• Eugene Makhukhule

    I need help, I have a client who want to have an application on his wordpress site. The App should show clients their account status just like a client zone for web hosting accoutns. How possible is that?

  • Ng Sammy

    Thanks your course! Wonder if we could change the slider moving speed?I know we could change the time of sliders in between but may we slow down a  little bit the speed of each slider shoot out? Thanks!

  • Paramount Investigative Services, Inc

    Josh, amazing video! and videos.  I can not wait to begin to build a few "responsive" sites of my own.  
    Keep up the great work!

  • Adel

    hi again, im almost 60% done with my website, nice tutorial, im glad i used ur bonus-code ur a big help.
    One more question, I would like to add more Footer Widget Areas, as currently I only have 3.. How do I go about doing this?

  • Simon Tannock

    Hi Josh.  That was so very helpful.  Thanks.  The only place I had to stop and look for extra info was with the rewrite pages to the custom pages.  You didn't mention that you have to click the rewrite module in Apache.  Perhaps that is a Xampp vs Wamp difference, but I got that sorted and I really enjoyed it.  Cheers.

  • Jodi

    Great Job!  Most people don't realize how hard making a video is…  until you have to do one!  Thank you for making the time.  You are very thorough.   Curtsy, Tootles

  • Robert Lawrence Friedman

    Josh, thank you for creating this.  I am new to WordPress but really appreciate how clear you are in your instructions!  Do you offer a video on how to create a shopping cart in WordPress.  Is there a plug-in for that?  Thank you!  Robert 

  • Artrigueno Thegoalkeepers

     @wpSculptor how much time does the domain takes to work? it has been 24 hours and it does not work. 

  • Toi Kansinee Boonlong

    Hi.. thanks for the Video its so helpful I love it!  After I'd created my own blog may I share your link onto my blog.

  • Vitta and Natalia S.

    Thank you very much for this video! It was incredibly helpful and I was able to create a site in one day. The only problem I have encounterd is, on customization of full width slider. As in your video, I unchecked the option of full width, but my front page is still desplaing it at full width. The entire page is very big and it is very unpleasant. I tried to check and uncheck this option couple of times saving each time, but the layout did not change. I am not sure what else to do. I would also like to know if it is possible to change colour and size of the drop down menu.

    Thank you

  • wpSculptor

    @Arunaksha Nandy Hey Arunaksha, you can do that by copying and pasting the Google html into a page using the text editor portion of the page editor (instead of the visual editor).  Also, you can put that html code in any widget area using a text widget.  Just copy and paste it into the text widget.

  • wpSculptor

    @Vitta and Natalia S. Hey there, I'm glad the video was helpful!  This goes without saying but after you uncheck the full width option, make sure to save the change (I'm sure you are).  Also, you might try recreating your slideshow after you have checked that option.  Make sure the "wp super cache" plugin is deactivated and deleted.  I would also check and make sure you are using the latest version of the customizr theme. 

  • Nathalie Sjögren

    Thank you for this video. I was familiar with wordpress before, but now a whole new world opened up and I've finally made my own webpage! And it's looking great!

  • Robert Hatfield

    23:40 minutes in you show the add page.I have the 4.1 upgrade on WP. Is this why I don't have the icon (kitchen Sink) you referenced. The end of my has code, more,and close tag.

  • claudia soto

    Thanks  you very much for share this information !! I was looking a good tutorial and this was perfect !! next week I will try to create my own Website 🙂 

  • HorseDesigns .com

    I really want to do this after listening to another of your videos and enjoying your instruction.  BUT I'm having a big problem.  Once I activated the Customizr, the slider feature on the page will not load… just spins and spins.  A short look around the web showed that there are a lot of people having this problem and the solution to fixing it is over my head.  Is there another them that is close enough to your tutorial that I can get by and not have to go somewhere else? I really like this theme but need beginner step by step instruction.  Other problem is I'm in a time crunch.  Thank you! 

  • Steve Martinez

    Does WordPress have any themes that you know of that would work well for a home preschool?  or should I browse through them all?   I need to create one with the help of your video.  

  • Colin Leonard

    Just wanted to say thank you. Over the years I have built websites with Dreamweaver and PS etc and recently I know I need to be on WordPress but just couldn't get my head round it lol. Your videos will help me get on track and I really do appreciate the time you have spent doing all these. All the best to you fella. Colin in the UK

  • Matt Hack

    i have been trying this with the new custimizr and i am not getting it….it seems to me that the customizr theme has changed quite a bit are you going to make a new video and do you do cosulting

  • Robert Hatfield

    Thanks. I really get a lot of help from your videos. Beginners like myself can still get lost sometimes. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I assume you take tutorial requests? You should take a poll to find out what people need.  Best success

  • Ashley Shearer

    This is great and even with me being pretty well versed in building a websites, it fills in all the little gaps that I wouldn't have thought of!

  • Rufat Abdullayev

    Dear Josh, would you please advise me what to do?. I had created the domain with the HostGator, then I linked it to the WordPress website. I did not like the created website, and deleted it. Now I can not see my domain in the WordPress. Thank you very much in advance! Best regards,

  • David Stepanczuk

    I appreciate this and your How to Create a Custom WordPress Website – BEGINNERS tutorials. DOne very well: easy to follow. 

    Would love it if you made an 'HTML/CSS convert to WordPress theme tutorial'. Those videos are out there. Almost all are crap. Quite frustrating.

  • medicasl conegliano

    thank you for all your advices. How can I verify the website with google webmaster tool? I installed the customizr theme, but I can not verify the site with add a meta tag to my site's home page. I tried with yoast seo but dosn't work. My wordpress is 4.1.1. thank you in advance for your help.

  • Nathan Stombaugh

    I love love love this video. Used your walkthrough and theme but I can't get my second submenus to work! Any ideas!

  • Sonja Gamsjäger

    Hi Josh! Thank so much for this and your other videos. Soon I will start my own business.You saved me hundrets or tousends of Euro. Also I have really fun to do the things on my own.

    May I ask you one litte question?
    It´s just about the last step in your video. I deleted the text on the HOME page. But on my frontpage is still the page title (Home). Is there a chance to delete this too?

    Thank you!
    Greetings from Austria!


  • Patricia Bell

    I understand that you wish to take people through to hosting a website because you are an affiliate, but since this is almost two hours, it would be great if you had a smaller version for those of us who just want to add widgets, plugins, media and pages. Unfortunately I tend to give up before I have gotten to the meat and potatoes of this video.

  • Paulo Mendes

    I couldn't understand how to create a website and not a blog, that's what I am looking for. Btw, awesome tutorial.

  • Albert glorian

    Hi can you recommend a good wordpress theme for a printing business, also a plugin for ordering business cards online  thanks

  • Mar Cryer

    Hi Josh, thanks for your wonderful videos. I have an issue with the side bars. When I updated my wordpress version 4.2  the widgets of the side bars disappeared. Help please. Thanks.

  • Bohemian Costa Rica

    Great video! I hot sp excited every time I made one of the changes and it worked! You did a great job! I know nothing about programming and I was able to do it.

  • Norman Howard

    Wow is all I can say, Your videos have inspired me tremendously!!!! They are very complete and your speaking voice is perfect and clear, very easy to understand and follow along. Radio Quality for sure. lol Thank you soooo much for all the time you've invested in making theses videos tutorials. It has inspired me in so many ways. I look forward to watching and learning more. Norm in Atlanta 🙂

  • M Alafia

    My feature images are showing up in a square in my blog/podcast page, yet, they show in circles on home page.  Any suggestions?  BTW: I'm new to CSS editing.

  • Dave Gollan

    I NEED YOUR HELP.  But first, these tutorials are great and help me very much.
    So Here it is:  A person we hired to do our site really did a botch job and I'm trying to rectify it.  I already did some, but having trouble with a certain thing. I created a menu on the home page called "Media".  I want to create a sub-menu "Pictures".  And then another sub-sub-menu off of that called "2014". But when I do, "2014 drops down right below "Pictures" and covers the menu.  I want it to drop down off to the right.         Here is the exact example of what I want to do from this site.
    The menu: " A Parent Page" , and sub-menu "Second Child". If you have any idea how to do this and give detailed instructions, I would appreciate it.  I already spent hours on trying.  Dave.

  • Judith Martinez

    I have a question regarding contact us page, how do i link my email to that page? i am not receiving customer emails from that page. @wpSculptor

  • Gert Jan Hermus

    Hi @wpSculptor
    Thanks for this video. It's really helpfull! I have one question.

    In your video you use pictures of 1280px. I already have a photography website on which I use pictures which are 1000px wide. (www.gertjanhermus.nl)
    Can I use 1000px pictures to show my portfolio in Costumizr? Or should I necessarily convert them to a larger format? And then, is it true that the slider on the home page only works with 1200px?

  • Somesh Shahi

    hey I was wondering what is the advantage of hosting a website on hostgator etc for blogging and then downloading wordpress versus just blogging through wordpress.com itself?

  • Kristin Daugherty

    Are there any videos that you recommend that are step by step for the free wordpress blog?  I have just began researching and want to dip my toe in the water first and learn how all this works before paying for a site, advertising, and a virtual assistant. It would be so helpful. 

    Thank you.

  • Jonathan Oakes

    Awesome. Just spent the last 5 hours making my website from scratch. For the very first site I've ever done, I think it looks ok. One question tho.. Is there any way to have all of the background black instead of white?

  • MicroUrb

    Josh, did Customizr stop offering the lightbox feature. I attempted to do another page using Customizr and this one is not giving me a lightbox.

  • Laz Coronel

    Hey Josh on the Customizr Theme I can see my changes when I am in the customize tab. I save and published bu when I returned to visit page it doesn't show changes. Can you tell me what I am missing?

  • Dollar After Dollar

    Hi Josh I really appreciate the video. Is there any way to add specific blog posts into pages? I was able to do it on the main menu but can't figure out how to do it on pages.

  • Swan Balmore

    Hello Mr. Sculptor. Thanks for all the great info. You are very good at what you do. Thanks again. Take care. May the force be with you

  • Jayne Saunders

    Thanks for spending the time to make this video Josh. It certainly cleared up a few issues i was having understanding the differences between websites and blog sites. You saved me lots of stress, time and money.This video has proved to be my missing link after years of trying to get a specific project up and running I now feel confident that i can move forward with what i want to do because its all now very clear 🙂

  • christiank9

    Great video; I am using this tutorial to create my own website. Is there a way to link to an external website from the read more button rather than a page on the word press site?

  • Wayne McAlister

    Hey Josh…

    I use your site, ideas and information on all these various sites over and over and over.

    I thank you for what you do and how you explain everything.

    I however have a question and maybe you can help out even though you have not worked on the Customizr theme in ages.

    My question is this, when you made the 'Cars' drop-down in the menu, is there a way that the 'Feature Page' circle graphic will lead and open the cars menu?

    I know we '#' the cars menu and we then set the feature page image to say 'services' instead of cars (like I have) but if we create a 'services' page and make it a special drop-down, is there a way to point that feature page to the services page?

    Not sure if I am clear as mud…but I hope I am.

    Thanks again.

  • Zahid Rooinasie

    Hey Josh. Love your video man. Tried creating a website by following your instructions. I chose a 'Baby Plan' filled in everything. But still says 'Please correct the indicated fields. If you need assistance, please contact support' And there are no indicated fields. Checked a couple of times. I'm located in Russia. They also have a 'Russian' hostgator for it but it only offers 3 domains for the 'Baby Plan' which is strange. Any way to get through this man ?

  • Judith Martinez

    Hello there, i am having a small problem with the contact form, as i made a small change myself, so instead of customers putting in their email, i changed it to phone number. Now i get the emails and everything, but there is not phone number listed on any of them, so theres no way i could contact the clients that try to reach out through me through my website. Would you please be able to help me out with this? Thanks!

  • Anthony Chung

    Hey Josh! Thanks for this. I noticed that when I installed customizr, the scroll functionality doesn't work on the website.

    I checked a couple stackoverflow posts and it seems like multiple people have had this issue with the newer releases of customizr.

    Any ideas on a fix?

  • Rafat Quadri

    Josh u r indeed The Sculptor … thanks a tonne. Please provide ur emails o that we request you to come out with different videos with difficult subjects. Thanks again Good Day. Pl never skip any steps which u dont do anyway.

  • Olayemi Joshua

    Hello teacher. I really appreciate the video on how to builda website with wordpress. I have done all u instructed but i need to know how i can lunch my site for people to access.Everytime i try to check it it shows my site is coming soon. Pls wgere do i go to get it live on web.

  • walshamite

    Excellent information and well presented. The only thing that detracted from it was the repeated use of AWESOME and COOL. I do wish lazy American teachers of English would do their jobs properly. You have been sold short in your education. But the tutorial was otherwise engaging and clear and I thank you for it.

  • Chocolate Smitten

    Thank-you so much! This is the most helpful tutorial I have come across and trust me, I've been to a few. I have learned so many new things.

  • tina andrews

    Thank you for your video's and instruction. I have found so helpful. I'm wondering if you can tel me if there is a plug in to set up clickable bullets on a page as I found I have to many titles to put into drop down menu and want to be able to click on separate menus from one page? thanks for any help.


    Thank you for all your efforts. You share all the details step by step with understandable and simple expressing.

  • Stephen Kamugasa

    Hi, Stumbling upon your work was probably the best thing to happen to me. At the time, I was looking to setting up a blog and I had no idea how to get started; that is, until I saw your video. Your patience and step by step guidance was extremely helpful, that I ended up doing something I never thought possible. Thanks to you, I now have a successful blog website – it will be 1 year old come February 2018. Thank you. You may look it up by visiting: https://thekamugasachallenge.com/ Thank you once again for your great work. I warmly recommend you.

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