• Getkonekted

    how did you add the image in the sidebar, is that an about caption in the sidebar, do you have a tutorial on how to add that? thanks

  • Shade Odeinde

    Thank you for going through this BEAUTIFUL theme for us! Wonderful! I also appreciate all the tips you shared in the video! Thanks!

  • nikandsarah123

    You are the best at step by step details for creating a wordpress site.
    On the add new page section you mention, I don't have the options at the bottom of the page; custom fields and discussions.
    I have the same version as you and have been following up until you select no discussions on the page.
    Any idea's on how to turn the discussion part off…like yourself I don't want them on my pages?

  • iMusicAcademy

    Thank you so much for all of your videos! You are the best! You do a great job of walking through every step! I used the logo to the left as my header but I can't seem to resize it to make it work. The dimensions are 1050×1050 I tried to change it to the specifications you mentioned but it didn't work right. Thanks to you, I am making a little progress, but my imusicacademy site is still in rough shape 🙂
    Thank You for all of the videos!

  • Candice Jolie

    Wow! I will just like to tell you thank you! This is the first time that I have completely understood everything that was in a wordpress tutorial video. I have been so confused about how to configure my website once I installed wordpress, but I think I am a genius now after watching just this one video. I have subscribed to your channel and am looking forward to watching the rest of your videos. For now, I am going to bed :). Thanks again!

  • Aneche Paul

    Hi Katrina , i have a question for you and its just , how can you insert a payment signs like paypal, Visa debit, Credit card?

  • Darryl Butler

    Thank you for the awesome video but I do have one question and that is how do you remove the date, post name/category from the top of the page right below the title of your post.

  • helios

    is there anyway of hiding the categories and tags on a posts? or is it important to leave them visible? i just added categories and tags to a post and it looks very messy… thanks, wp learner

  • helios

    in my jetpack it says carousel 'learn more' 'confiigure' it doesnt have an 'activate' button. is it already activated? …i better go read 'learn more'….

  • helios

    did the gallery..but it wont open up to show them, well it opens up but its black. i set some setting to 'none'.. should be some other setting but what. and i cant find the gallery. where is it…?

  • helios

    found the Gallery by clicking on camera in post. phew. should it say Link to : attachment page' ? cos i had it set as 'none'. ok i'll go try now

  • helios

    when i click on an image in my post gallery, the slider comes up – good, but it shows the original file name (and not the title and alternative text i added), and also 'to view full screen'. how do you get rid of these ? i don't want to have a full screen image or a 'resized_photo.jpg' in the url or screen showing. maybe you show how to change that later. i'm at 1:03:05 of your video here now. (thank you so much for you step to steps )

  • helios

    so far so good ( i know i've posted alot of comments,,im chatting to meself here as i do your steps ).

    i dont have a 'format' button in my menus – i'm using the customizr theme. so it seems i can't add a Gallery into a format place. no worries for now. its late here. thanks so much for your videos katrinah.

  • merk son

    hey hows it going i cant get jetpack to work i followed your instructions to the tee it says its installed but its not on the main plugin page to activate also ive tried uninstalling an reinstalling manually nothing please help you are awesome thanks for helping me set up my website

  • Shereen S

    Hi, thats what I mean I dont even have a plugin to go to add new my WPlooks really diff from yours and i been trying to download WP 3.6 just incase my version was not 3.6 but i dont even have where it tells about what verison i have like you say in video either but i did google search for wordpress 3.6 and did the download but then when i go to my WP it is still the same GRR..lol so then i went to control panel and see if i could delet WP and start all over but i cant even find that program

  • Shereen S

    yes i do have worpress but what i am saying it is differnt then the one you are showing like if i go to my website that i am trying to create i have only to thing to click on about and mt first blogg buttons that is it and as for plugins i dont have a any at all on my sidebar nothing to click on meaning there is not a opinion for me to even click on plugins and i dont know what to do now is it because i dont pay for it like upgrade or what i am so confused ???

  • rmccay88

    Why do I not have a header option to click on for any of the themes I have? I have tried 4-5 different themes and there is not a header option there on any of them.

  • Shereen S

    ok so i have to pay a monthly fee then in order to use it the right way? and where do i go to what site to get it downloaded right?

  • Shereen S

    hey would you mind givin your email to me i need alot of info i am trying to get a website build for as little cost for i lost my job and i have 0 income coming in and you sound like a great person that would help me i am so confused on the website hosting and domain and builder and ect i am so new to all this and not savvy to any of it 🙁 and like i said need it to cost as little as possible and i am trying to get it built so i can be an affiliate and advertize and do banners ty

  • Franklin Arguedas

    Hi Katrinah, could you or someone else for that matter tell me what it is that I am doing wrong with my website creation?
    I keep getting this messages:
    Warning: Unknown: open(/home/content/30/11833630/tmp/sess_67q9un2h0f0imeq29l7h826ah2, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in Unknown on line 0

  • Franklin Arguedas

    Following up from my previous:
    Warning: Unknown: open(/home/content/30/11833630/tmp/sess_67q9un2h0f0imeq29l7h826ah2, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in Unknown on line 0

    Warning: Unknown: Failed to write session data (files). Please verify that the current setting of session.save_path is correct (/home/content/30/11833630/html/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-maker) in Unknown on line 0

  • Dan Eduardo Alvarado

    Katrinah, it's superb. Very professional tutorial. You talked eloquently, a perfect trace of expertise of the subject, well prepared resulting excellent presentation plus very professional visual tools. It separates your from the rest. Some have good vocal presentation but poor visuals. Others are daring making presentation on the spot obviously without making rehearsals. You are the best thus far.

  • Dan Eduardo Alvarado

    Thumbs up!! Very well organize. Thanks Kat! I have some questions though. You defined category to each blog post which I thought would be used to categorize blog subjects in the menu. But the navigation menu have no category structure (and Blog not in menu items). Am I correct to say that you categorized blog post for search engine or as mere guides for your blog guests?

  • MyPageDotCom

    Amazing video. This is my first time to create a Blog
    spot and you can create a blog in just a minute.
    And you can learn it on this video how to create it.And it also show's in this video how
    to customize your Blog spot or website in two step by step procedure.

  • Andrey Per

    Great video. I loved how you went thru options not to fast and not too slow. Would be nice to see advance video for those who want to modify code and tweak things. (just an idea:)..

  • Neil Armstrong

    Awesone tutorial, perfect tempo, sound, content ! I was wondering : Do I have to create a WordPress account for every website I create ? Or do all the sites I create have to refer to the same WP account so they can support Jetpack ?

  • Neil Armstrong

    It does ! I'm just beginning with WP and WAMP, and I'm more or less planning on going professionnal (webdesigner) some time in the future. I was just thinking ahead in terms of site maintenance : I still have to figure out a technically, commercially and financially coherent business model, and how much time and energy I want to invest in customer support, if any … So I might stick around for some time 🙂

  • Wendy Mac

    Hi Katrinah! Thanks for the information on Wordpess et al. I really enjoy the way you teach, very clear and concise. I have the Jetpack plugin installed but do not see a Gravatar Profile widget, only a Hovercard widget. Is that the same thing? I've been trying to find info online to see if that widget has been removed but haven't found much so far. Thanks!

  • fendertc90

    What is the proper size for making a header design with my own font and logo? I tried doing 1600 x 230 pixels, and my design got cut off even though it showed it was cropped correctly. Thanks!

  • InMichelesStudio

    You are really a fantastic teacher, so clear & easy to follow. I have learnt so much, thank you. I am using a different theme on wordpress, but I have still been able to do everything.

  • James Powe

    When I'm creating a new gallery I do not get the option to choose a grid. Why is this? I just made sure that my theme was completely updated as well as my original wordpress install…

  • Deanna K

    I am super frustrated. I changed a permalink for a quote format, and it seems to have changed it for all my posts! Not only that, when each post is then clicked on at the bottom of the site, there is an error (probably because each of the posts has the same permalink. Silly, I'm sure. But I can't figure it out.

  • Deanna K

    Do you have any advice on the Catch Evolution theme? I emailed to your site, but no response. No one seems to have a good video, and I am quite partial to you anyhow 🙂 so wondered if you know much about those themes.

  • Sandeep Kumar

    Hi Katrinah ..you really awesome i am a  fan of your knowledge .please add me on your facebook profile if it is possible thanks.
    sandeep kumar from India
    facebook id https://www.facebook.com/sandeep.chudiala  

  • Lillian MacKenzie Rhine

    Hello Katrina H,

    If I have purchased my domain and I have a working wordpress blog…do you suggest I create a website as well and if I use this method will I lose all of my posts and current theme?

  • Deanna K

    My site was showing on mobile devices at first, but now it is not adjusting to screens!  Why would it do this?  Not responsive.

  • Jesus Ocasio

    I just want to say thank you Katrina. Your knowledge and enthusiasm helps me learn so much. I'm ready to start creating my first business blog. I'll let you know how it came about.

  • hbz717

    Thank You Katrina!  I'm following your videos and working on my very first site!  This is very exciting and a ton of fun!  Thanks again!

  • Donna Tyndall

    Hi Katrina, thank you so much for posting this tutorial, it was awesome and so helpful!!  I wasn't able to embed from Spotify…has that changed?

  • Nancy Freeman

    As usual–this is a great job on using 2013. However, I cannot find a way to use a full page template. I have gone to the screen options–and page attributes is not there either. Am I missing something? Of maybe this is a topic for you to create one of your wonderful, clear videos–you have spoiled us!!

  • Scott TheOzoneGuy

    At 36:11 you are illustrating how to uncheck the discussion buttons. After several attempts I am unable to find this edit. It doesn't show that which you have illustrated here. I am unable to uncheck discussion. Version 3.7.1

  • Richard W Mulholland

    Clear, concise, exceptionally instructional; an excellent teaching aid even for those new to WP.

    Congratulations on an exceptionally good instructional video.

  • Wade Keller

    How about chess on wordpress? Can it be done. New chess club, now pretty good with Customizr theme – Chess7.net 
    would like to post some chess games.

  • Tori

    I would actually prefer each social media's colored social media symbols.  Not all orange lke the Plug in you suggested that I just set up.  What is a good widget for that?  I am new and appreciate any tips you may have. 

  • Gerry B

    Hi Katrinah, I was ok until the Simple Social widgets. I configured it for posts and entered my youtube, facebook, google+ accounts. But I don't any when I View Site. What am I missing? Please help. Thx

  • Kishor Patil

    I have a working wordpress website…do you suggest I create a blog as well and if I use this method will I lose all of my posts and current theme?

  • Xihao Xiaohao

    Thank you for your great sharing, Katrinah.
    I have a question: after I add the Spotify music on my page, then I open my another page, the music turn off. Do you know how to play the music constantly even when I go to browser different pages of my website?

  • Tony Paull

    Great tutorial.  A few questions.  
    How does 2013 compare to 2012 and 2014 as a newbie?
    In 2013 in the audio and gallery posts is it possible to allow visitors to the site to download photo's/images or (my own) music tracks from these posts?  Or is this something that would be set up through my auto responder?

  • Sandra M

    hi Kat, thanks for the videos, question: i have already my web but i want to create a independent blog, so… how install multiple wordpress blogs using a single database??, pls

  • Mihai Erhan

    Informative video, but try to repeat yourself less often, please, because it can get annoying sometimes. There are times you say the same word 15 times in the space of 10 seconds.

  • Princess Doll House

    I got the hatchling plan and they never send my a control panel link or password all they send me was a link that says I can log in to manage my domains but the link only takes me to their website. 

  • Leah Kabaker

    Very helpful thank you very much. Very informative and I actually liked the repetition, sort of drummed it into my brain.

  • alfonso elizondo

    Hi first of all thanks for your video, its been very helpful. I'm having trouble trying to add the gravatar profile by jetpack (1:15:20) but it´s missing from the available widget area. In fact no jetpack widgets appear in this area. Can you help me? I have installed the jetpack for the carousel and it´s working fine. Thanks

  • Dan Kleinke

    Hi Katrinah, excellent video & presentation. Thank you for all your efforts. Just one question & I apologize if this has been addressed before, but how did you integrate all your posts on to the main page? What I mean is that at the beginning of your video,  you had several different sections of your post all laid out on the main page (audio, gallery, etc..) as you scrolled down. Hope that was clear enough & I'm sure I am over thinking this, probably something pretty simple.
    Anyways, I appreciate all the hard work & info. Wishing you much Success!!

  • Adrian Pandelescu

    First I want to thank you for the effort to explain all this, but I have a question: if I want to edit some more fields in the same page, how can I do that? I mean to create more areas where they can insert images and text eg box 1, box 2, etc.

  • Ann Harrison

    So helpful.  Thank you Katrinah!  I was finally able to remove a child's theme that was full of problems ("Pretty Young Thing" Not fond of the name either.)  After a troublesome year I was going to give up on WP all together however, a very helpful person at my web host talked in a language that I could understand and now I'm using the Twenty Thirteen theme.  It's so nice to see what all the WP fans are so excited about… finally!

  • Monica Ruiz

    Thanks for a great video. I was wondering if you could suggest what to do to clean the list of subscribers on my wordpress blog since it looks like mail chimp can't use it because there are stale lists and more issues thanks in advance 

  • RedPat

    Careful not to rush out and follow everything these people say. Things change and now Spotify has changed. It pops up every time I turn my computer on and I do not know how to stop that! Pat

  • Kim Crayton

    I love your videos and I think I want to build my video blog with this theme but I have two questions. Can I change the banner and the overall colors for this theme?

  • tony s

    if i want to write about someone (lets say a photographer) on their works on my Blog, i would also need their Images to write about them. Would i need their permission to do that? How do i go about this? i email him , lets says photographer approves them! what else do i need from the actual photographer to prove i got rights to use them on my site in my blog?? please Help

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