• Wonda Elizabeth

    Is there a way to change the title size on the blog page? Not the page title, but rather the title of the individual post.

  • Mary Ann McCoy

    Following this youtube tutorial doing great. When I added services and published it worked great. Now it has totally disappeared from the website although the info is still sitting in services. Tried deleting the services info and added back in but again with no results on the live site. Anything I can troubleshoot before deleting everything and starting over?

  • Kristy D

    Is the Sydney theme still available in 2017? If not, is there a theme you would suggest for this tutorial? Wanting to keep my website super clean like what you chose with Sydney! THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!!! One thing to add, thank you for an AMAZING TUTORIAL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What A Fan !

    Hello young man I can use you help. I've set up my contact page but I've sent test emails and I'm not receiving them, what have I don wrong? Also my website still has the wordpress login bar across the top, how can I get rid of that? Amazing video, thank you for doing this for us old guys!!!!!

  • Anne Beatrice Jacob

    Thank you for the tutorial video. It really helped a lot anyway I am trying to do the project section…can you explain to go about it.

  • Monika Prasad

    Hi , thanks for sharing the great video. I am getting spam of social media sites at the bottom of the page. Can anyone help?

  • Tanvi Bhambri

    I don't see the Services part. On the homepage where I have my sliders, I don't see anything below that. Any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong?

  • Suhail Ryadi

    hello can you help me to record my voice form phone cells then attached with email from contact page like whats up >>>

  • Jimmy Miller

    HI on the areal of changing css i replace it with the code from the line 32 " .widget_sydney_latest_news .roll-button {
    display: none;
    body > .preloader{ display: none; }
    .widget-area .widget {
    padding-top: 0;
    .site-info {
    text-align: center;

    #gallery-1 {text-align: center;}
    figure.gallery-item {margin: 5px; width: 267px; display: inline-block;}

    but the new button did not disappear , how to fix it , and after replacing with this code the side bar continue the same , how to remove side bar from certain pages independent to affect others ? Thank you .

  • Mark Stark

    Hey man Im having trouble with the install, I didn't receive the verification email even though I downloaded the wordpress.

  • James Evanow

    Has the zip file changed under Step 10? I do not see the particular file in the zip file that you were talking about on the tutorial. I do not see the services, testimonials and other tabs on the dashboard menu.

  • Dweller Productions

    I have a quick question. I currently have my website up and running so when I start to implement everything you show here, is there a way to back up the existing site just in case I screw something up?

    Thanks, Pete

  • Nehemiah Audu Tarfa

    Thanks for your video tutorials on how to create website using wordpress. I have follow all your steps and i have create a website but I am having problem with my menu i have about 8 – 9 menu and i what them to be in one straight line but some usually go to second line how can i make it in one line pls. I have attached the menu pix
    in you facebook chat

  • Sikh 2 Tech

    Now the theme sydney requires the pro version to do all this
    So I want to know the file you uploaded in this video after installing the themes does include the paid hack ?
    i.e. After when I will be uploading all the files then I have to pay for the pro pack of the theme sydney ?

  • Luis Alejandro Núñez Millán

    I did everything you said but you NEVE EVER explained how to have a Spanish version with its respective Spanish button, which i really need…!!! PLEASE HELP…!

  • swapnil kumar

    Hi what if I want to create projects say P1, P2 , P3. Each project has one image and when somebody clicks; it opens say 20 images in each project? How to do this?

  • The Revolution

    hello, thanks for the tutorial indeed very helpful. pls I'm having a problem with my WordPress dashboard customization section, it appearing blur and the link are not connecting pls help…

  • michael carter

    Hi I'm having a problem I purchased my domain through godaddy as hostgator didn't support.co.uk then I went back to hostgator for the hosting of the domain followed all steps for WordPress download got the email with the log in details but it keeps redirecting me to godaddys website builder how can I solve this. Any information would be great

  • Rohit Reddy

    This video is great but I have a small prob that the Sydney theme is not working. It is showing a blank page ?? What should. I do ?

  • Battle Rap Gear

    Bro, you are so good with this stuff. Such a good teacher, clear and concise. The fact that you include the steps to everything you say is amazing. I'm learning so much man. Big Thank You.

  • Oraib Al-Ketan

    if there is a piece of new published somewhere about your company/business, how can you incorporate in your website such that it shows the same display as in the original news website.

  • jaytze

    Hi, I faced some problem at step 18 for the Text widget. It's blank, I couldn't type in the Title or the content. It's just blank. Can you help? TIA!

  • Jo Escolano

    Hi Jameson, I was hoping you would do a tutorial on the Sydney pro theme. When I upgraded to the Pro some of my settings changed, such as the Services taxonomies… Pro doesn't have Services but I created some services (before I upgraded to pro) that I want to edit but I can't find where I can edit them.

  • Cloud Learning

    Hi Nyc, I setup my website but facing one problem, that when I am clicking on menu buttons it is showing "page not available". Seems it is because I enabled the plugin – polylang. Now i disabled it but still it is not working. Can you provide some solution for this.

  • Carlo Leonini

    Hi I did your tutorial and is just great everything fine except the last bit about the posts. I created a couple to start with but I have no sidebar which is what I want for all the pages but I see I need a sidebar for the posts or it looks bad. How can I do that using the Sydney Theme? Thank you for your help.

  • Junxia Chen

    How come the username and password that i received for C panel from the emails doesn't work for me?Can anyone help?

  • Ted ahd

    1:28:29 – Step 23: Create Employees Page
    Why the Employees are not shown up on the page(Everything is done as expected)?

  • Alejandra Fuentes

    Hi, nice video, just a question: where can I find the info for domain email that you mentioned? 🙂 Thanks!

  • K O L N O A - L A ' A M קולנוע לעם

    Tab "Services" does not appear in the control panel of the site. Where can I find it?

  • Xiaoxi Li

    i got a problem in step7 it shows "error establishing a database connection"what should i do now? i can't open de website…..

  • eneasoares

    You were the answers to my prayers – thank you thank you thank you. It is so comforting to know that NOT everything is all about money but sharing our knowledge, improving other people lives anyway we can. Stay safe, stay healthy, and thank you again sharing.

  • Karl Somers

    Can you help me. The footer on my site has suddenly gone over to the left, even though I checked it over, can't work it out?

  • Oluwadara Ilesanmi

    Hi… Thanks a lot for this tutorial, it's been really helpful however the pagebuilder plug-in is giving my website issues (I can't add a new page and the website doesn't load properly until I deactivated it. Now, I don't know the plug in to use to replace that. What do I do?

  • shweta kumbhare

    Hi. I am a huge fan of you. Your Sydney theme tutorial inspires me a lot. You Can checkout www.wenhancerealtors.com which I have created through Sydney tutorial. Now looking forward to you, can you also give tutorial for Medicare theme ?

  • Amtech Organisation LLC

    NYC TECH thanks for the tutorial really great.Please i have a big prob right now ,i cant find some features again on my wordpress dashboard ,like SERVICES,PRODUCT ,EMPLOYEES cant find them again please how do i solve that please

  • Jonayed H. Jishan

    hi there! first of all thank your for your great tutorial … i made this site (http://cufbda.org) after watching your tutorial. but i face some problem . in the bottom of home page there is a white gap between social widget and footer section.i try a lot to remove this but i can't find any way how to remove this white gap . can you help me????
    again thanks for your video

  • Hugo Lindum

    This is USELESS as it’s been totally superseded. Why even keep it up? Delete it or at least say “this has been superseded by 2017 version”

  • Elaheh Madjedi

    this is a wonderful tutorial and as new as i am i can follow very easy . i only have one problem: the zip file when i open it i cant find "sydney-port folio.zip" and sydney-settings.xml". instead i have sydney-child zip file. please help

  • talha zeeshan

    Hy i created the website in offline server(xampp) but when i uploaded it on live server its show me different error what should i have to do? i.e the edit page didn't show and no menu shows what should i have to do please reply?

  • Ritesh Rinku

    Thank you for your great tutorial.

    I am getting following error in "Footer PHP", I cannot change "Copyright with own name", I have just updated Sydney Theme and got error. Below is error message.

    "Unable to communicate back with site to check for fatal errors, so the PHP change was reverted. You will need to upload your PHP file change by some other means, such as by using SFTP."

  • Mark Swain

    Jameson, I created my own website–with no prior knowledge of HTML or WordPress–after watching your first tutorial on the Sydney Theme. Here is my site: https://dailyrenaissance.net/ I have a couple of questions. I ended up building my site within the Sydney Theme–I didn't use a child theme like you did. Is it possible to create a child theme now–after the fact? Question number two. My blog is getting tremendous response. I would like to build a mailing list so I can automatically send subscribers my weekly blog. I have Contact Form 7, but I've read that chimp mail is the way to go. Your thoughts? Question number three: What do you recommend for integrating ecommerce with the Sydney Theme? Thank you!

  • Md. Mahadi Hassan Razib

    Hello NYC TECH CLUB I want to know, I saw your http://www.howtowebby.com/ website and I found Two Language have one is English and one is Spain Language. how can I add these multi Language in my wordpress website?

  • Shannon Gibson

    Thanks for the tutorial. I have had trouble following people before, but you were great! Helped me so much!!!

  • Shannon Gibson

    I have other wordpress plugins, can I use them as well? Also, if I make more pages or subdomains, will the new plugins I put in work on all of the pages? Sorry, I'm very very new to this and ths may be silly to some but I don't know how it works. Thanks in advance for the help!!!



    How could I use the project module?

    The display shown:

    Archives: Projects
    A post type for your projects

    How could I change "A post type for your projects"?


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