How To Make A WordPress Website 2019 | In  20 Simple Steps | WordPress Tutorial for Beginners
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How To Make A WordPress Website 2019 | In 20 Simple Steps | WordPress Tutorial for Beginners


  • Tim

    ➤ Questions? Ask them in the comments and I'll help you !

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    ➤ Good Luck!

  • Tanja Subotic

    Hi Tim, thank you for this video. I have followed your instructions and after finishing all the settings of the homepage on the way that you suggested I can't see my footer. Actually, I can't scroll it down. I don't know what is a reason. Do you have any idea?

  • Simon Meuser

    Really well explained! I like the structure of you videos- easy to follow! Keep on working and thanks a lot for you help maid!!

  • baksharp

    Again, awesome video. I enjoyed every minute of it. Question – Any tips on How to build a shopping cart website? WordPress with wooCommerce or Shopify? would like to know your thoughts!

  • papa1519

    I am not a professional web designer… only do my own website which I do once in a while and boy!! what a pain? And, I have used HotMetal Pro, FrontPage, Expression web, WYSIWYG and finally WebPlus Xn. I didn't become expert in any one them. I only moved from one to the next because by the time I had to do my website, I found it easier to learn new offering than to brush up on the old one. I used WordPress many moons ago to do my blog which go messed up after an upgrade. Wish I knew we could use it to design websites. Many thanks to you TIm for the thorough tutorial. I am going to make a concerted effort to learn WordPress. Once again, many thanks. Much appreciated.

  • Fran Kennedy

    I am at the point where you trash the test website because "I don't need it anymore", but why did you need it in the first place, and will I have to start with a test website also?

  • Banglaboy Ohed

    Hay man,You make a great video….I really like your video…I am beginner in wordpress.Now i think i can make my website easily .Thanks for making this video .

  • Santhosh VB

    I was just hopeless and not clear on how to develop a website for myself. After this video I am confident that I can build a better website.

  • stijn melger

    Is there someone who can answer my question?

    When i want to install plugin-ins or my own theme's i have to upgrade my WP website to a business account. Is this new in WP?

  • My Kitchen Food

    Hi – Need help – I have created my website in WordPress. I am not able to see checkboxes and radio button on any of wp-admin of my site. There are checkboxes and radio button but they are not visible. Example-  can't see checkboxes in "Screen Options", "all plugins Settings screens" etc. Can you please help?

  • Mannu pandey

    Hi sir @tim actual I'm a learner so I buy domain free from the freenom website and hosting from infinity free but when I'm creating a website in the URL bar it is showing insecure. so how can I make it secure ??Plz, help me out. thank you

  • Swatz R

    Hi Tim ,
    I am following your video ,however, not able to access go to cpanel.
    any inputs on this i am in my initial steps where I need to download wordpress via siteground wizard

  • Jason Carlisi

    Tim, thanks for this tutorial. Really learned a lot. Felt overwhelmed before watching this but feel like I have a little better grip on WordPress now. Thanks

  • Kick CRAFT

    I need help I got the same problem, I have been installing SSL every time refresh and log out for hours but still can't install. Is there any other way to install SSL?

  • Eze D.

    hello tim, Thanks for the video! it was very useful!
    I have a question. I entered the discount link, but I still have the same prices if I did not use that link.Do you have any idea when the discount is applied?
    And why when you complete your data when you pay, the price changes?
    select at the beginning, 12 months at a price of 47.40 with a VAT of 19% and after completing your data change to a new option of 12 months + free setup, and with a VAT of 0%.

  • amir izadi sharifi

    Hi Tim
    Thanks for very useful tutorial video
    I am pretty new in WordPress ,have Elementor pro and want to create an advertising website, I need some elements such as members login (they must be able to add,edit,remove their ads ), advanced searching filter for example: by price,type,city and so on.
    my questions:
    1-what plugins do I need?
    2-could you plz recommend me a special tutorial video to help me for creating this website?
    Thanks. 🙂

  • Alejandro Vizcaino

    This is in y opinion and excellent info to keep on mind and practice on my web, by the way could you mind to give a sight to my place just to have your opinion and make the right changes.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Prluv 007

    Hi.. I learned pretty much from you. But I have a problem with Elementor. I can drag but I cant drop. it wont drop the elements. there is a round red circle crossed line in it … meaning I cant drop. Can you please help me?

  • Ezda me

    Hello Tim! i want to ask you about the Top bar, social media. When i fill in with my links, the social media icons dont appear. Do you know why this happen? Even if I fill in like your example, it doesnt appear either.

  • Mademoiselle Jolie

    Hello, please help me TIM, once I got to 39:47 under home I didn't have the option to select Ocean WP bottom area under the home page. I followed everything you have done.

  • Tom Dings

    Like to try WordPress before investing any money ? There is a nice solution for it at this location : https://Start.YourBlog.Today/ [No commercial company!]

    Thanks for the awesome explanations. Really very well done! Hopefully many starters will start here.

  • Пётр Беднарек

    Hey Tim! The info at 36:00, how to set a "Visit Site" as a home page, made my night:) now can safely go to sleep. Would be great, to learn more such details and insight from you. Have a nice weekend!

  • Victor Cronin

    After watching a whole bunch of Video Tutorials and getting extremely frustrated, (I'm older and even though I used to design websites using TextPad, I can't do the fancy things anymore) I found your video, and apart from the actual shopping page and cart… I managed to finish it. Thank You Tim!!! 😀

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