How To Make A WordPress Website 2019
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How To Make A WordPress Website 2019

Hi guys, my name is Ferdy and in this video we are going to create a beatiful WordPress
website using the premium theme Enfold. In my opinion one of the best themes out there. Let me show you what we are going to make. We will make a beautiful website using the
Enfold Theme. With a call to action over here. We can have our social media links in the
top bar. We can remove this top bar with one click. Then we have a logo. If you scroll down the logo becomes a color. Right now the logo is white. We have a nice menu. Really clean with a submenu. Then we have the text of our company. What we offer. 2 call to actions. And if you click on it you go there immidiately. In the slider you also can have a link on
the whole slide. If I click overhere I co immidiatly to the
page ‘Services’ Photography. Then we scroll down. I will show my 3 services I offer. Photography, film and webdesign. Here I show some pictures. Here I show a video. And here I show some websites I have made. Since we can not view autoplay video’s on
a smartphone I decided when it is viewed on a smartphone, you will see a link like this,
instead of the video. So everything will still look okay. So if I make it bigger again you will see
the video. Here I showcase my latest work. Our latest blogposts. And here we have some footer widgets. A facebook likebox. And Instagram overview. Our latest blogpost.


  • Shubham Saurav

    Your tutorials are just like you 🙂 Amazing. Wish you a happy new year keep working and uploading your amazing tutorials. They are helping me a lot.

  • Thomas Tijman

    Bij 1:15:09, zijn er 2 knoppen. Ik heb ze in het rood (thema kleur) maar kan ik ze ook op een eigen #kleur zetten?

  • Respect peace

    Hoi Ferdy, op je telefoon worden de afbeelden in de header slider helemaal ingezoomd, waardoor er je de afbeelding niet meer ziet. Hoe kan dit opgelost worden, waardoor de afbeelding in zijn geheel wel te zien is? Ook op jouw voorbeeld website zijn de afbeeldingen niet juist weergegeven, lijkt me niet bedoeling toch? Alvast bedankt!

  • Schlomoh Brodowicz

    Ferdy, all of your tutorials are just smashing. You are a terrific teacher (especially for WP newbies like me). Wishing you a blossoming 2018.

  • Lisbeth van Lintel

    Hoi Ferdy, ik kwam er niet uit met de demo freelancer, dus nu ga ik jouw voorbeeld proberen 🙂

    Ik heb alleen nog wel een vraagje, bij blog lukt het mij niet om de titel weg te krijgen, bij de andere pagina's wel. Enig idee hoe dit komt?

  • Seyann Design

    Great job I hope all viewers are learning in this tutorial.Your presentation is great and helpful.I am a WordPress web developer,please have a look or

  • cdp52

    Thanks for that awesome tutorial. I've been working on a demo website, is there a way to export all the theme settings so I don't have to do it all again ?

  • Trond Risdal

    Hi Ferdy. Great video as usual:-). When I upgraded to Enfold ver 4.2.4, all my portfolio items don't show up anymore. I have to downgrade Enfold to get the portfolio items to come back. Do you have any solution to that?

  • Irene Pranter

    HI, this is absolutely great! Thank you very much!
    I'am building my page parallel to your tutorial and I'am at 1:12, but I have a problem now, maybe you can help me out.
    My page is not able to scroll down anymore and I can't find the mistake ?

  • Afro Eire

    Hi Ferdy. Thanks for the amazing tutorial. I'm replacing an old twenty 11 site with enfold. So far some of the styling you suggested isn't taking hold. For example putting capitals in the menu bar using css code. I'm wondering should I perhaps disable exisiting plugins from the old site first. Thanks so much

  • Luca De Bello

    Hi Ferdy and congratulations for your videos that I always see.
    I bought the Enfold Theme for my personal website. Now I want to ask you if it's all right for an ecommerce, with WooCommerce or you recommend me to take a specific theme, such as FlatSome?
    Thank you,

  • ofkeyoff

    Hi Fredy, Thank you for the great tutorial. I'm confused about the difference between a portfolio and a gallery. It seems very similar funcion and design no?

  • Pulse Productions Inc.

    OMG thank you so much for your in depth tutorials…it has helped me so much. I am from the old school HTML/HTML5 batch of web designers. I decided to pull the trigger and test out WordPress on a dummy site to get the feel of it. Your tutorials have helped me so much. Thank you soooooooooo much!!!! Much Love from Canada !!!!!!

  • Jean-Pierre Pellissier

    Hi, Ferdy. This is the second theme/builder I'm getting based on your tutorials. I wished I had found you earlier, I've spent a lot of money on themes frustrating the heck out of me. Thank you so much.

  • Jair Harder

    Hi Ferdy, ik heb veel aan je tutorial gehad en mijn eerste website draait. Toch heeft Enfold veel beperkingen betreft webdesign. Bestaat er een responsive wordpress theme waar je bijna alles mee kan maken. Hoe is Avada bijvoorbeeld tov Enfold? Ik hoop dat je e verder wil helpen. Groet Jaïr Harder

  • David Wells

    Hi Ferdy
    Can you help..
    Used enfold theme with elementor pro
    Used elementor for header and footer.
    But on mobile I can scroll sideways! Can't find what is causing it
    Thank you, and thank you for your tutorials so far

  • EPHS

    Awesome overview. Do you recommend creating a child theme for Enfold and using that in conjunction with the parent (original) Enfold theme? Curious as to how things are affected when Enfold is updated and all of your customizations have been done. I know you stated that Quick CSS will help prevent this but is it advised to just created a child theme anyway? Thanks!

  • Anthony Rwd

    Thank you so much! Your tutorials are amazing!

    Would you be able to tell me how to use enfold for a one page website?

    Thanks a lot

  • Claudia Minoiu

    Hi, I would be so grateful if you could advise what demo/skin this website used: I absolutely love it, and I would like to build my own website using this template. Thank you so much in advance for your kind response.

  • eMarketer Adil

    It's a great tutorial. Your way of teaching is so simple and pretty. I like your way of talking which is very friendly for non English persons. I want to ask that I already have enfold theme. This theme was given by some my best friend. I didn't purchase it from the site or anyone. Now, can you tell me please that I can use this theme on my wordpress website or not? I have tons of WordPress Premium themes and woo commerce theme and lots of others like that. Please give me a reply. Thanks

  • Eduart Gorezi

    Amazing tutorial 🙂 I saw both tutorials newspaper theme and enfold and I have e question for e website about news technology about android, apple, apps ect which one of this theme do you think is better?

  • Sonya Wilkins

    Dear Ferdy, back in Spring this year I needed to build my own website for my new healing business and I found your video on youtube explaining how to build a WordPress website using enfold 2018. I’d never built a website before and spent a good couple of weeks working through your video bit by bit. I was amazed at what I was able to produce with your help. I haven’t even started to consciously promote my healing business yet, but I am already getting clients because they love the site and have found it by doing a google search, so clearly the SEO is working! Thank you so much for guiding me and helping me to produce you really give so much to people, and that is rare these days…so thank you for your generosity of heart and mind.
    With gratitude, Sonya 🙂

  • Russell Marwitz

    Thanks for all you do with your instructional videos. Not only do we learn how, it also gives confidence. I learn something from all your videos. Keep up the great work!!!

  • RandiClemme

    I'm so desperate, please help ! Last year I made a homepage from your tutorial.
    But now I want to add pages, but this is what happens. This is one of the hundres of lines, that appear:
    Warning: Illegal string offset 'allowed-shortcodes' in /var/www/ on line 489
    And at the end of the message here is a small part of what it says:
    Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /var/www/ Stack trace: #0
    Can you help me please !?

  • Mieke Ceusters

    Hallo Ferdy, Ik heb je instructies gevolgd, maar mijn pagina ziet er niet uit zoals de jouwe, ik heb al pagina's aangemaakt en ook die verschijnen niet.

  • Mieke Ceusters

    Hallo Ferdy, bedankt voor de hulp, mijn website is bijna klaar, maar als ik de naam van de website ingeef komt hij niet te voorschijn, dus hij is dan niet online? Hoe los ik dat op?

  • Cameron White

    Hey, when I change my predefined color scheme- nothing happens. I click on enfold classic for example and then Save all the changes and refresh , but it doesn't change. Even when I Cashe

  • George Bagiryan

    Hi, could you help me with an issue? I have many menu items, so on smaller screens part of them drop on a second row and that fine, but the background of the menu stays only on the first line! How can I fix it?
    Please help

  • Kris Oswald

    Fantastic! Really in-depth. Easy to follow along. Great instructions. Thank you for taking so much time to do this!

  • Sanja Marinkson

    Im stuck on the' header' In your tutorial at 1.11.32, doing the layout 'hide both' title bar settings. However, on homepage when I scroll down to footer section the 'Shrinking header setting' becomes full colored (#753516). I would like that also this 'shrinking header' follows the transparency like the header before scrolling. Is this possible?

  • Sanja Marinkson

    How to change the color of the Icon box. In your tutorial of the homepage it is white, in mine it is black? I tried in the Enfold Theme options, also tried inside the Icon box but can't find the option of changing background color, only fontcolor.

  • Kiran UR

    Excellent Tutorial… I used this theme for our corporate website, after having seen whats possible with it… Keep up the good work Ferdy !! Great Stuff

  • Tatiana V.

    I feel a bit stupid as the layout of Siteground is completly different than in titoriol. Now i am stuck and don't know what to do. Fredy, do you have a tutorial with neaw siteground layout ?

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