How To Make A WordPress Website 2019 | Beginners
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How To Make A WordPress Website 2019 | Beginners


  • Stewart Gauld

    You are the man Ferdy K! You inspired me to start my new channel to help small business grow by leveraging digital activities. I have learned so much from you, you have been a huge influence in my growth. Thank you and keep up the amazing content!

  • Nils Brodersen

    Hi Ferdy, unfortunately this is the only way to contact you. They do so many tutorials and I've seen a lot of them and tried their content. Yes, I even bought elementor- pro, ultimate addons and phlox pro …

    But please also talk about the topic php- memory size. I have real problems because these plugins are allegedly not stable with 265M memory size …

    Can that really be? For further information please answer me. Many thanks Nils from Nuremberg. And all the best for the family

  • Kim Verduyckt

    Finally the channel i was looking for. Almost gave up wordpress. Total newbie overhere… gonna dig a little deeper in your channel buddy… interesting stuff inhere

  • Marc Povell

    Hi Ferdy, I have been struggling in getting past a issue in your last Video, I have contacted you in a few ways, ([email protected] even Facebook), please help me as I have followed your course / YouTube: and I really want to create all you say I can please

  • AllesKiten

    how about creating the menu-header with Elementor instead of creating with the theme customizer? Same with the footer?

  • Charo dey

    Why when i make changes with elementor i see them but then i go back to wordpress and view my page that i made And no see changes that i made with elementor??
    I save every change in elementor but nothing happen latter

  • Benitez Insurance

    If facebook doesn't change to white

    .aux-social-list {
    color: #ffffff;
    .aux-search-icon {
    color: #FFFFFF;
    .aux-brand-color>.aux-social-list .facebook {
    color: #ffffff;

  • George Pistikoudis

    Ferdy, i have a problem with the Element pack plugin (containing the adv. image carousel). Wenn i installed and activated this plugin i got the problem that caused a white screen as i tried to edit the portfolio with elementor. I had the message to update the plugin but i could not do this since i have the 2-months trial version of Phlox Pro. I deactivated the plugin and the problem got solved, but i now do not have the advanced image carousel. So, in order to follow your tutorial do i have to buy the Element Pack plugin?

  • Danny PiG

    Great Video Ferdy but my logo in my header keeps disappearing? I have added it in site identity and I can see it fine, I click publish and all fine, but then when I navigate away from that page it is gone, and I have to remove it and re-add it again , but then it disappears again and so on?

  • web ddss

    Hi, Nice Tutorial!
    But for WordPress Website

    1. Security

    2. Faster page loading

    3. Mobile friendly

    this 3 things is most important for any business websites

  • Schlomoh Brodowicz

    Hi Ferdy. I have one question. At 2:41:39 you go to the Dashboard to choose "Page Builder" as the template under Page Attributes. Where does that "Page Builder" template come from ? Many thanks in advance.

  • Addy Ndhlovu

    Hi Ferdy. Thank you very ,much for another great tutorial. You are such a true inspiration. How do you make a Home page the same as your portfolio page. Whereby both the logo and portfolio page both link to the home page link this site

  • Koen Gewillig

    Dear Fredy, I've a little problem: When I press "go to adm panel" I get the message that the page can't be shown. When I press on the website (left or the  "go to adm panel" I get the page of the company where I registered my domain name. Can you help me?


    Hey Ferdy, incredible job on your tutorials. I am not a web developer by trade. Your tutorials have made it possible for me to create a decent site without the need to hire someone. I am having 2 problems with my Phlox/Elementor site. 1. My Logo disappears when scrolling even though the sticky header remains. 2. I cannot get rid of the empty space located above the footer. Any suggestions? Also I purchased the Phlox theme package which included an outdated version of Elementor Pack. BDTHEMES wants to charge me an additional $29.00 to get the current version even though I just paid 1 week ago for the theme package. They will not answer any of my emails. Any ideas? Thanks, -Steve

  • Mohammed Rehbar

    Hiii ferdyk,
    I want to create a website that includes a user registration and login form and also payment accepted so for that what things i needed.
    1 domain
    2 hosting
    3 ssl certificate
    or what???
    plz solve my these issue ferdyk.

  • Ant Brad

    This is a great course but why have you centered it exclusively to siteground ratger than global settings… for example “SG Optimizer” as it appears comes standard and provides with site-ground?? Do we install this as a plugin to follow you???

  • Dragos Ivanov

    Hi, Ferdy,
    I wanted a send you an email, but I couldn't find any so that's why I'm leaving this comment. ( Hope I'm not spamming )
    I want to tell you about Netcrumb ( ) , a new web app that could help your users build one page WordPress websites faster and easier than any tool that it is on the market. I would love to hear your thoughts on the app.
    Let me know please if you have any questions. Thanks!

  • Guillermo Webber

    Hi man! Got a question: at 1:01:02 you start adding the header; everything ok till there, tho I get an awful blanck space between the menu header en the header, it looks aweful. How can I get rid of it?

  • Elio Pineda

    Hello Everyone, i'm following step by step this incredible tutorial but when i make the buttons everything are going fine with the desktop view, but when i change to the Tablet view the buttons are to the left and in the Mobile view the buttons are one to the right and other to the left. What can i do?

  • Birgit The Wishing Thorn

    I could listen to you all day talk about the "Footer" – so cute, not to mention your video is amazing and extremely helpful! thank you!!

  • Suzie Maclean

    I can't thank you enough for helping me build a WordPress site for my clients, you make it so easy to understand. Keep doing these fantastic sites, you are the man.

  • Lisa Scallan

    Hi Ferdy. First, let me start by saying that I am new to website/blog development and have owned a domain for 2 years but just can't seem to figure it out. Well, I am determined so I found your site and tutorials, but I'm having such a difficult time. I own Elementor Pro and Astra Pro, but I think they are the hardest thing in the world to navigate. There is WP, Glutenberg, Elementor and Astra-How can anyone figure this out. I have even contacted Elementor Pro for help (gave them all my sign ins) but no response. I've read for days and days. Maybe it's just me.
    I am now turning to you for help. From viewing your youtube videos, you seem like a wonderful and truly honest caring soul.
    One of my problems: I go to my dashboard to create a page, but I can't instead it keeps taking me to create a post. Even when I try to use Elementor. I think there is something wrong.
    Should I just delete everything (page builder, astra, plugins, etc.)? Is it really that difficult and no one is telling the truth about how easy it is? What is the relationship between WP, Elementor, and Astra. Can you PLEASE help me?
    Thank you so much.

  • ecoo king

    Hi Can you help me in fact the elementor does not work with and This message The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.

  • Ken Goodisson

    Hello. I can not proceed past "go to Admin" on the SiteGround page. All is get is an error code 403 Forbidden. Any thoughts?

  • Patricia Weber

    hey Ferdy K your Video tutorial is perfect, but i have a question. I downloaded the Phlox Pro Theme but the customizer of the theme is not working. It just fails over and over by loading it. Do you have solution? LG

  • iamsharils

    Hi Fredy, will there be a chance for a tutorial on the latest elementor pro + woocommerce version to create:

    1) blog
    2) portfolio
    3) e-commerce with variable product with add-ons

    I have watched your video on woocommerce but how do I get it to work with elementor pro and phlux themes. I am confused on whether woocommerce is a standalone or it needs elementor pro and phlux?

  • Alan Mazurek

    Hey Fredy
    Another great tutorial! Well done!
    Tell me please what king of software you're using to make such a good quality video?
    keep up the good work !

  • Danny PiG

    Hi Ferdy, I used the free trial version of Phlox Pro and used your great tutorial to set up a site, however now I am getting an error message in my wp dashboard that I need to upgrade Phlox pro and am struggling to do this, can you point me in the right direction please?

  • terrellinc22

    Im having issues wiht the Phlos Pro theme – more particularily the update. The system is reading I Phlox Pro is disabled due to “Phlox Protheme version 1.8 or higher in order to function property.” My current theme of 5.1.5 need to be updated. Once I try to accomplish this I receive Error message…” The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin installation failed.” Im wondering if anyone else is facing this difficulty? If so, what solutions have been successful, thanks in advance.

  • Jugibur

    Sorry, but Elementor creates really crappy, bloated code!
    Testing your website with ( the loading time is nearly 24 seconds for around 12 MB!
    Besides the amound of data, the 263 requests are a lot to do for the server (even with HTTP/2)

  • Robson

    Ferdy, I feel so fortunate to have found your channel.
    You have amaze me with your videos and the easy way you teach. Thank you!

  • Andy K

    Thank you for another super video Ferdy. You time and effort in producing such great videos is very much appreciated.

  • Marcel Rasing

    Ik krijg de Phlox pro niet geinstalleerd

    Bezig met installeren van plugin vanuit bestand:
    Uitpakken van pakket…

    De plugin installeren…

    Het pakket kan niet geïnstalleerd worden. Er zijn geen geldige plugins gevonden.

    Plugin-installatie mislukt.

    Terug naar de plugininstallatie.

  • jcriley76

    Superb! Thanks for such a huge effort and effective tutorial on getting started with wordpress. Im starting tonight because of this!

  • Annette Spears

    Ferdy your are a Boss! I can't tell you how much this video helped me! Thank you for all you do for us! Especially us newbies like me! Stay and be blessed!!!

  • Rick J Berube Art Studio

    You are a great teacher! Your the best! You have helped me and so many others with building their own websites using this awesome tool. I am 57 years old and have built a website many years ago when the Internet was just beginning. At that time there was only a couple of software we were able to use like DreamWeaver and FrontPage from Microsoft. I used Front Page which no longer exists. For the last couple of years I have started a new art business so it was time to start website building again. I decided to build my own website with HostGator as my host and used their built-in low end but easy to do software called website builder unaware of WordPress at the time. That was easy as it is drag and drop but extremely limited. They offer WordPress so I intend to change over to it as soon as I learn how to use it to it's fullest capacity. I am a retired IT guy so it should be a breeze especially since I have a great teacher such as yourself! Thank you Ferdy for sharing this awesome video! Liked and subscribed!

  • Benjah221

    How do I create such beautiful images with the website shown on pc, smartphone & tablet? How are they called lol @1:43:40

  • Stephen Carey

    Ferdy Thank you so much for your tutorial. I want to do an on line bible study or blog or magazine using elementor. Do you have any recommendations on a theme or template? thanks Steve

  • joe straub

    G'day Ferdy. I purchased Phlox Pro and now in my Dashboard on the left
    hand side menu I have over 20 more products/items. Is there a way to
    reduce this by taking out the ones I don't want?

  • Santhiya S

    I have learned WordPress tutorial from you. I am the beginners.But quickly understand for you are wordpress tutorial videos.I have inspired for you.Thank you Ferdy for your support.

  • Daniel Sklenar

    Hey guys, is there a way how change appearance of that arrow in this video in nav bar pointing down next to "services" tab ? Thank you!

  • Anne T

    Does anyone know if Astra Pro and Elementor Pro work well together? Or is Just plain Astra and Elomentor a better option for WordPress?

  • Andreas Pichler

    Hello Ferdy
    Which website builder do you recommend? Divi or Elementor? I create my first WordPress website and watch your tutorials. You have videos for both website builder and I want to choose one of them.

    I do several websites (my shop, for 2 clubs, and for the 2 shops of my wife). So I'll be busy next month.

    In order to be able to make a better decision, I ask you for a recommendation. Or do you have a video for this question?

    Thanks, Ferdy, I'm excited about your videos. They are detailed and at the same time highly efficient. World class !!!

  • 유학노트

    Hi, Fred. really Thanks. This video help me a lot.

    I bought Newspaper 9 after watching your tutorial video and I bought Elementor pro and Phlox too. Because It's easier than Newspaper to make my website with your tutorial, I think.

    I have a question, I love the page template on newspaper 9, Can I use it on Phlox with Elementor pro or Newspaper9 theme is working with Elementor pro. is It possible?

    Actually This is first time to make Website and Homepage. I'm not a web designer. I just want my website for my business. please tell me the easy way. Thank you

  • Dino Rossi

    Ferdy, It took me a while to grasp some things. Static page is for a web page and active page is for blogs. I am interested in designing a blog. This video is no different from the 2017 one. It is a good video. I used it to design my first blog for monetization. What I need a tutorial on is how to link content of other blogs into my blog. There is no such tutorial on the market. Can you please make a video on that ? Thank you

  • Dino Rossi

    Ferdy, I need to tell you that I went through hell with PHLOX installation. It is still not installed properly. The whole team of people is working on it. It was flawed and bad. Yes, you've made the same video in 2017 and this is for a static page. I would love to see a video for a dynamic page or a blog. I was totally contemplating suicide when my theme crashed seven times.

  • Mark Gorman

    Hey Ferdy I'm coming to the party late lol. Just bought Phlox pro using your link. It was a bit more that $29 all in all including tax it was $49. Can I ask you is Phlox pro on a par with Astra Pro? Thank you. You're videos are great really enjoying watching your tutorials.

  • Pelle Karlsson

    Great video Ferdy! what's best size of featured images I don't have 1920X1080px shall I use 16:9 ? my images are 1600X1400px

  • Making Smoke

    Hi Ferdy, thanks a lot for this TUT and all the value you are providing here. I have gotten stuck on the portfolio item section however. With regards to the "advanced image gallery" that you select in the TUT. I don't see this option in my menu. Do I need to subscribe to Elementor Pro for this? I have tried to create a portfolio item with the standard "modern gallery" option, but I am getting a preview error pop up. Is this because I am not using the advanced option? Apologies, if these questions seem redundant, but I am a beginner. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • axe1337o

    This theme just broke my website… Can no longer edit new pages with Elementor, it just hangs up and goes in to Safe mode…. Awesome. Cant even edit some of the old pages, only one of them. WTF.

  • Allie Bells

    hmmm…only problem with siteground is that your renewal fee is off the charts..if you can purchase 4 to 5 years at once time at the cheap price then it isn't a problem. But if you can only purchase the first year, do yourself a favor and don't because you will just be angry after that year is over and they want $275 to $300. I use the Cloud Hosting with Hostinger and it's perfect and comparable customer service who handles all problems quickly and professionally…ijs.

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