• Jason's Mind

    Hi good you made this i just worked with your Mystile video and word press with woocommers lol wanted to asked if there was something more simple and look you read my mind thank you .

  • chukwudum ifeanyi

    great job, please any idea how to create co-operative wordpress website with a plugin showing each members financial contribution

  • Selina

    Okay so lets say I buy the domain off HostGator for 3 years, and i connect it with wordpress. Does that mean that i’ll have to also pay wordpress $96 every year for hosting my domain? (which is the price for their premium)

  • The Replay

    Great video! Thank you for taking the time to create this.

    Question: When I click customize on my WP tab, all I get is "More Options Available in Astra Pro!" is Astra "free" only for a certain number of days or is there something I should be updating that I'm missing?

    Thanks once again!

  • Eve B

    Great tutorial, thank you. I downloaded a different Astra Starter site, which has contact form 1. Going to the Dashboard to fill in the email address, I don't have contact as you are showing it. Can you please tell me how I can add the email address ?

  • Ben Wehrman

    Hey man, I've got a question- I've been having a super productive couple of weeks building pages with Elementor thanks to your awesome tips! But now I have a problem…when I change the size of the window (dragging from the side to make it smaller), everything gets all jumbled up and out of order. How do I get that stuff to scale properly like all good websites do?

  • Divya Kakkar

    how to change the contact info that is already there in the footer that says address is 123 fifth avenue etc.? Please help

  • Beowolf

    Thank you so much!!! Covered everything I was having trouble with. Best Astra with Elementor tutorial for 2019! Definitely worth the 90 minutes! You can just skip to the elementor page building part too, if that's all you need help with 39:19

  • Karla Saldana

    hello! im trying to customize my layout and my header. i already uploaded my logo for the site identity but even though i publish the page, the logo from the astra site builder template im using (sierra nature) still comes up. how can i solve this?

  • Natalia Domínguez

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! I just have one question, to add post should I do it from the dashboard or from elementor directly?

  • ernesto a

    This covers pretty much everything you need to know to build a website, simple as that. Thanks a lot, great job

  • Vijay Kumar

    Awesome, easy to understand but you missed how to create posts and categories – anyway thnx for uploading video

  • Excel Jet Consult

    Hello, Thanks for your video. How do I add different pictures to my About, Courses and Photo Gallery Menus just like the Home Page Menu?

    I currently use vantage and smart slider plugins on my website but I wanna ensure that when visitor click on my About or Courses Page menus, they will see a full image at the top like the one in Home Page menu.


  • Robert Hilton

    i lost my contact information on my contact page the on left hand side saying your name, email address, message and the button how do i get it back

  • Serge Daney

    Great video, thanks a lot! I struggle with one thing though: how do you change the button color in the contact form?

  • Berny Simcox

    Great tutorial, thanks. I have a question – our logo is quite big vertically and so appears really small on the website header, how can I increase the transparent header hight and then increase the size of the logo please? Thanks

  • Steve Montyro

    Thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for. I've been tasked with creating a website with little experience. After reading reviews I thought Astra and Elementor were the best for the job. I couldn't believe it when this video popped up after a search and you explain and present it so clearly. Five stars. Now I have to find a similar video to include WooCommerce.

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