• Armando Gonzalez

    Hi, thanks for this tutorial, very helpfull, but I think I might got wrong on some step. What email could I write you at with a question? Thanks in advance.

  • Kapski NL

    I'm very happy with the results (Vantage theme + Meta Slider + Page Bulder)
    Since the Theme update to 1,5 the Meta Slider doesn't work anymore, if i select an slider it doesn't work and i'm stuck withe the demo slider, can't even remove/disable the Meta slider.

    Any suggestions? Don't want to switch themes.

  • Luvlylavz M

    thanks for this- very useful!
    how do i include blog inside the pages tab?
    Also, is there a way to change the logo and page tabs look on the homepage?

  • Brigh

    When i add my logo at a certain size, it shrinks it to a very small size in the menu which makes it barely visible. Why does this happen and how do i fix this problem?

  • Self Deprecating Sushi

    Hi! Thank you for this video. I am about about 40 minutes but am encountering this problem: when I install the vantage theme, it shows up as a folder in my downloads and therefore my computer will not let me select it. When I click on the vantage folder download it gives me options for all of the files from within the folder; just not the download as a whole? Any advice and do you know why this might be happening? (I have a mac if that has anything to do with it.) Thanks again!

  • Avela Mawisa

    Hi how do i remove the "A SiteOrigin Theme" On the footer. i want to customize it to my own wording. thank you for this tutorial it helped a lot

  • Andy Reid

    Hi, great video until I got to the point of adding the visual editor widget. I dont have it in my list. Can you advise if there is a step missed. How come the widget is not there? Thanks

  • Najat Mounir

    I appreciate all your video tutorials. I appreciate the fact that you take the time to explain things thoroughly. I also have a question. How can I add images to my image gallery?
    Thank you for taking the time to help.

  • Austin Moffat

    Only one of my blog posts show up on the Blog Category. Does anyone know how to allow more show up automatically, without having to click below "Recent Posts"?

  • Jhonny Rojas

    I love your tutorial. Would be hopeless without it. Do you by chance have a 2016 version? I find that the hostgator site looks a bit different than it does in your tutorial.
    I absolute hate to be so needy, but if you do have an update, would be most helpful to this techno-peasant (what my friends actually call me). If not, will make do with what you have. It is truly great that you offer this for free.

  • Jhonny Rojas

    Sorry I meant to say that it is the WordPress install that looks different. But I see now that you note that. Will try to do as is.

  • kbsaxlessons

    Hello, My Register button is now not working and my first customer wants to get in. How can I link the "register here" button with something to register with?

  • Billies Krewella

    ok I have an account with wordpress but no hosting because it expired…I want to start using it again but I am not sure what to do can you help me…

  • Musharraf Ali

    Please do help me sir,the status of my meta slider in the theme settings remain to demo slider,it cant be changed to new slider.please do help me.I cant proceed further.Thanks

  • Neelam Hargunani

    sir you teach so nice i really liked tht sir im looking for admin page in bootstrap also can help me out for tht thanks so much

  • Nadeem Khan

    I am having an issue after installing the Page Builder Plugin, when I save after pressing the Custom Home Button in Appearance my website does not appear (i.e. fails to open) and when I turn the Custom Button off it opens again. I am using the word press 4.7 version. I hope you can help me solve this issue.

  • Aarón

    Congratulations for this magnific tutorial!!! I'm trying to insert a video from vimeo in the custom home page. How could I do?

    Thank you so much, U are the best!

  • Emily Allen

    when I try to save the new slider my settings default back to the demo.  I also try to remove the "call me maybe" tagline, save settings, it says saved and then defaults back.

  • Prithwika Basak

    Hi I ran into a problem. I have followed step by step instruction. When it comes to Home page. My custom home page is turned on. However i am unable to add rows and widgets. Unable to insert rows (its clickable but its not adding the rows. Please help its urgent

  • Rosi Vasileva

    Hi, I have problem with the slider. I am using the theme leeway and I don't have an option theme settings. I am trying to make a slide but it's not giving me an option. How to do that. I've installed the plugin meta slider light.

  • Stephanie Strom

    My Meta slider is set to the same size as your demo, but it does not stretch nicely all the way across my page. Is there a way to get rid of the white space on either side of the slider?

  • Sergio Perez

    Hello, thanks a lot for this awesome video, I've found it very straightforward and easy to follow. Is there a way to add headers and a Call to Action button to the slider images?

  • General De’ LaMafia

    PLEASE HELP!!! I bought he domain and host but I didn't receive a Password to my cpnel !!!! I cat long in ! and if I click reset password it goes to a blank page saying error please respond… Thank You in advance

  • Erika Fujii

    I am trying to set up the slider for the pictures but it doesn't save it as a zip file as I have a Mac. How can I solve this problem? Thank you in advance.

  • chroniczebe07

    Hello I need your help. This is my first time creating a website. Before I found this tutorial I bought my domain on go daddy and created a free wordpress account separately. I purchased hosting on hostgator based on the instruction in your tutorial. I followed the tutorial just fine up until the point where you click the link/wp-admin. It keeps taking me to go daddy's website instead of the wordpress login page. Is there anyway I can correct this and get back on track so I can finish the tutorial and create my website? Thanks for your help!

  • Garrette Edwards

    i need some help i started using another theme before and i am not seeing the same thing on the vantage theme how can i delete all and start from scratch

  • REALSNAPZPHOTO And videography

    oh peep one thing to note when using your google maps 1:38 to make sure your not signed into your google account . because when you imbed the map into your page your account icon will be also imbedded . and allows person viewing the map to log into your google account right from there .

  • Chrissi Knights

    Followed your video right through to the end and thank you it has been very helpful. The only problem I seem to have is that images in the gallery do not open up into a lightbox. There are no handles or minimise icon in the top right hand corner as you have demonstrated.

  • Radix Solar

    that's awesome. Can i change the overall theme colour? additionally, if we use any other theme, would it have the same procedure?

  • Anuj Sharma

    While setting up the slider, I drop down to 'new slider' and save. When I return to the page, it again shows 'demo slider' as the selection. Please help me out as I'm stuck half way.

  • Kristina Mauerstein

    Hi, what do you think of the Hitchcock Theme? I read about it in some posts before. Appreciate any recomendation from you.

  • Marlies Heide

    Great video, thanks! Finally I found helpfull content 🙂 Do you have any recommendations for responsive and fast Themes?

  • tiwaringe

    Help lm stuck on the custom home page after l clicked on and save settings l tried to add rows but the insert button is not working l cant insert the row , what did l do wrong

  • Elisha Myatt

    So i am folloing the video and I am at 43 minutes in and cant seem to add new rows … i have the option to pic as many rows as i want sizes ext … but when i click insert nothing happends … can you help me plz !

  • Precision Cons

    The link page I added to the menu, when clicked from the website, doesn't open on a separate tab, please help.

  • Pradeesh Ravi

    Best and most helpful video.. I have a doubt, how can I add two locations on my map as I have two branch offices

  • Kensang Coth

    My request! is it possible for you to do travel agency websites video tutorial, there are more than a millions of people around the world starting and doing travel agency business. It would be so good and help thousands of people because no one does travel agency business. all most all do e-commerce, woo commerce or just simple blog and other like restaurant.

  • Tushar Ghanshyani

    I want to upload images of my products and add description so that the viewers can see it. how can I ?

  • Kishalay Goldar

    At last I found what I am looking for. Thank you sir. This will help me to create my own web page. Excellent and Awesome

  • Naresh Reddy Parinam

    Hi i have a doubt I am running a WordPress blog, I want to convert my blog to website and move all the blog post to blog how can I do website without removing the blog posts can u please tell me.

  • Phillip Maser

    Website is a great place to start, but how do I get the business. How do I link to Amazon and other affiliate programs. Not hard if you understand the tools. tools are getting easier but the money spend on learning is through the roof. I want to master traffic using all the tools but first I need to understand one tool and grow from there. I have learn very quickly driving traffic is not that hard is the conversions and sells that is so low or not at all. Possibly the niche and pricing….

  • Hope Cooke

    Just wanted to say thank you. Truly one of the very best tutorials on building a website/blog…simply an excellent presentation.

  • Mohammad Rostam

    Hello Sir, Thank you so much for the best tutorial you made it. in this video i saw two widget that you were using in developing this tutorial. 1. Circle Icon. 2. Visual Editor Could you please share me the link of these two widget so that i could be able to download it for myself.? i searched a lot and could not find it. Thanks in Advance

  • Aditya Bhat

    The best tutorial i've ever come across on youtube. On a scale of 10, I would give it a 11. But i have a small query. Everytime i try to upload an image, get an http error. Thats not a problem with the tutorial but a problem with my wordpress. can you tell me how to overcome this problem? I've not been able to put slider images.

  • Aditya Bhat

    Hey, my site doesn’t load on my phone. It was loading until yesterday but now it doesn’t. Please help me. Also I get the http error while I upload images. ? and that’s the reason I haven’t been able to upload slide show images

  • Juliano Nascimento

    I would like to thank you for your time to prepare this amazing tutorial ! I've learned a lot of features with your video. Awesome !!!!

  • Elaheh Madjedi

    you are amazing . i have learned more in the two tutorials i have seen of yours than all the others. i specially like the idea that you have the same theme and plugin rather than using the new ones that could have been changed.
    thanks again again you are the best

  • Elaheh Madjedi

    thank you for this wonderful tutorial. your tutorial is one of the best i have seen. it is easy to follow and copy . but i have one problem when i download the page builder from your site it does not insert and when i update i can not find the visual editor please help

  • Rashmi Singh

    Nice tutorial, i'm enjoying working with abd degined my page . But i do have a problem: i'm not seeing visual editor in widgets.

  • Afaq Reports

    boss if i use new version of Ventage theme and Meta Slider then why i got a visible height beneath my Slider. plz help me how to remove it

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