How To Make A WordPress Website 2019 | For Beginners
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How To Make A WordPress Website 2019 | For Beginners


  • Payam Hosseini

    hey Fredy, compare to two years ago, getting more fat, but more handsome,  seems your wife can cook delicious food as well. ha ha ha

  • sunny ohagwa

    Nice one, you are always coming up with great contents

    Please make a video about how one can create a sales funnel using elementor and also teachable alternative, I mean how one can create a website to sell his products

  • Md. Mofasser Ali

    it's really amazing for a beginner starting to love to create a website . thanks a million dear ferdy………………………

  • Ali Baba

    Hello Teacher
    Thank you very much for your tutorial, i have a question: do you use Elementor Pro in this video because i don't find some options you use in this video ?!

  • Christoph Wagner

    Hello Ferdy, amazing tutorial, i love your videos, keep up the good work.
    I followed this tutorial step-by-step (well, with different content and pictures) and i built a fantastic website, thank you so much!

  • Beauty By Body Bliss

    You did not tell us we need to update our DNS Settings on your domain name if we already had a domain name. This is a very bad setback after you have paid in full the services on SiteGround and then they tell you your access is denied as you start to set up the website.

  • Shelly-Ann Campbell

    Hey Ferdy I built a website last year using your tutorial. I would like to change my domain name. Can you tell me how I can do that?

  • Hunt4art linearVector

    Thankyou so much esp: being the very newb to wordpress – having played with lots of digital art, photography etc: Then PS, Dreamweaver, PP, AE as I have CC to HTML & Bootstrap with wordpad to finally land here at WP – Still so much to learn, Think Astra has a few glitches which somehow 🙂 work-out, Seriously thankyou for tutorial 'keep up the great work & sincerely all the very best.
    – Chris.

  • Alex Winner

    Can I use a real hosting (remote server) initially, or a local server (such as openserver) to get started in the process?

  • Katie Hewitt

    Ferdy – or anyone else – can I add an online learning platform as a tool that can run alongside wordpress? I want to create an education website . Thank you

  • Gabriel Misa

    Thanks so much Ferdy. Your tutorials are really clear. I want to connect more with you. I say thank you with buying some of my domains with your link. Well done.

  • Juan Carlos Lopez

    Hello, I cant find the way to input a list of countries in the select section of a registration form im creating. Can you help me on this issue? . I use elementor pro. Thanks

  • Santhiya S

    Please help me. How to create mobile app.Can you please guide the How to Make a Mobile app for the beginners. pls….

  • Santhiya S

    I like your amazing wordpress website tutorial.Lot of thanks for sending reply for me.Very nice and Good Person.Once again Thank you so much ferdy Sir.

  • Defyre Learning

    can someone please tell me how I change the header background color and text color in the header please, I've watched several Ferdy tutorials and I don't see it

  • my happiness

    hi freddy, you show the demo of website is get free of payment from domain and web hosting site? i wonder how you can memorize each step setting without repeat the mistake

  • wAthaRT

    I added an Elementor pre-made page but don't like it and want to delete it. When I go into wordpress dashboard and select Elementor there is no "My Templates" menu pop-up. If I click on Templates on the dashboard, the pre-made Elementor page/template doesn't show up there. How/where do I go to delete this Elementor pre-made page?

  • safia khan

    Hi Guys! Best, low of cost and easy to use WordPress web hosting is here, just click,check and buy

  • Millz Black

    Hi Ferdy, Great video, I have learn things I never would have known if I hadn't watched your video. But I have a problem that I can't figure out. 1. in My profile name I can not change, after I hit update it goes back to Admin. 2. editing with elementor with the sections and columns, I click to edit columns and try to drag text from the elements, nothing happens. there is a circle with a line through it. can't figure it out I did everything you did . HELP!!!!!!

  • Jonson Sigamala

    Can I go and change my site name(not the domain) by going back to word press? also when I visited the site to check the output, pages in the menu are flickering and blinking . Please help.

  • We Need Help

    Thanks for this kind of amazing video. Its really very helpful. I would be ever grateful if you could make a tutorial on how to make a blood donate website, where donor will register and people search them With blood group and specific location.

    Thank you

  • Nilesh Shembekar

    Hi Ferdy,
    Nice Video and Nice Presentation.
    I would like to ask you questions,
    Q1: How many pages can be created in single site using word press?
    Q2: Lets assume that I created a site having 5 Pages. Can We add 1 Page in next few month's?

  • mmodb

    Hello, i got a strange question about selecting images in elementor and placing it into the site.
    Whenever i choose a image in elementor, for example the header-image, like in this video, the image gets a weird permalink: "" an is browsable like a normal webpage…
    (NOTE: Permalink! NOT image-path!)

    Any help would be really nice!
    Thanks alot

  • kurichan77

    Do you recommend doing as you have done in this video; using Elementor and a Theme (I bought the Ocean bundle as you were using that before) and making a site from scratch or do you think using an OceanWP demo template would be better for a complete beginner who wants to make a 100 page e-commerce site (to replace the one I have now made by a Japanese webmaster) would be a better option? And as you have so many videos teaching about a lot of themes and Elementor, would just using Elementor without a theme be an option for and e-commerce site?

  • papa1519

    Hi Ferdy, After watching many videos dared to take the plunge. I have got a domain name and installed wp5.2.1 on hosting server. I have 2 questions: 1) Should I selct auto updates for wp/them/plugins 2) I want to set up site on software which theme should I go for and where can I get suitable stock photos.

    Thanks in advance

  • Davius Amada

    While trying to optimize the sections for mobile,only 2 sections can be viewed instead of the usual 3 that’s available in the desktop version so I don’t know if I could get some help with that
    I’ve been stuck for days,doing and redoing it and I can’t seem to get the 3rd section to be visible for mobile…thanks ferdy,great tutorials

  • Priyanka Girdonia

    Hi. It's amazing and v helpful video indeed.
    Have 1 issue, however; after installing Astra theme in the Blog page @t when anyone is commenting on the blog, their name is not visible due to color scheme / CSS issue with this theme.
    Can you pls help me in this. Would greatly appreciate.

  • Annemieke Sophia

    I just need to be sure before I waste any money on a domain name and hosting; you don't have to buy WordPress business or any other WordPress thing to add the domain name and plugin and theme?

  • Jonson Sigamala

    Hello Fredy, I visited the site to check the output but pages in the menu header are flickering and blinking . Please help.


    Hi Ferdy. Thank you very much for your great tuto. How did you remove the space between the menu and the first Elementor of each page (with the title of that page) ? In the video, it desappear around 40:00 but you don't explain how you did that. Thanks!

  • Caren Bordowitz

    Dear Ferdy, years ago my biggest client asked if I knew WP, I of course said yes, then furiously googled a tutorial & found yours. I downloaded WP & Elementor, and worked through your tutorial. Watching, pausing, trying, repeating the process over and over. It took me over a week to get through a 3 hr tutorial. It really worked! I learned so much from you, I was able to do WP work for my client as if I was very experienced. Thank you! I came clean to the client recently, so I feel ok posting today.

  • Cibin John

    At around 2 hr 16 min into videos, you say about anchor links in the same page. How can I put links if I click on link (on page A) and go to another page B ( of same website)?? By the way wonderful tutorials.

  • David Sephton

    Ferdy, I run a wordpress golf website and would like to create a members only area so that visitors cannot access some pages. I'd be grateful if you would cover this in a video.

    Keep up the great work.


  • Tamara Jones

    Hey Ferdy, I can’t seem to get the text in element or to drop into my box for some reason. I get a circle with a slash through it. Any ideas?

  • Dero Moona

    Hi fredy thanks alot men I have a question about viral content can I used this free theme and the plugin or i should buy one like news paper

  • lvly prem

    I fredy nice tutorials, actually I'm planning to create my own portfolio(website) could you please help me which is the best word press theme for that.

  • Grecia & Dad Photography

    You are amazing!, the less we can do to pay you for taking the time and create this video and show us all these resources is to contribute in anything that can benefit you monetarily, you really deserve it! Thanks !!!!

  • Pratik Kayasth

    Thank you so much for making such an amazing video? it definately helpd me a lot. You are doing great…keep going on. Always bring such superb videos eagerly waiting for next one…?

  • Junior Igors Ozols

    Ferdy Korpershoek, I have a question related to wordpress and elementor, I have seen that using oceanWP gives all the customizations in the wordpress editor, but hello elementor theme only gives 3 customization in the editors wordpress, Does this affect the website if you only have fewer customizations in the wordpress editor?

  • HOA Homes

    I tried other tutorials, this one is the best. I feel like I can start my web site on my own now. But watching for more Ferdy tutorials! I'm signing up for hosting through Ferdy's web site as appreciation for the great tutorials! If I buy "Pro" versions, it will be through Ferdy!

  • Kate Lavender

    Ferdy, there is a guy on Facebook that says he's you. Middle name is David? I just wanna check with you about that. Do u have a FB page with a different name?

  • Kate Lavender

    Ferdy, a guy named David Korp on Facebook is using ur identity. He has a page with ur picture. Check it out.

  • Carlo Gabrieli

    Hi, thanks for all your beautiful tutorials. A question: I created an image carousel with ten different images and I want that each image has associated a different link so that clicking on each image a new page is opened corresponding to the image link. How can I do it? Thanks for your help

  • AJ Sharma

    Hi, just wanted to say, this video is really helpful. I will be hopefully starting soon on creating a website as per the step by step guide you have provided.

  • Jethro Bodeene

    Very helpful and best WP tutorial so far… I've watched 25+. Keep 'em coming! Thanks, from Prosper, Texas, y'all!

  • Jesse Humble

    Thanks Dude! Great tutorial. I'll be updating my old website to something better with elementor!! Thanks for all the tips and tricks!

  • MM TT

    I want us to present the content of a sample of students search experience (I offer them content collecting types + test + feedback or promote you a student) Is it possible this site helps me or come to another site

  • nowekonto2

    Just started watching but not sure if I should continue… why tell people to buy webhosting at 'siteground' without even mentioning the possibility of installing WordPress locally on your computer for free or using free web hosting? I'm totally ok with promoting stuff in the video but it should be done openly.

  • fajar aop

    Hello @
    Ferdy Korpershoek thank you for an amazing tutorials! May I download your video offline, for my personal purpose only?? It will help me a lot in learning. Thx u so much. Pls reply 🙂

  • Julia Maake

    You are the best when it come to WordPress. I love your work. I did word press in college and with your help I manage to create my website for school. Thanks a lot . God bless you.

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