of website site up matter
    Hopefully, this will help people like beginner like any one of them watching your youtube video to appreciate your hard work.  Will there be a PDF file that we can upload from your step by step in this video. 

    Hope my request is not make you more busy. 

  • Lawrence Johnson

    Great Video!! Best one yet!  My site is coming along fabulously!  I really annoying problem though… I am unable to change the tagline!  I've modified the field from the General Settings, but the "call me maybe" tag remains.  Has anyone else experienced this?  I will check the posts…  Other than that exceptional video, thank you for publishing it!

  • Manuel Figueroa

    Great site! Very helpful. I'm on my way to creating a successfull website.  I have one small problem.  I've created a parent/child setup, where the parent is (ie) Products and the child, Men's shirts.  If you hover over Products, Men"s shirts appear in the drop down, and then clicking on that , you see the product. Problem is, if you click on Product, it opens to  a page.  How do you stop that from happening.  I just want the word Product to be a step that leads to the subproduct, not to open to it's own page?

  • Selina Borquez

    Hello, Im having a small issue. When I DL vantage my mac automatically unzips the file. How do I stop it from down that?

  • Project Skade

    hi there, I AM DOING THIS ON MAC,
    when i download vantage, it saves as a folder therefore i can't upload it to the 'add theme' part on wordpress. the folder contains 5 things. how do i install it? 
    great tutorial, many thanks

  • Pranay Subba

    Thank u soo much sir for the video…i want to make t
    My business website….and i want to make website where i can do transaction with my customers…can u help me

  • Vinay Mirani

    I had taken domain from google and web host from hostgator . How can I add that 1st name server and 2nd name server to my domains . Please help me . @eMediaCoach

  • hemant rajpoot

    Hey that's an awesome tutorial loved it,
    Thanks for this.
    Can you tell me how to add payment gateway system on the site and Google search bar, music download
    Is there any plugin available??? For these three thing?
    Plz help me with this!!! And also tell me where I can get more themes?

  • hisham alrajeh

    perfect tuterial,
     but just i have a 2 questions
    1-when i make the google map in the website and the box of the facebook, i have problem in the distance enter two, and when i wrote the text of the welcome and i but the photo below the text i have this problem too, and i don't know how to solve it?
    2- when i but the photo in the slider i wrote in the photos but the problem is the pictures had been cut when i uploaded to the website and alot of words had been cut too, how i can solve it. 
    thank you

  • hisham alrajeh

    @eMediaCoach hi 
    i sent to you massage via you website before i wrote to you here(maybe 5 days ago)
    to this:  http://www.emediacoach.com/contact-us 
    i m sorry for bother you but i want help to complete the website and i don't know how to solve these problems 🙁
    thank you so much

  • Scott Fuller

    I am at the spot to start building the site but i do not see the fantastico button as a option under software and services. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

  • Anil Makkar

    Work beautifully Done, It's really great that you shared this video with us !
    Like to have video tutorial of making real estate website with vantage theme.
    Well done Sir

  • NaVnEeT DAS

    All things went smooth But while uploading the slides i faced the problem i am bot able to save the changes after i select mine slides. after clicking "save setting" it's select default slide i.e Demo slider.

  • Jacob Christian Glover

    Praise God! I'm a believer in your tutorials, but I can't get the meta slider to stop switching back to demo. I installed the plugin properly and followed you step by step, please advise. Also, how do I change the background color for the Vantage Theme? Be well and thanks in advance!


    I have already started my website with another video, but yours seems simpler, is it possible to switch without altering what I already have on my website?

  • Brian Crane

    Brilliant tutorial! Many thanks! I've paid for WP tutorials that aren't a patch on yours. (also you made a new customer for your recommended domain and hosting websites).

  • Brian Crane

    Not only thanks for the excellent free tutorial but thanks for the recommendation on your domain registration and web hosting vendors. The DN company is cheaper than any I've seen (even FREE whois privacy) and the web hosting company is streaks ahead of the one I'm currently using, smooth as silk and FAST! Many, many thanks!

  • dboutine

    Hi, Thank you so much for this tutorial. It has been very helpful in a simple form. What I want to know though is How can I make an e-commerce website with this WordPress? I want to sell products online, how can I have customers to order from my website and how would they pay ? Thanks again.

  • M.Ruhul Amin

    Your all tutorials are great! I am watching your all tutorials one by one. I have also seen this tutorial. I have faced a problem. When I tried to setup a logo from theme setting, then all structure of homepage has broken down. And theme settings are not changing. It is being default.


  • Blake Lloyd

    Im having issues at the end with theme settings changes for logo and slider updates everytime I update then click save settings it goes back to default any solution to this issue ?

  • Kishanth Jeyalingam

    theme settings is not allowing my changes… pls help
    Paid for the full version and it worked. This might be an update to the theme now.

  • Product Review

    Thank you. You are the best . And i want to ask you to make another video for how to make a website for affiliate business to convert the target users from your landing page to the offers after they but email address. I hop you do it because i'm very comfortable with
    the way which explains them by video

  • Ponnu Samy

    Im stuck with vantage theme settings…i change demoslider to slider but nothing happens….. that is after i click on save changes nothing changes! the slider goes back to demo slider…..someone please help me +emediacoach

  • ISH's channel

    sir can a website like foodpanda can be made using wordpress. please upload a tutorial dedicated to food ordering portal like foodpanda. i need your help.

  • Local Transportation Service LLC

    Watched all the video for two hours and when I downloaded and try to change, “Header Text” to put my phone number, I cannot do it, I think I should buy, “Premium Version”  Don’t waste time.

  • Raymond Evans

    This was the best WordPress tutorial I have yet to watch. I spent hours using the GoDaddy WordPress tutorial which left me floundering and confused. I built my web page while following the tutorial and I am impressed with the results. Many thanks indeed.

  • Erica Neely

    I have followed along with this tutorial wonderfully with no problems, until I tried to change the slider at the top of the homepage. I read through the comments on this video and saw that others had the same problem. So I tried to upgrade to the premium version of Vantage theme with no luck as it was giving me an error message when I tried to click to pay. So I decided I should upgrade my meta slider to the pro version. This did not solve my problem. HELP please!

  • Bassem Jarkas

    If possible to have a video showing how to insert input forms, Reports and to deploy access or Sql Database without using Caspio or similar softwares.

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